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Bai Ling Doesn’t Like To Pay

Bai Ling Doesn’t Like To Pay

I’m actually not too surprised about this story. Actress (and that’s pushing it) Bai Ling was put on citizen’s arrest yesterday for shoplifting. Yes, this “working” actress was caught shoplifting at LAX in one of those mini-marts. She picked up a couple issues of Star Magazine and some triple A batteries, which would’ve totalled about $16. At least she reads. Okay, she probably looks at the pictures on Star and hopes she finds some of herself. Bai Ling amuses me. She really does. If she told the police that she simply forgot to pay for the goods, I’d probably believe her. She seems a little airy. Anyway, she was held for a couple of hours and released, with a promise that she appears in court for a hearing. There you go.

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