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Dourdan Pleads Guilty To Drug Possesion

Oh, Warrick! Why did you do it? You were my favorite character on CSI! Booooo! Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty to counts of cocaine and ecstasy possession during his arraignment Wednesday in Indio, CA. He was charged with three counts of felony drug possession following his April 28 arrest in Palm Springs, CA. The heroin count was dismissed. Gary faced up to three years in jail based on the charges filed against him. Instead he now faces no prison time, but he must complete a 16-class drug program. Let’s hope he gets a ton of help. I’d love to see Gary Dourdan back in the small/big screen, even if it’s not on my beloved CSI.

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Author: Ronnie

One Reply to “Dourdan Pleads Guilty To Drug Possesion”

  1. Amapola Says:

    If and when you try this drugs, and if your reward systems in the brain (amygdala area) says YES! Like it. After that you always have to fight against the crave to do it again.
    It have nothing to do with good or bad moral standard..
    The crave will own you.

    I heard on man, beeing OFF the drugs for 5 years. Belived his won the fight, then seeing a person taking his kind of drug on a screen.
    He get get shaked. He told he could feel the taste in his mouth when the drug get into the system!!!!
    Afther five years!
    So strong is the answer/memory in the brain. Thats why people lose, again, and again.

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