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Daddy Spears Remains In Control

As expected, the courts ruled this morning that Jamie Spears will continue his conservatorship over daughter Britney’s affairs until December 31. “Ms. Spears is reluctantly agreeing to extend the temporary letters to December 31, 2008,” L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz said after the hearing. Goetz also stated that Jamie’s conservatorship could be terminated earlier and a status hearing has been set in October 28 to review the situation. Jamie didn’t attend today’s hearing, but Britney’s brother Bryan, also a co-trustee of her estate, was present, along with their legal team. I’ll have more updates later as they arise.

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Author: Ronnie

82 Replies to “Daddy Spears Remains In Control”

  1. Amapola Says:

    “reluctantly agreed” ???
    Have Britney talk to the court or send them a letter or how do they know that she “reluctantly agreed”???
    I dont understand the law system at all. Do they tell the press whatever they want to? Have a person no private life?

    Glad that Britney herself have had the opportunity to say she dont like it, but I wonder how she make this statment to the court???

  2. gigi Says:

    People that are not in the public eye would not have their info in the media. It is only because the public “demands” to know the outcome is it released. I think the courts do this so that incorrect information is released. As part of the public that is interested in this case I do want correct info so I appreciate the courts releasing what happened. I do not want the media to tell what they think happened because they will print lies if it helps their bottom line.

    I guess this means TA is still in lockdown. Dang I had hoped to see his smiling face soon.

  3. Margo1983 Says:

    I just saw that a**hole on My Life On The D-List and I have to say he is the biggest douche ever. Hopefully Britney is done with him and his landing strip!

  4. tato Says:

    agreed with Margo1983 i hope she is done with him.

  5. tato Says:

    Several gossip sites suggested Spears has been dating a member of her latest security force, but the rumors are absolutely not correct, her manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

    “There is no truth to this at all,” Rudolph said.

    The man Spears has been spotted with is not Spears’ security, but a staff photographer.

    And, Rudolph noted, Spears is “100% single.”

  6. yoyobrit Says:

    I agree with Margo1983 & tato. He needs to stay out of her life.

    He took advantage of the poor girl to get exclusive pictures for his friends or himself. Staged photo ops, etc.

    Just no. She doesn’t need that in her life.

    I’m assuming TA means Team Adnan…and he’s not on lockdown. He’s just not dating Britney anymore.

    And Amapola, Britney has lawyers who represent HER and express HER thoughts to the proceedings.

    That’s how they know she was ‘reluctant’ to accept the terms, but it’s because they want to ensure long-term health. She’s following the advice of the doctors and that’s that. Since she can’t open her custody case while she’s under the conservatorship…because she’ll get none…I’m sure she wanted to start being “on her own” so she could show the court SOONER that she’s ready to have 50/50 custody and not just visitation.

    There would be no reason for him NOT to visit her, considering her dad doesn’t stay with Britney anymore. It also doesn’t help neither him nor Britney to be away from each other if they were dating.

    1) If he was still going to visit her, there’d be pics because several agencies are there at the Summit constantly. Also, with her great progress, if he was still visiting her and it was well-known…people would like him and think he was good for her.

    2) Since he’s away from her, it’s made people dislike him more and IF they were to be seen together after the conservatorship…it would just be full on hatred for the both of them.

    It makes no sense.

    Adnan, stay away from Britney. No contact, nothing.

    Thanks Larry Rudolph for the 100% single memo. :) Let’s hope it stays that way for a LONG while.

  7. Amapola Says:

    “Margo1983 Says:
    July 31st, 2008 at 10:27 pm
    tato Says:
    July 31st, 2008 at 11:30 pm
    yoyobrit Says:
    August 1st, 2008 at 3:34 am”

    I disagree with you about Adnan.

    I don’t care if Britney and Adnan dating or not. Its up to them. NOBODY has to do with that, except them.
    I´m not fanatic about it. Grown up people can solved this thing out themself.

    Just say, I like Adnan, and I like the person he is. Also like his appearance.

    Strange that you have to come to this site to tell how much you don’t like Adnan. I mean there are many sites out there..
    Maybe this site have some influence? :mrgreen:

  8. gigi Says:

    Ama of course we have influence. That is why all the haters talk about us on other sites. I’ve seen yoyo before and Margo also.

    Adnan helped to save Brit from Sam and Fedex that were being told what to do by Kaplan. They would have killed her or had an accident happen at some point. With the drugs she was being fed by someone that is not a dr she could have easily taken too much and something happen. Thanks to Adnan that did not happen.

    I would love for them to be together but if they are not that is fine also. I still can’t wait to see his smiling face. I missed the show last night.

  9. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Laughing my head off, and refusing to contain my laughter. Gigi, Ama, pick me up off the floor. ohmygosh my stomach hurts from laughing.

    Trolls. Little warty trolls. :mrgreen:

  10. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Laugher is contagious.

    gigi, ama stop rolling on the floor. I’m serious now.

    gigi, the show will air again and again. It was on TWICE last night.

    Ama I will write a brief recap soon. There wasn’t a lot more dialogue, just action so should be easy. :)

    Hope you are both having a nice day.

  11. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, take every thing I said yesterday and magnify it, as though it were your own sense memory, with dimension.

    Our man has texture, mystery, a quiet charisma that could fire into great light at any moment.Do you know this kind of man? Unassuming. Doesn’t take beyond what is his as a man.

    From Kathy’s house we drove through the hills and stopped outside of Justin Timberlake’s home where Kathy posed, and ridiculed herself for doing so and what would be the consequences. How ridiculous to pose outside JT’s home but yet I am doing it, on the D-List.

    On the drive she calls her then boyfriend, Steve W. She says with mock annoyance that Britney has been calling Adnan every four minutes.

    They arrive on Robertsons’ and you know how it went from there. They went to Victoria’s Secret and the staff closed and locked the door, a novelty for D-List Kathy. Uli guards the door from outside.

    Later back at Kathy’s mansion, Kathy changes (and I was wrong! The outfit she wore out to Robertson’s is the same Dolce etc. designer stuff she was wearing when Adnan came over)into Team Adnan shirt.

    The rest is R-rated. Just kidding. Uli and Jonzen are filming as Adnan mock kisses and directs Kathy for those luscious photos. Just kidding on luscious but he was hot. Plain old hot.

    I would do him. ok little AM this is a PG rated site. Avert thee eyes. Say no more.

  12. Amethyst Mine Says:

    yum yum vroom vroom :mrgreen:

  13. gigi Says:

    ok now I have to see it. Uli guarding the door?? lol Uli & Jonzen filming the mock kisses? lol I’m hooked. I have to see it.

    Your right this is a pg site so I can not say what I would like to do to him. yum yum yum vroom vroom

  14. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Gigi, when you see the clip, you will know it is WITH him, not to him.

    yum yum vroom vroom

    Did I mention Kathy wanted to smoke a cigarette? She too must have experienced something. She likened it to wanting a cigarette after having sex, e.g. Adnan had been to her home and she had asked him there.

    yum yum vroom vroom

  15. gigi Says:

    lol. He has that effect on people. Come to think of it there is another that is kinda handsome also that I see pics of here some. Not married or so I hear and talks to us from time to time. Anyone have any ideas? Am you don’t count. You already know the answer. lol

  16. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Gosh dang it, why don’t I count. :) Thanks for outing me gigi.

    Just fine. Just great. :)

  17. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Maybe you were talking about Jonzen….

    I can’t believe Uli told him to get to work the other day. I would never. :mrgreen:

  18. Amethyst Mine Says:


  19. Amapola Says:

    Thanks AM :mrgreen:

    I belive you. I do.

    I´m suprised to read that they talk about us on other sites..

    I think the comments here is not to get upset over.

    We have style. Maybe that why?
    *give all flaming fans a contentedly smile* :mrgreen:

  20. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I tried to put it into unique words so you could feel it.

    I write, but that doesn’t mean I am the best writer. I am not.

    If you feel it at all, sense it as though it belonged you, then :mrgreen:

    He’s everything you thought he was and more.

    dang. The show was called, “For your grammy consideration.” Maybe you can find it where you are. Here is a review by someone else:

    Back in LA, Kathy figured a Grammy nominee is someone who gets a lot of publicity and press, like Britney. What better way to get press than hiring Adnan Ghalib? All Adnan (who, at the time, was still dating Britney), had to do was take Kathy to paparazzi-frequented hot spots and suddenly Kathy was all over the tabloids. I loved that Adnan thought he was telling Kathy something she didn’t know by saying she could get her picture in a magazine “but they’re not going to write anything good.” Kathy to Team Griffin: “Does he not know my work?”
    — If only we could’ve heard Britney’s conversation with Adnan on his cell phone, the conversation that was happening simultaneously with Kathy’s cell chat with Steve Wozniak. As Kathy and Adnan drove through Hollywood talking to their significant-at-that-time others on the phone, she referred to the four of them as two power couples: “Get ready, Grammys! Here comes Kathy Spears Ghalib!”

  21. Amethyst Mine Says:


    page down

    vroom vroom (sound of fast car, or ready set go or I am just going to let go the parking brake and vroom)

    Yes they post us onto other sites. They are dying over there. We are living, full of marrow. I am a star btw. I live with it. smirk

  22. Amethyst Mine Says:

    vroom vroom – a car engine or motorcycle in idle, ready to go. vroom vroom VROOOM!

  23. Amethyst Mine Says:

    If you find a better video let me know.


    Fed = toy soldier Sam = toy general
    Adnan == oh my!

  24. Amapola Says:


    I´m suprised.
    Non of this piciture are new to me.
    I have seen K and A “kissing” for months ago!
    You must have seen them too!

    Have I not find the right place?

    I saw that episod of Ellen in TV. Britney have a very special voice. A voice that give us all (?) very pleasent thrills.

    In fact I can’t either stand still. Burn the meat :mrgreen:

    She have a fantastic voice. A mix of fine emery-paper and velvet.
    I think her voice will be even more beatuiful by the years to come.

    (this comment aI post before you post the two latest to me..and it disappeared :( In fact the whole JFX disapper from me..!!!)

    AM, I have read the lyrics before, but it´s nice of you <3
    I do vistit youtube a lot and alwas take home the lyrics so I dont miss something. :)

  25. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, you are youtube expert. I am backward.

    I wasn’t a B fan in the past. I liked her but I never followed any celeb, so it was all new to me.

    Please search the web for K with Grammy and maybe you may find the videos of A?

    I think I did okay interpreting and surmising but I want you to have the experience, first hand, undiluted, for your eyes. I am a sorry substitute but I did ok.


  26. gigi Says:

    Just checking in. I see the trouble makers did not come back after making the rude remarks. Hope we ran them off for good.

    AM you did not guess right although Jonsen is a cutie also. He is married and the one I am talking about is not married or so I’m told. Any other guesses?? Anyone??

  27. Amapola Says:

    Notty gigi girl, you mean Ronnie :)

  28. Amethyst Mine Says:

    oc I meant Ronnie!

    Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie vroom vroom.

  29. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Oh the arrogance of jfx online posters.


  30. gigi Says:

    Bingo Ama. You got it. It Ronnie. He is a handsome man. He just does not get the press that our mutual friend does. Camera works well on both these men.

    yum yum vroom vroom

  31. gigi Says:

    too bad I’m on the other side of the country and am too old for him.

  32. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, IF the judge said this, IF the media reported it accurately then it is good news.

    Think of what it implies. Britney agreed…

    That’s means Britney is fully wired.

    If it was reluctant, that shows maturity and understanding the situation, those who mean to harm her, those who have, those who have helped her and will continue to help.

    If Britney “reluctantly agreed” and the family wanted the media to know about it, it’s done.

    Maybe I am being too positive. Imagine a headline of “she happily agreed to it.” yuk

  33. Amapola Says:

    AM :)

    “Glad that Britney herself have had the opportunity to say she dont like it, but I wonder how she make this statment to the court???”

    So I write at the end of my comment from the 1th aug, and you can also see that I get answer on that.
    So I dont have any need to talk about it anymore. :)

    We go back to you you instead ;)

    I find this:

    This is a good one, when one feels hot :mrgreen:

  34. Amapola Says:

    AM, I have seen the clip now (with Adnan and K athy) :mrgreen:

  35. Amapola Says:

    I have post some new info on K Federline (Celeb)

  36. Amapola Says:

    “Amapola Says:
    August 2nd, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    We go back to the “yum yum” instead ?” ;)

  37. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, if you meant to put a big :) on my face it is done. :mrgreen:

    You and youtube. You amaze me.

  38. Amethyst Mine Says:

    lol encore! :) Thank you.

    Sorry R, back to yum yum!

    Ama, I read you got to see the clip — at least part of it anyway. I clapped my hands.

    I feel miserable when I can see Mr. Yum Yum(s) and you don’t. lol

  39. gigi Says:

    Yum Yum Vroom vroom

  40. Amethyst Mine Says:

    lol gigi!

    The girls have spoken.

  41. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama? I know you had your question answered on the other thread.

    Do you remember though when I first came here and I was upset that people didn’t know who the other Sam was in Britney’s life?

    Sam Ingram. He is her voice in court. He must have made the statement, if it was said.

    Margarita is good. Beautiful glasses, hand blown and irregular, imperfect. Royal blue rim and base. Sunshine, breeze outside, lemon tree, green lemons, perhaps 60 in a single tree. All yum yum in a different sense.

  42. gigi Says:

    Glad you had fun Am. I am reading books this weekend. Nice cheep way to amuse myself this weekend. Checked them out yesterday and today I sit here just reading.

  43. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Cloud you there?

  44. gigi Says:

    I have not see cloud today.

  45. Cloud Says:

    Cloud floats in! LOL Hey Amethyst M, Amapola, Gigi, and all. I’m just waiting for the blasts to happen when Britney has full control of her affairs again. Have to say yep, Adnan is delicious. but Evel leaves him in the shade. My Ev is ooohhhh vavavrooomMM. :D

  46. gigi Says:

    hey cloud. sounds like we need a pic of Evel to see what you have and what we are missing. yum yum

  47. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Happy for you, Cloud. Sounds like we all had a good weekend. I am still not one for the tabloids but did you see the cover of Australia’s OK magazine?

    I think Cheryl Tiegs is the one to have said it takes hard work (manicures, pedicures, working out, healthy diet, sleep) to be beautiful. Hard to refute Britney is a hard worker and very strong.

  48. MH Says:

    Hey Ama, I left a little something for you on the long thread. Enjoy!

  49. gigi Says:

    oh why not just put it here so it can be loaded. The long thread takes too dang long to load.

  50. gigi Says:

    I can’t get the third one on youtube to play. Its starts fine but quits about the time yum yum says oh s…. I thought for sure I was going to get to see him today.

  51. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Woohoo! Thanks, MH. Ama, part 3 is what you might not have seen yet.

    The video plays and stops but who cares.

    I don’t know what a Cahootee is either but ding dang holy Cahootees!

  52. gigi Says:

    they need to fix it so we can see. yes ding dang holy Cahootees!!!!!!!! yum yum

  53. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I put it on pause then left for a little.

    Voila – smooth streaming.


  54. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Whoa. Thanks MH. I heard things I didn’t the first time. teehee

    You always have the best darn links.

  55. gigi Says:

    yes I have it now. Wonderful. I loved seeing Uli & Jonsen taking the kissing pics. lol I would love to get a close up of all that. lol yum yum how lucky could Kathy be

  56. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Seems Adnan has some competition from Uli and Jonsen.

    lol gigi

    The show was cleverly done. I wished they would have shown the Adnan, Uli, Kathy walking on the sidewalk, all reaching for the phones. That was such a cute clip to be leaked early on.

    Uli, my husband finally tried the Tapatio. Must have been the margaritas which we will never again do on a Sunday. mw, Mar-gah-ree-tah!

  57. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What Britney needs is follow-up like this. In sum, tabloids created bad news for Mary Kate Olsen in the death of Heath.

    Her attorneys responded, “We don’t know the source of the information being quoted in the media regarding the government’s inquiry, but these descriptions are incomplete and inaccurate.”


  58. gigi Says:

    lol Am. Yes I like to see all the J guys in the videos. I pick out who I know. Can you name them all? How about just initials.

  59. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Dang you gigi, but we all seem to have different angles of interest. Cloud, MH, you, Ama, Doc, KLM,…every person a different angle.

    Speaking of which, I LOVE the necklace (I want it! It’s perfect for moi) Brit has been wearing and wonder….

    Ama, you know my thoughts.

  60. BradleyBoy Says:


  61. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Hello Bradley boy. Hope you are not my ex currently in France but writing me anyway.

    A bientot. :mrgreen:

  62. gigi Says:

    hey bradley. nice to see you.

  63. BradleyBoy Says:

    Nope this Bradley is in the US.

  64. Amethyst Mine Says:

    That’s ok Bradley. I like my Bradley in France but he will return and that will be cool too.


  65. gigi Says:

    yum yum varoom lol

  66. Amethyst Mine Says:


  67. BradleyBoy Says:

    What’s with the yum yum vroom vroom?

  68. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Bradley. This thread is not that long. Take the time to review?

  69. BradleyBoy Says:

    Wow I just saw what you were talking about. I feel so slow for not taking the time to review…..NOT! There was no need to be so rude about it. Sorry I didn’t take the time to read each and every comment.

  70. gigi Says:

    Well to keep up you have to review. Just like in school when you miss something you have to go back and figure it out and usually with no help. When you jump into the middle of a conversation and you don’t understand what is being said you can review. That way you can jump in and offer your own ideas.

    Now that your caught up and understand what yum yums are you can add how much you also like yum yum and vroom vroom

  71. Amapola Says:

    “Amethyst Mine Says:
    August 4th, 2008 at 8:41 pm”

    Yes I know, I did not want to talk about it, so I don’t have made any comment. I think we should let it be. Let it be a secret. :) ;) :)

  72. BradleyBoy Says:

    Sorry I can’t say that I like yum yum….

  73. Amapola Says:

    It´s stupid of me to call it a secret, its no secret anymore and I´m sad about that. :(

    Think sometimes one shall not be overexplicit. Dont be mad on me, (please don’t), but you know, it was not nessecarily to mention the subject. :(

  74. Amapola Says:

    “BradleyBoy Says:
    August 5th, 2008 at 9:34 am Sorry I can’t say that I like yum yum….”

    Well, I´m sure you have some own yum yum you feel for.

    Do you like anybody on this thread? At least Britney? Or are you just a crosspatch? :mrgreen:

  75. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Are you a crosspatch BB? Your voice sounds familiar.

    I apologize if I came across as rude. Would “Catch up and we’ll all have fun” have been better?

    I agree with gigi and second all that Ama said.

    Have a beautiful day.

  76. BradleyBoy Says:

    Yeah I think Britney is great. It’s good to see that she’s getting her life in order.

  77. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I love marketing research. :mrgreen:

    BB, how do you hear of jfx?

  78. gigi Says:

    So Bradley. You like Brit but don’t like yum yum. How about vroom and crew? We welcome new people but want to understand what you want from us. Some are vroom and crew fans and some are yum yum fans and some are all of that and Brit fans.

    I also if I have heard your voice here before or maybe on other sites.

  79. Amapola Says:

    “BradleyBoy Says:
    August 5th, 2008 at 11:23 am Yeah I think Britney is great. It’s good to see that she’s getting her life in order.”

    To that we all say YES! and High five, and make the wave. :)

    I´m sure you also, as we all, want her to be very happy and have a good life with her kids in the very near future?
    Also that she she can find mutual love or friendship with whoever she, herself, choice?

    This fine young hardworking women need to be loved and not used anymore.

    I belive she now know what she can demand from her future partner. And who knows, she maybe alreday have a really good male friend? :)

    Family is good, and we all need our family, but we also need our own private space for love. ;)

    Listen to dr OZ, workout is good, but all also need love-love ;) 2 – 3 times a week! Best mecicine ever :) For the body and mind. To heal us and for preventive health care :)

    He said it, not me, so blame dr Oz if you dont like what I said. :mrgreen:

  80. Amapola Says:

    Best medicine ever :)

  81. Amethyst Mine Says:

    vroom vroom

  82. gigi Says:

    yum yum lol Yes Ama I agree. We all need our love so why is Brit banned from that. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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