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Sam Says No Bun In Oven For Brit

Sam Says No Bun In Oven For Brit

Her little sister is pregnant, but she isn’t, according to Sam Lufti. Sam, who is the closest male figure to Brit besides her new boyfriend Adnan, should have the right info. He told TV show Access Hollywood that Britney and Adnan were simply toying with the paparazzi when they were looking at home pregnancy tests. Isn’t that nice? Adnan should know how to play tricks on the paps, since he was once one himself. I do have a question – is Adnan taking a sabbatical from his duties as a photog? Is he still under Finalpixx’s payroll? If I was the one of the Finalpixx’s bosses, I would definitely keep him on staff. He has the best exclusive on one of the most photographed celebrities in the world at his fingertips after all. I did like seeing pics of her eating that chocolate bar before they headed to the cash register, though. I do the same thing all the time. And she has good taste in choco bars – Hershey’s Symphony. Yummy to the nth power. Hmm, so yes, Brit’s not preggy. They’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks, people. I think it takes longer than that to conceive, right? I ditched Sex Ed. in high school, so someone help me.

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