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First Look: Sienna Miller In GI Joe

Sienna Miller on Los Angele set of GI Joe

I know there are alot of G.I. Joe faithfuls out there, including me, so I’m excited to bring you your first look of Sienna Miller as The Baroness on the Los Angeles set of G.I. Joe. The Baroness is a brunette character which might change later on in the movie so all you purists out there, don’t go crazy just yet.

So those of not wanting to be spoiled, turn back now as we’re going to be giving out some details from the scene.

For spoilers, click below…

Sienna Miller on Los Angele set of GI Joe

So the scene is a funeral in which Sienna is given an American Flag. Notice the rifle in the ground with the hat hanging on it as well as the pair of military boots. There is an Army flag and even though it’s been raining on and off throughout the day, rain is being dropped on the scene. I’ve got a ton more pictures and video coming but I figured you guys would want to see this sooner than later.

Sienna Miller on Los Angele set of GI Joe

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Author: Ronnie

One Reply to “First Look: Sienna Miller In GI Joe”

  1. JmeisterX Says:

    I don’t like how they are taking the “Real American Hero” out of GI Joe, That is what it was created to be, and should stay that way. Hollywood thinks they can change stuff so they don’t leave anyone out or offend anyone. The pic are cool, I don’t usually post, but i wanted to put my two cents before the movie comes out, About these images, My predictions are that she loses a loved one in a war over oil, so she turns on the US for losing someone over something like that. I hope it turns out ok for all the changes they made.

    God Bless America

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