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Phoebe’s Flashing Moment

Phoebe’s Flashing Moment

Phoebe Price made our photographers laugh a little this weekend when they spotted her pumping gas at the 76 Station on Robertson Blvd. And I like my photogs happy, so thank you Phoebe. The self-proclaimed worldwide celebrity (that’s what she says about herself) spotted our photogs at the gas station, posed a bit, then somehow got gasoline on her legs. Smart. She then started to moon our photogs (not on purpose, I think) and then realized that they might be taking pictures of her so she went back to posing. I have no idea who Phoebe Price is or why she’s famous, but she is amusing. I can say that much about her.

Phoebe’s Flashing Moment

Phoebe’s Flashing Moment

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Author: Ronnie

3 Replies to “Phoebe’s Flashing Moment”

  1. lilMAC Says:

    Seriously…who is this chick????
    Check out the funny “WTF?!?!?” expression on the girl in the car behind what’shername. Priceless. Wait, she looks an awful lot like that girl from Grey’s Anatomy, doesn’t she?

  2. KLM Says:

    I believe she’s a UK model? Not too sure though.

    Soo … what’s the 2 prices on the sign. Do you guys have “full service” out there? There is self service on the left …. what’s on the right side?

    Clue me in please!

  3. MARK TWAIN Says:

    HEY HEY, Wait a second… What happened to that golden rule with your pap 101 about taking pictures of FOOBOO PRICE?

    Hope you boys did’nt get a $40 ticket, lol.

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