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Lawyer Blames “Enablers” For Jackson’s Death


Michael Jackson’s attorney Brian Oxman dropped a bombshell during an interview with CNN in the minutes after the singer’s death.

Oxman alleged his famous client had developed a dependence on prescription drugs, blaming the superstar’s entourage of what he called “enablers” for his problems. The attorney compared Jackson’s untimely death to that of Anna Nicole Smith.

I suspect this will be a story that we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future. The public is bound to be curious about the seemingly sudden death of such an iconic figure.

UPDATE: You can hear Oxman’s interview here.

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Author: Linda

65 Replies to “Lawyer Blames “Enablers” For Jackson’s Death”

  1. Amapola Says:

    From 23 june 2009

    Britney Spears Picks Up Michael Jackson Music!

    Posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by PukeMeister

  2. Amapola Says:

    Yes there will be opinons about his time in life, then and now.

    I found some story from 2003

    Michael Jackson Tells Britney Spears: Call Me!

    Us Weekly reports that after Britney Spears suggested Michael Jackson was “a great person at heart” and that “he probably just need some friends” in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Jacko told Us Weekly he would like to meet the Princess of Pop.
    “I can related to Britney,” Jackson said, before word of his child molestation charges.

    “Ultimately we’re both human and we need other people to understand what we go though, and why we feel the way we do. Britney can call me anytime she wants. It’s been too long since I’ve talked to her.”

    “Posted on November 23, 2003 at 8:35 pm in Uncategorized”

  3. Amapola Says:

    This is from jan 2009

  4. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    June 3, 2009:

    “AEG Live president and CEO Randy Phillips has rejected U.K. tabloid reports that Michael Jackson told fans that he only wanted to play 10 London O2 Arena shows rather than the 50 that have been scheduled.

    The Sun reported that Jackson told fans outside his L.A. rehearsal space that he wanted to play 10 O2 shows and then go on tour.

    In a statement, Randy Phillips, president & CEO, AEG Live, commented: “This is not true; Michael Jackson was thrilled at selling 50 shows. The size and scale of this show would not be possible without an extended run, which Michael has been fully on board with from the very beginning. He has not agreed to a world tour at this point, however, he can at any time.”

  5. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    May 19, 2009:

    “King of Pop Michael Jackson is in “perfect health” and “right on target” with his busy schedule of rehearsals for the 50-date concert run at London’s 02 Arena beginning July 8. That was the word last night shortly after Vegas Deluxe posted new photos and video of Michael in a behind-the-scenes report of his rehearsals: Click HERE for our story, photos and videos.

    Michael and AEG Live President Randy Phillips, who is promoting the shows in the British capital, slammed reports published late yesterday by a London tabloid that Michael is battling skin cancer.

    “He is as healthy as can be. There are no health problems whatsoever,” Randy said. “I asked him yesterday point blank about it, and he just brushed it off laughing and saying rumors like this have plagued him since he was 5 years old. It’s simply totally untrue. He doesn’t have skin cancer.”

  6. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    October 14, 2008:

    “E!’s unnamed source did not say when an official announcement would be made — and reps for Spears and AEG Live could not be reached for comment by MTV News at press time — but given Spears’ comments on New York’s Z100 a few weeks ago that she hopes to tour the world in 2009, the reported hookup makes sense. AEG is the same company that booked sold-out multi-night runs for Prince and the Spice Girls at the O2 Arena in London and recently handled sold-out world tours for Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake.”

  7. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    January 7, 2009:

    “So, Britney chose to let her father extend the conservatorship in order to get her tour insured. This decision means that no court will ever give her custody of her kids since legally, she’s considered a child.”

    “Whether it was her decision or whether she was pressured into it, Britney’s deal with the devil put the tour ahead of the kids,” the insider tells OK!.”

  8. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    February 12, 2009:

    “Britney Spears is taking anti-anxiety pills to combat the stress of her upcoming world tour, according to the latest report.

    The pop princess – who is said to be suffering panic attacks as the pressure of touring builds up – is reportedly taking a number of prescribed drugs to keep her emotions in check.

    “It’s scary,” a source tells the National Enquirer.

    “Her dad Jamie’s calling all the shots for Brit – making sure qualified medical people know what they’re doing, and trying to talk Brit down from one emotional meltdown after another.”

  9. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Pop Stars
    Millions of Dollars
    Prescription Meds

    Fact vs. Fiction

  10. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    June 26, 2009:

    “Members of Michael Jackson’s family told us the singer was given a “heavy dose of morphine” prior to his death, and family members were alarmed.

    We’re told Joe Jackson recently wanted to put Michael in a rehab facility in Palmdale, California for what he considered an “addiction” to morphine and prescription drugs.

    Family members say they felt he was unable to perform for his upcoming concerts because of his drug use.

    Members of the upcoming tour tell TMZ Jackson was generally lethargic and very late for rehearsals.”

  11. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    June 26, 2009:

    “We’ve learned the LAPD is looking for a doctor who lived at Michael Jackson’s home — and the doctor is nowhere to be found.

    Law enforcement sources tell us a BMW belonging to the doctor was towed from Jackson’s home last night.

    Cops are looking to interview the doc.

    A law enforcement source says the doctor gave Jackson an injection before he died.

    Jackson reportedly may have OD’d on Demerol. As we first reported, family members were concerned that Jackson was taking too much morphine.”

  12. Amethyst Mine Says:

    fyi, E! says the police don’t think his doctor is MIA.

  13. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    June 26, 2009:

    “Michael Jackson’s 50-show run at London’s O2 Arena was set to be the highest grossing single concert engagement to date!!

    The concert promoter, AEG Live, went all out on the upcoming production and may be facing some serious financial woes, according to Billboard.

    AEG sold $85 million worth of tickets along with $30 million spent on production and $10 million given to Michael in advance.

    It is not know whether their nonappearance insurance will cover these unfortunate circumstances.

    If Jackson died from a drug overdose or a pre-existing condition, the producer would not be reimbursed and forced to refund 750,000 already purchased tickets.

    But if Michael signed a contract stating he would return his advance if he didn’t perform, the promoters could end up in court with a long line of other Jackson creditors.

    “We have insured the production costs. In order to get the first part of the insurance in place, [Jackson] had to have a physical, and he passed it with flying colors,” said AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips.”

  14. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    My personal opinion…

    I don’t think AEG Live gives a shit about the health of it’s performers.

    I think it was clear to the average person that Michael Jackson was not mentally or physically capable of performing a string of 50 concerts at the 02 Arena in London. Now, Michael’s own family is saying the same thing.

    I’ve asked this question before, and I’ll ask it again…

    What was the date that Britney’s string of performances at the 02 were booked? Before she went under the conservatorship? Or possibly shortly after?

    How odd that her “Blackout Tour” (announced in February 2008) shared the same London dates as her “Circus Tour.” I have this WILD and CRAZY idea that those dates were planned through AEG while she was still in the hospital.

    I would LOVE for somebody to prove me wrong on this.

  15. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Album sales.

    Steel. You keep our eyes open.

  16. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Coroner to make announcement at 1:30 p.m. He is meeting with the family at an undisclosed location.

    (just caught this from a stream at E)

  17. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I meant that he is already meeting with the family otherwise and a public announcement will come at 1:30.

  18. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “And the O2 Arena, which appears on AEG’s list of sites it owns or operates, is now faced with 50 empty nights, some of which it will struggle to fill at such short notice…

    According to industry experts, the concert promoter, a subsidiary of Anschutz Entertainment Group, initially found demand among insurers when the concerts were announced in March.”

    Hmmm…So AEG may actually OWN the O2 Arena. I didn’t know that.

  19. Amethyst Mine Says:

    That or they lease it.

    Steel. This is a terrible thing to ask, but thinking the worst as to conspiracy or intentional..physical damage to his health,…album sales, t-shirts, and already an advance of $10M from AEG.

    There would have been motive. Wasn’t he walking with a cane earlier this year? I thought JFX had a pic of a cane.

  20. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’d never thought of his death being intentional…

    Just that his promoters were making claims that he was healthy when he clearly wasn’t (either physically or mentally).

    I dislike how much prescription drugs are being relied upon to ensure that the show must go on. It seems like money is always the motivating factor…Everyone around these entertainers seem to push them to go forward, when they should really be telling them to take time off to heal and be strong.

    As far as walking with a cane…I don’t recall the pics, but I wouldn’t be shocked by them either.

  21. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I am sure if JFX is reading they will produce the pics. Or maybe I’ll look for them.

    Since Anna Nicole and her son died, similarly, I’ve been more suspicious than usual and that tape of Ledger.

    Meanwhile, media and tabloids are making money.

    It’s a terrible thing to think about I know but after following Britney’s story all along and things I know proof-positive about some media, I can’t be blind.

    Then there is you, keeping our eyes open about tours, dates, lucrative collateral. Who the hell is running the show?

  22. Amethyst Mine Says:

    JFX thought his umbrella was useless so suggested that maybe he was using it as a cane?

    The JFX archives for Michael Jackson are pretty good.

    Check out Michael’s hands. I don’t know who he was surrounded by but his helpers didn’t bother to get him a manicurist? Maybe didn’t want strangers in his house. Who knows.

  23. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I don’t get CNN, but I immediately thought of what their coverage must look like right now. This has gotta be as good of ratings boost for them as Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf War. *gag*

    Who the hell is running the show?

    I don’t know, but I have tickets to one of Brit’s upcoming concerts. So I guess I just did my own part in digging her hole a little deeper. Or am I lifting her up by supporting her? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  24. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It is a dilemna yes but I think you are a fan so if she is already going to be there…

    I think you might be seeing One Call by the way but we can talk about that on the other board some other day.

    Reuters has been very good with new information and different perspectives. It was Reuters that prompted the idea of media sales. Nobody was making money on Michael. Now they all are.

    I saw some rumor about Justin Timberlake taking over the O2 tour.

  25. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. The reporters are asking the same questions. Similarities in drugs between Michael and Heath.

  26. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Did you just see and hear what I did?

  27. Steel_Magnolia Says:


  28. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Our friend. I swear. Was there.

  29. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Meanwhile, another dies of prescription pain killers. Former band member of Wilco.,0,7211570.story

  30. Amethyst Mine Says:

    “But Jackson’s greatest financial returns may come in the wake of his death. His long-term record company, Sony Music Entertainment, will likely reissue special versions of some his biggest-selling albums and possibly even rare recordings.”

  31. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    June 26, 2009:

    Bryan Oxman, the Jackson’s family’s lawyer and spokesperson, put the blame on several prescription drugs that Jackson was taking.

    “This is not something that has been unexpected because of the medications Michael was under,” he told CNN. “This family has been trying for months and months and months to take care of Michael Jackson…The people who had surrounded him have been enabling him. If you think the case with Anna Nicole Smith was an abuse, it’s nothing in comparison to what we have seen taking place in Michael Jackson’s life.”

    Oxman told NBC’s Today show that Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal to help with pain suffered when he broke his leg after he fell off a stage and for broken vertebrae in his back.

    ABC News quoted a Los Angeles police source as saying Michael Jackson was addicted to painkillers, and was given an injection of Demerol one hour before he died.

    A law enforcement official briefed on the pop star’s death told ABC that Jackson was heavily addicted to the painkiller OxyContin and received daily doses of the drug as well as Demerol.

    A source told the London Sun: “Shortly after taking … Demerol, he started to experience slow, shallow breathing. His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped… His staff started mouth-to-mouth, and an ambulance was called, which got there in eight minutes,” the source said.

    Life & Style magazine had sources that said Jackson had been using a cocktail of seven different prescription drugs, including Zoloft, Xanax and the Demerol.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who counselled Jackson for years and helped him start a charity called Heal the Kids, made this statement: “The saddest aspect to this tragedy is that so many watched it happen and few did anything to stop it. I pray that Michael’s death will not be in vain and that we see a return, even among Hollywood celebrities, to the spiritual and family values that are life sustaining.”

  32. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, I came in late to a report on CNN tonight.

    The doctor that was living with Jackson was hired for or worked for AEG? To live with Jackson 24×7?

  33. small hands Says:

    Great info.

    I’ve been thinking of Brit, touring, meds, docs, the show must go on, lawyers,…it never ends.

  34. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 1:35 am

    The doctor that was living with Jackson was hired for or worked for AEG? To live with Jackson 24×7?


    Now that would be an interesting twist, if true!

  35. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    People can make fun of Madonna and her Kabbalah all they want, but she seems to be one of the few “superstars” who has managed to stay grounded.

    The quote from the Toronto Star article made me think of her:

    “I pray that Michael’s death will not be in vain and that we see a return, even among Hollywood celebrities, to the spiritual and family values that are life sustaining.”

  36. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Don’t know if you have read the news today but apparently it’s true about the doctor.

  37. Amethyst Mine Says:

  38. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, From the article you just posted:

    “Jackson’s family also wants to know more specifics about what role AEG, the concert promoter that was staging his 50-date concert series at London’s 02 Arena, was playing in his life, said the person, who requested anonymity because of the delicate nature of the situation.

    They also want to know more about the role of his advisers and representatives, who they believe were put in place by the promoter…

    “There are decisions going down without the family being in the loop; it’s becoming an issue,” the person said.

    Randy Phillips, AEG Live president and chief executive, said Friday it was Jackson who insisted that Dr. Conrad Murray, a financially troubled cardiologist who was with the entertainer when he collapsed Thursday, be put on the tour payroll.

    “As a company, we would have preferred not having a physician on staff full-time because it would have been cheaper without the hotels and travel, but Michael was insistent that he be hired,” Phillips said. “Michael said he had a rapport with him.”

    Houston lawyer William M. Stradley said his firm had been hired by Murray.”


  39. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Interesting and right up your alley, Steel.

    I have found some gems with media along this trek and you are finding gems among the AEG/tourist route.

    I think it is a good compliment.

    Any reason you think for the moving vans? Who would have the legal right to give such an order?

    Meanwhile, ;) I told you I heard and saw our guys there yesterday waiting for the coroner. It was stunning.

    You need to do your documentary.

    By the by, I know I came close to saying, “I told you so!” re WEG on the board in general to all — but I didn’t but you should feel free to say, “I told you so!” re tours, revenue, AEG.

  40. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel? Do you think Michael Jackon’s case and AEG will create more scrutiny on Britney and whether or not she wants to tour?

    I already some a rational last night like, “Thank for the intervention in Spears’ case – re drugs, handlers, hanger-ons” etc. I can just see Jamie’s camp justifying while another battle wages as to scrutiny.

  41. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Any reason you think for the moving vans? Who would have the legal right to give such an order?


    I don’t know about the legal rights, but if I was his family I’d want to get his possessions out of there as fast as possible before they started mysteriously going missing.

  42. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    …but you should feel free to say, “I told you so!” re tours, revenue, AEG.


    Heh, heh. I won’t. But I guess the AEG thing has been my “thing” all along (do I really look so crazy now for saying I thought they booked Brit’s 02 dates while she was still in the hospital?!) And yours has been WEG. And MH has called a few too. And Fantasy just came up with a great one. And…I could go on and on. We’ve all discussed a lot of different things here over the past year or so.

    Well…Who would’ve thought MJ would be the one to draw attention to all of this?

    There’s a little quote a really like:

    “Only in times of crisis is there ever any real change.”

    I can’t remember where I heard it, but I thought it sounds pretty true.

  43. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Want to hear something scary?

    Ama. Global. Murdock.
    You. AEG. Global (I am betting money now since you uncovered lease or part ownership of 02)
    Me. AP. LA Times. City News. Global. (I only picked up on LA Times when it came to accounting — AP didn’t cover it, LA went global)

    Thanks for credit on WEG. You can tell from my posts on the other thread it’s still bothering me. I think you are kind of right when it comes to talk of tour dates. Feb/Mar 08.

    Fantasy. I don’t know what she’s picked up on. I’ll take up part of that on the other thread.

    As to moving vans, yes, I understand things disappear when someone dies.

  44. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    You. AEG. Global (I am betting money now since you uncovered lease or part ownership of 02)


    Those were your links, so you actually uncovered them.

    Look at us, patting each other and ourselves on the back…Are we embarrassed? Hellz no! Why? ‘Cause we’ve all put SO much work into all of this.

    And really, I think it’s just a common courtesy to pay compliments when they’re due. That month and a half I went missing? I spent it on other discussion boards, sleuthing another case. And those boards were MUCH more cordial than this one. So I don’t think we’re odd here to be giving each other props for finding good info. Not at all.

  45. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    June 27th, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Fantasy. I don’t know what she’s picked up on. I’ll take up part of that on the other thread.


    Actually, it’s being left “unsaid” for now. LOL

    Hint: The discussions were what ’caused the table to get thrown. ;)

  46. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM…Look at her fingers. ;)

  47. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I did look at her fingers.

    I saw the table last night and walked out. I was so glad it wasn’t me in the middle of it and the only comment was to say “lost” and that wouldn’t have done anyone any good. It wasn’t my business anyway and I didn’t leave in a humph.

    Don’t worry about trolls. Some still get to me but that week in church and having little access to the Internet had an effect. I can still get pissed off though.

    I think a pat on the back and credit is good. Absolutely it is. I think I left it the easiest way for her. I’ve often appreciated your atta’ girl and it doesn’t seem right to pass off something smart someone has thought to contribute and not say thank you. It’s a team. I never saw us being that way before Fantasy came along.

    I did understand last night by the way, the way you guys were going and that wasn’t how A was reading it. It’s like she hasn’t developed a sense for our constants and ready to attack.

    hm. I wonder that I haven’t related more in the past. I’ve still got Townsend’s side to put up. I am disappointed that some exhibits I asked for weren’t included.

    I think that Wallet, Cohen and company played hardball from the beginning. Townsend is the only one they didn’t get rid of with ease. Why? I think he was insisting on some proof of lack of capacity or competence. And he didn’t take a settlement until recently.

    I wonder the change.

  48. MH Says:

  49. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    What a great article you’ve posted, MH.

    Sometimes I forget that Ian is actually a talented writer.

  50. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, The table was for effect, but didn’t get the reaction I thought. I guess because the initial comments by Fantasy didn’t get caught either. *shrugs*

  51. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Re-reading the article…

    OxyContin is mentioned. Sad to hear he was taking this – it truly is an epidemic here. It is so highly addictive. Regular folks who take it after surgery – regular Joe Shmoes with good jobs – end up loosing their homes and their families because of it.

    Add to that all the other things he was taking – all given to him willingly by doctors. I guess it shouldn’t be shocking, but it still is.

    And the control these people had over him…Truly scary.

  52. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    How is it that the statements of AEG about Michael being in great health are in such stark contrast to Ian’s article? Or to actual photos and video of him?

    I’m betting there are a lot of people nervous about what the autopsy will reveal.

  53. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    From Perez:

    “Specifically, didn’t AEG, who was to promote his 50 show residency at London’s O2 Arena, claim that he passed a physical? What, did they have some shady doctor administer the tests????”

    Something tells me that AEG is going to use this as their “out.” MJ’s doctor didn’t know enough to perform CPR on the floor instead of the bed…I’m wondering if he was the one that gave the “all clear” to AEG?

    And is this guy even a real doctor?

  54. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What a pattern:

    Take over the mail
    Take over outside communications
    Take over drugs, medical attention

    I hope that Janet Jackson will speak out.

    At least Ian was more charitable in his article than he was on his website.

    AEG. The industry. Get’em Steel.

  55. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MTV disgusts me. An hour tribute to Michael. It begins well but then 60 minutes is 30 minutes of paid advertising. Thanks, MTV.

  56. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Anyone watch the clip of MJ’s father from the BET Awards last night?

    What a strange man! His son just died, and all he can think of is reading official statement prepared by a publicist, introducing who the official lawyers are, and talking about the new record company they’ve set up (I’m assuming to start selling those 100 or 200 songs the MJ left for his kids?)

    Sorry, but the man sounded to me like a complete ass. Talk about insensitive.

    Remind you of anyone?

  57. meathead Says:

    Not unless you are referring to the management of most entertainers. I see no correlation to Brit’s conservators whatsoever.

  58. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I didn’t see it but saw Janet on youtube from last night.

    She has really pulled it together. Do you remember when she got dreamy like drug dreamy in past interviews?

    She is looking so strong and I think there is hope of garnering some change in the industry like holding people accountable from promoters to doctors.

    Way to go, Janet. Nice to see how tall you are these days.

  59. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Here comes the media war.

    It would be important to make it look like Michael “could” do the tour and that AEG is not at fault.

    As to MTV, I don’t trust them. They relay 100% I believe on other reports and MTV is biased, to me, and has consistently plugged Ghalib as a villain instead of just telling the facts.

    If it is true however, that everything was a wrap as far as a live album… it makes the timing of his death more conspicuous, to me anyway.

  60. Amethyst Mine Says:

    More of the same. “He was electric.”

  61. meathead Says:

    The truth will come out probably later than sooner, but I am convinced MJ knew he was dying. The Will should reveal a lot. Further, certainly AEG had to know of his health issues.

    I, for one, look forward to seeing MJ’s life finally unfold before our eyes and his predators exposed.

  62. meathead Says:

    In a statement that was set to be released in a couple of hours — that somehow leaked — AEG promises “the refunds will be processed by each of the authorised ticket agencies (e.g. Ticketmaster, Viagogo, See or Ticketline).”

    And the statement says fans “will have the option to be sent the actual tickets” for the show. Translation — one hell of an expensive keepsake.

    Comments [7]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson’s Last Art Purchase
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 6:20PM by TMZ Staff

    Michael Jackson bought some pretty expensive art two weeks before he died.

    On June 11, Jackson purchased a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West, a painting called “The Donut Queen,” and a painting called “Play Ball.” The artist for all three works was Nelson De La Nuez. Jackson plunked down $13,000 for the three items, which were delivered to his home on June 15.

    We’re told Jackson was “obsessed” with the Wicked Witch painting.

    Here’s the weirdest part. Someone from AEG handled the money side of the transaction. We have the bank wire — AEG dealt directly with the art seller.

    Filed under: Michael Jackson, Photo Galleries

    Comments [23]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson Concert Rehearsal
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 2:49PM by TMZ Staff

    Just two days before he died, Michael Jackson practiced his moves during a rehearsal at Staples Center in L.A. for the London concerts.

    See Also
    Jackson Sang & Danced Last Night

    Filed under: Michael Jackson, Photo Galleries

    Comments [256]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson — Drugs Likely Cause of Death
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 2:26PM by TMZ Staff

    Sources tell TMZ it increasingly looks like Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose.

    We’ve already reported that Jackson got a Demerol injection the morning he died. We’re told more than one drug may be involved.

    The LAPD is still conducting an active investigation.

    See Also
    Jackson Family Doesn’t Trust Michael’s Doc
    Jackson’s Doc — I Am Not Responsible
    Michael Jackson’s Demerol Tonic

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [256]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson’s Estate in Court
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 2:04PM by TMZ Staff

    Initial papers have been filed with the court to probate Michael Jackson’s estate. But it seems Jackson’s mom and dad don’t know Jackson had a will.

    The petition was filed by Michael’s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson. But here’s the thing. The papers say Jackson died “intestate” — that means, without a will.

    But we’ve learned Jackson’s long-time lawyer, John Branca, who just came back on board 3 weeks ago, has a will Jackson signed that he intends to file within 30 days.

    The petition asks that Katherine be named as administrator of the will … meaning she wants to call the shots.

    The papers say Debbie Rowe will be served with notice of a hearing.

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [86]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson’s Will Surfaces
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 1:13PM by TMZ Staff

    We’ve learned Michael Jackson’s lawyer has a copy of the singer’s will and he intends to file it with the court.

    We’re told the Jackson family doesn’t have a copy of the will in attorney John Branca’s possession. It’s unclear how many wills Jackson made but Branca believes it’s the most current.

    Branca has a long history with Jackson. In 1985, Branca brokered the deal for Jackson to purchase The Beatles’ publishing catalogue.

    Branca and Jackson stopped working together in 2006 but the singer hired him back just three weeks ago.

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [97]SphereEmail4ie6

    Katherine Granted Temporary Guardianship
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 1:07PM by TMZ Staff

    Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother, has been granted temporary guardianship of Michael’s three kids.

    A hearing is set for next Monday on the matter.

    Story developing …

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [85]SphereEmail4ie6

    Michael Jackson Guardianship Papers Filed
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:48AM by TMZ Staff

    A guardianship petition has been filed for Michael Jackson’s children by Katherine Jackson, the grandma.

    She is asking the court to appoint her as the guardian for all three kids.

    The petition states the kids have “no relationship with their biological mother.”

    According to the petition, the kids are in the care of Katherine and they have “a long established relationship.”

    The petition says the value of Michael Jackson’s assets are unknown at this time.

    Debbie Rowe is named as mother of two children in the petition.

    As for why Katherine thinks it would be “best” to appoint her guardian, “Minor children are currently residing with paternal grandmother. They have a long-established relationship with paternal grandmother and are comfortable in her care.”

    The petition says it’s “not known at this time” whether the mother (Rowe) agrees that Katherine should be the legal guardian.

    As for Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II — MJ’s third child — the box where it says “mother” is checked “none.” The DOB is listed as January 21, 2002.

    A hearing is now set for August 3 to hear the petition.

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    Jackson Lawyer — Katherine Wants Custody
    Jackson Fam — Debbie Rowe Can See Her Kids
    Jackson’s Kids: ‘We Want to Stay with Grandma’

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [366]SphereEmail4ie6
    Autopsy Shows Billy Mays Had No Head Trauma
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:46AM by TMZ Staff

    The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner just announced the results of Billy Mays’ autopsy — and said there was no connection between Billy’s death and Saturday’s rough aircraft landing.

    Billy had admitted to suffering a blow to the head when the front tires of US Airways Flight 1421 blew upon landing — but the doc said he found “no signs of internal or external head trauma.”

    Dr. Chrostowski said Billy most likely died from complications due to heart disease. He said the autopsy showed “hypertensive and arteriosclerotic disease of the heart” — which is known to cause sudden death.

    The doc said Billy — who was scheduled to have his third hip replacement surgery today — had prescriptions for tramadol and hydrocodone, but said Mays had no history of drug abuse and “the counts of remaining medication are correct.”

    The doc will announce the official cause of death once all test results are in.

    Filed under: Billy Mays

    Comments [96]SphereEmail4ie6

    Reported Jackson Autopsy — A Fake
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:14AM by TMZ Staff

    We’ve learned the story making the rounds detailing the terrible condition of Michael Jackson’s body is a fake.

    A report in The Sun gave harrowing details of the body, but we’ve learned the “autopsy report” was fabricated and completely false.

    UPDATE: The Los Angeles County coroner just released the following statement:

    “The report that is being published did not come from this office. I don’t know where the information came from, or who that information came from. It is not accurate. Some of it is totally false.”

    Filed under: Michael Jackson

    Comments [194]SphereEmail4ie6
    Diane Keaton Rushed to Hospital
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:10AM by TMZ Staff

    We’ve learned actress Diane Keaton was injured on the set of her new film in New York this morning and had to be removed by stretcher.

    But have no fear, a rep for Paramount Studios told ET Diane was “taken to a hospital for precautionary tests and has been cleared to return to work tomorrow.”

    Filed under: Paparazzi Video, Movies, Nurse!

    Comments [10]SphereEmail4ie6
    Billy Mays 911 Call — “It’s Too Late”
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:09AM by TMZ Staff

    TMZ has obtained the 911 call made from the home of Billy Mays, where he was found dead yesterday morning.

    During the emotional call, Billy’s wife is asked to move his body from the bed to the floor so she can perform CPR — just like in the Michael Jackson 911 call — but then an unknown male takes the phone to tell the dispatcher, “It’s too late.”

    We’re told by Tampa police officials the mystery male heard in the call was a family friend who was visiting from out of town.

    Click here… it’s not over yet

    Filed under: Billy Mays

    Comments [71]SphereEmail4ie6
    Spears — Once Bitten, Twice Twit-hacked
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:01AM by TMZ Staff

    When Britney Spears Twittered about her lady parts having “razor sharp teeth” back in January — it was obvious (to most) she’d fallen victim to a Twitter-hack … so her alleged death this weekend wasn’t exactly a doozy.

    Spears’ people confirmed that her Twitpic account had been hacked again Saturday, when someone Twittered on her page: “Britney has passed today. It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come.”

    Brit’s peeps have confirmed that she’s just fine, y’all!

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    Britney Gets the Runs
    Britney Goes from Circus to Zoo
    Britney’s Alleged Trespasser Pleads Not Guilty

    Filed under: Britney Spears

    Comments [9]SphereEmail4ie6

    Sweet Justice
    Posted Jun 29th 2009 11:00AM by TMZ Staff

    Bernie Madoff was just sentenced to 150 years in prison.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    See Also
    Ruth Madoff — Prison Pays

    Ruth Madoff — A Christmas Story

    Ruth Madoff Spends Hard Earned Money

    Filed under: Celebrity Justice

    Comments [61]SphereEmail4ie6

    Jackson Doctor’s CPR Technique Explained

    Report: Jackson Bald, Bruised, Ribs Broken

    Jackson Lawyer — Katherine Wants Custody

    Lawyer: Doctor Found Jackson with Pulse

    Joe Jackson — ‘I Don’t Like What Happened’

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    ‘Dancing’ Judge Kept Cancer Battle a Secret
    King of Pop Almost Died Same Way Once Before
    Michael Jackson’s Mother Wins Temporary Guardianship of Kids
    RAW DATA: Chilling Billy Mays 911 Tape
    Maxim Monday: Country Newcomer Jessie James on First Kisses
    911 Caller: Billy Mays Was Cold and Unresponsive
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  63. meathead Says:

    Very sorry! My “copy” finger became over-zealous! Just pass over it. :(

  64. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with an itchy “copy” finger. :)

  65. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    meathead Says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 10:49 am

    Not unless you are referring to the management of most entertainers. I see no correlation to Brit’s conservators whatsoever.


    Mmmm…yeah, pretty much.

    I think Brit’s conservators took a big chance (at the pushing of her management) and it turned out positively. It just as easily could have gone the other way. They’re lucky. IMHO.

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