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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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Lindsay’s Mad At Dad


Lindsay Lohan is waging war against her sleazy dad after he released one of their private phone conversations to the public. RadarOnline reports Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley id pursuing legal action against Michael Lohan. Holley stated she is “exploring all options both civilly, and criminally. We are talking to legal authorities in New York and Los Angeles to determine if any laws were broken. This was a private phone conversation, and if this conversation took place in California then it was a violation of the law.”

Lindsay herself took to her Twitter to diss Daddy, saying “My fathers such a loser & those recordings are from years ago. To release personal things is foul enough, but to edit them. I used to think that he needed the book for dummies on learning how to be a father. Haha-he’s needs the book for dummies on HOW TO BE A MAN.” While Linds is hardly a model of mental stability, having a father who uses you to get his name in the press has to hurt.

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