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Beauty Pageant Paris

Beauty Pageant Paris

Our New York associate made a funny comment about how Paris Hilton looked a lot like Beauty Pageant Barbie in these photos and I must say, I have to agree with her. Paris visited The David Letterman Show last night and our photogs caught her outside the set signing autographs and posing for the cameras. She really does sort of look like a little doll, especially on the picture above. She looks surprisingly demure in that yellow dress, too. Actually, she looks like she belongs in Stepford with the other wives, but whatever. Paris recently attended the Sundance Film Festival and she visited Dave to promote her new movie, The Hottie And The Nottie. It has a February 8 release date, for those who are interested in being the first in line for the film. Then again, if you’d rather settle for pictures of Paris, I have those ready for you below. Enjoy.

Beauty Pageant Paris Beauty Pageant Paris Beauty Pageant Paris Beauty Pageant Paris Beauty Pageant Paris Beauty Pageant Paris

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