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Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit

Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit

Okay, he’s not really requesting that she goes to Ford Driving School or something. Actually, Mr. Federline is requesting an emergency hearing in regards to his custody battle with ex-wife Britney Spears due to her recent run-in with a red light. We all understand that Brit definitely needs to not run red lights, especially when she has her sons in the car (or anyone else for that matter).  That we all definitely understand and agree on. But another court hearing – for this?  Can’t they just go to Judge Maybelline or something? Judge Brown? Judge Judy? It will take all of thirty minutes and they will save a lot of money. And since Britney is paying for Kevin’s lawyer fees anyway, shouldn’t they just represent her best interest, too? Just a suggestion from yours truly. The Starbucks green tea lemonade drinkie-drink is taking its cleansing toll on my brain. So, more pics of Britney running the red light. It’s such a rare occurance, anyone running a red light. I, myself, have never done it. More pics below, lovely people.

Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit

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Author: Ronnie

One Reply to “Kevin Requests Driving Lessons For Brit”

  1. Erik Freund Says:

    kevin is the wrong person to be giving requests, give it to someone who really cares, britney does know how to drive

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