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Rihanna Wants Her Jewels Back


It was the worst night of Rihanna’s young life. First, she was brutally beaten by BF Chris Brown. Now, her bruises have healed but she can’t get her pricey jewels she wore that night returned to her.

The AP reports the pop singer wants the LAPD and prosectors to return the pair of earrings and three rings which were seized as evidence. The value of the jewelry is estimated at $1.4 million. Rihanna’s lawyer states that photographs of the items could be used as evidence rather than the actual pieces.

To complicate matters further, the jewels don’t belong to Rihanna—they were loaned to her, and now the four companies who lent them want them back. Since there was blood flying around the inside of Brown’s car that night, those jewelry companies better clean that stuff—if they ever get it back.

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