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Paparazzi 101 Part 1

This job can be boring sometimes and we try to make the most out of those situations by entertaining ourselves with what or whom ever’s around and every now and then it ends up being pretty funny. So we’ve put together three clips of our guys working on the Jim Carrey movie set from a couple weeks back… kind of a behind the scenes look at the paparazzi and how we do our job (if you didn’t catch the original story, you can check it out here). We’ve got the first clip for you below and we’ll be posting the other two over the next couple days so be sure to check back. Honestly, I must admit, I also have an ulterior motive for posting this video. It seems that our video from the original story was so good that Warner Bros. Pictures thought we stole it from one of their cameras and so they had their lawyers send a threatening email to us. Thankfully, the guys working on the set were having some fun with their video camera and took this video to entertain themselves with and now we’re showing it to entertain you as well! And please WB, just enjoy the free early publicity.

{vidavee id=”4661″ w=”400″}

So will the Korean lady come back with her camera? Will the man jump from the ledge or will Jim Carrey be able to save him? Who else can Ulises find to scare the crap out of? Find out the answers to these questions and more tomorrow when we post part 2 of Paparazzi 101!

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Author: Ronnie

4 Replies to “Paparazzi 101 Part 1”

  1. nypaps Says:

    Y’all are a mess!!!! This is sooo funny! That’s what it’s like….can’t wait for part II!!!

  2. MARK TWAIN Says:

    That was fun to watch. There was actuall skill that was used to photograph these celebs. A different species from the ussual pack or germs that I normally watch from other website. Much much better than the Britney pix and vids that you pollute this site with. Would you call this PAP LIGHT?

    Now let’s see more.

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