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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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No More Nudie for Bradley

No More Nudie for Bradley

Brad Pitt does not want to do any more nude scenes, according to What a travesty! It really is a sad day for all humankind. Seriously, what’s next? 50 Cent will want to go back to being a quarter? Gawd, that was awful and we apologize. Okay, back to Angie’s man not wanting to show us anymore skin. Boo to that! And I only speak because estrogen rules my world (and for all my gays). No more scenes like in Fight Club when he was shirtless and you can see his lower loins just pulsing with power. Nope. Brad says that he doesn’t want to do anymore such scenes because he’s getting older and he now has kids. Okay, that makes sense. Sooner or later Maddox will be old enough to watch one of his movies and Daddy doesn’t want him discovering that father dear is a beefcake. Seriously, though, this is a great and novel concept. But what about all the old movies where Brad bared it all - the kids will be able to eventually watch those, too, right? Hmm. Then again the most important point to this story is that it’s his life and he’ll do as he pleases. There. Good for you, Brad. We’ll just have to get Jonathan Rhys Meyers to take over your nudies.

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