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Henry’s Back For “Ugly Betty” Finale


The life of Betty Suarez is already complicated enough, with Meade Publishing broke, her dad falling in love with his nurse and her new BF Matt in therapy for sex addiction, but now things are going to get really interesting.

EW reveals that Betty’s old flame Henry Grubstick, played by Christopher Gorham, will be back in NYC for the two-hour season finale of “Ugly Betty” airing May 21. Betty (played by America Ferrera, pictured) runs into Henry and his new GF Chloe, and show eator Silvio Horta tells, “As Henry and Betty reconnect, it could potentially threaten her relationship with Matt.”

Will Gorham return in the fall? What about his role on the CBS thriller “Harper’s Island?” Since the whole cast is being killed off one by one, the actor could definitely have some time on his hands by then.

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