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Process Server Claims Adnan Hit Him


The process server Adnan Ghalib is accused of hitting with his car has made a court declaration about the incident. According to TMZ:

Ram Moskowitz (first name, first clue) claims when he tried serving Adnan with Britney Spears’ TRO, Adnan gunned his car and hit him. The force propelled Ram onto the hood. He claims “I stayed on the hood … for about 30 to 40 yards, at which point I was thrown off…”

No word on when we get to hear from Ghalib, who is charged with three felonies from the altercation.

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Author: Linda

8 Replies to “Process Server Claims Adnan Hit Him”

  1. Amethyst Mine Says:

    If I was afraid for my life I would have let go.

  2. bg Says:

    LMAO! He probally thought it was paps!lol!

  3. bg Says:

    or somebody was going to hurt him. Remember last years some body jumped him.

  4. Amethyst Mine Says:

    bg. Welcome to my toy box.

  5. bg Says:

    lol cute! thanks!

  6. bg Says:

    What kind of toys can we play with lol!

  7. Amethyst Mine Says:


  8. bg Says:

    Lol! ok written sounds fun!lol! So I guess …. you have no Barbies or kithchen toys in your toy box.

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