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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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Brad & Angelina To Adopt Again

Angelina Jolie spoke with the Today’s show Matt Lauer this morning and spoke about her and Brad’s plans to soon adopt. If you don’t want to watch the whole interview here’s the gist of what she said about it. Matt asked, “You’ve talked about having more children. Adding to the group. Have you considered adopting again?” Angelina nodded back and Matt pushed it a bit further by asking, “Do you have anything in mind?” Angelina smiled answered back, “Yeah.”

After watching the clip, I also remembered just how great an actress Angelina is. She’s picked some roles lately where she phoned in her performances, letting her looks do the talking, so to speak. But this Changeling movie has got me all a flutter after seeing this clip.

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Author: Ronnie

18 Replies to “Brad & Angelina To Adopt Again”

  1. gigi Says:

    Which movie was it that she was driving the car and it accidently hit a light pole and a couple people were hurt? Is that Channeling or another one.

  2. gigi Says:

    woo hoo I see the author. I like it. Cool!! So have the ladies started yet Ronnie?

  3. doc1955 Says:

    I don’t understand this.

  4. Ronnie Says:

    Yup. We had a couple last minute things to work on but she seems to be on the point right now. I’ll be heading into the office in a few. Should be fun today.


  5. doc1955 Says:

    Parenting is challenging.

    I just don’t get why someone would purposely have an overabundance of children. Ok yea, she’s rich, better life, they are starving in their country, blah blah blah – yea, there’s whole argument. But Kids are CRAZY. Anyone in here have kids? They are crazy people. Not only are they crazy, they have moments of unexplained delusion. I don’t even LIKE my kids. I love em’ yea. But I don’t like them crazy kids!

    Point in case – I tell my son, “don’t do this, don’t do that”; he does it. I tell him, “hey KID, did you know I can drop you off, in Nebraska, under the safe haven law, no questions asked, and drive away from all of the craziness you want to inflict on my daily life?!” He’s like “yea yea yea”. So the other day, we’re in the car, he’s like ‘where are we going’ … I’m like ‘ We’re going to Nebraska fool, I’m about to straight drop you off ‘ – so he’s all crying, “no no no , help help help…”

    Kids are more than just babies, or being an international humanitarian, it’s like a real commitment – you know, kinda like that marriage thing. I mean God forbid I suggest they get married first, then have these kids.

    Somethings wrong with all of us.

  6. Ronnie Says:

    Nebraska huh? I’ll have to remember that story.

    You make a good point and I’m speaking as someone who will adopt some day. I’m sure I’ll stick to adopting just one though.

  7. Amapola Says:

    Amateur thougts:

    I have for a while reflect on this behavior.
    Maybe she have some fear (for death?) or Maybe she have some fear (for death?) or anything or something …
    And thats why she need all this children around her? They sure distract her from thinking of what ever she try to escape?

    Cause I do also think its something strange about this kind of addiction.

  8. doc1955 Says:

  9. Amapola Says:

    “Maybe she have some fear (for death?) or angst? Something like that.”

  10. gigi Says:

    Some of the crazy kids problem started when parents can no longer spank their kids without someone screaming “child abuse”. The teachers can’t do anything with the kids at school since it then is teacher abuse and the parents are scared of being called an abuser. So the kids are out of control.

    I told him scream abuse all you want but you act up you will deal with me. I was the hellion when I was younger. I know all the tricks and all the stuff kids pull. Been there done that got the award. So don’t try it. One kid has already tried to sign his report card but he was busted. lol I scared him to death. Neither one of mine are angels but they know better than to cross me. I’ve had plenty people want to know how I get mine to act respectful. I tell them to forget about the kids threatening to scream abuse and bring out the belt and get their attention when needed.

  11. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ha ha! Gigi, it sounds horrible, but I have to agree with you. I didn’t get very many spankings when I was little, but I do know that all my Dad had to say to me was, “Steel, do you want a spanking?!” and it would reduce me to tears because I was so upset that he was disappointed in me enough to say it.

    I’ve been told by several old teachers that the last year I was in elementary school was the last time that kids weren’t “crazy.” It was right after that that latchkey kids became the “norm,” because Mom’s were out working full time jobs for the first time along with their husbands.

    Man, have things ever changed…

  12. doc1955 Says:

    “You told Harpo to beat me?” – Oprah Winfrey, Color Purple

  13. doc1955 Says:

    Actually, that wasn’t the right quote. That quote refers to domestic violence.

    I’ll think of another one.

  14. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    When I say “spanking” I mean an open-handed whack on the butt. It didn’t even really hurt – it was more just embarrassing than anything that perfect, angelic little Moi would do something bad enough to warrant it! LOL

  15. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ha, I was gonna say…

  16. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    The latchkey kid thing…

    That’s not to say that I’m not going to work full time if and when I ever have my own little curtain-climber, but if I do my hubby better stay home to play full-time parent for a while…and do the laundry…and wash the floors…and clean the bathroom…and rub my feet when I get home…

    Ha, just kidding. Kinda. :)

  17. gigi Says:

    your dreaming steel. If you work and they dont you still get to come home and do the work.

    My old friends from school have told my kids how bad I was and they just laugh since I’ve told them not to do it because I know all the tricks. The kids are latchkey kids but I work really close by. My oldest is actually taller that I am and on the starting rotation on football so he is bigger all around than I am. Since he is on the football team they are lifting weights and running and other things and he is also a black belt but I still demand the respect. I dont want them growing up to be the wild hellion that I was. lol

  18. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    I think I’ll just keep things the way they are. LOL

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