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Get Your Party On – Hollywood Style


There are plenty of cool places to ring in the New Year tonight, and Hollywood will be jumping! One of the hottest tickets of the evening is bound to be the Gridlock New Year’s Eve Party at Paramount Studios. Pamela Anderson will host, Adam Lambert will perform and 19 DJs will keep the music coming!

If you plan to do some serious drinking, the bash at Beso will have an open bar, with lots of the Spanish cuisine Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant is famous for. E!’s Jason Kennedy will host, but don’t count on Eva showing up in person, since she’s opening her Eve nightclub in Vegas tonight.

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Author: Linda

765 Replies to “Get Your Party On – Hollywood Style”

  1. Amapola Says:

    Picture special show on L GaGa. Her presentation of herself in panties to put an end to rumors about her, the newspaper said.

    Is there anyone who played with the pictures? Something has a wrong balance? Unsymmetrical?

    (I think that she is Lady if she says she is a lady. But there will be a h*** of writing in the future about her boyfriends or girlfriends. So far, they are anonymous, but it will surely not remain so?)

    A newspaper here, called TMZ, the “slush funnel”

  2. MH Says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  3. Fantasy Says:


  4. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    This is interesting:

    Photogs sent exclusive helicopter-shots of Britney driving to her Calabasas home with mom Lynne in Brit’s Mercedes SUV on New Year’s Day.”

    Is that JM’s attempt at avoiding getting in trouble for publishing them?

  5. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Even better:

    “Interested in advertising on Britney’s biggest fansite Email for advertising inquiries.”

  6. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    From the previous thread:

    >>>I have the right to know and or see what they like to do with their down time

    Sad. Ridiculous. So Wrong.


    Here’s the thing. I don’t feel as if I WANT to see candid photos of someone like Bono because I feel like U2 keeps their merchandising strictly to the music.

    But when an artist hawks stuff like perfume – and makes millions off of items that have nothing to do with their music – I start to lose a bit of respect for them. Then they DO start to seem like objects instead of real people. And then I find myself feeling not-too-guilty about looking at candids of them.

    Is this wrong? I don’t know. It’s just the way it is for me.

  7. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    That’s kind of not true is it? U2 hawks iPods. They do have to do with music but…

    Hmmm. Lainey also posted a great video of Johnny Depp on his birthday this summer. Total invasion of privacy, but I loved watching it. And Johnny Depp isn’t a merchandising whore, either.

    So maybe I do love to look at pap photos and videos…I don’t feel like the celebrity “owes me” a peek into their life. But I’m thankful for any peek I do get.

  8. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And you know what? I was never a big Johnny Depp fan before. I liked his acting, but wasn’t a “fan” of him as a person, per se.

    But after watching him in that video I have a new found interest in him. And now I’ll probably be more likely to go out and rent movies that he’s in, just because of that.

    So really…I think I’m just repeating what any good P.R. person already knows. If celebs want to make the BIG bucks, they NEED the paps. Otherwise they’ll never be as “commercial” as they could be.


    Eh…I’ve never seen a pap photo of Andrea Bocelli (or whatever his name is), and he was one of the top sellers this year.

    In music. But probably NOT in perfume! lol

  9. MH Says:

    SM, my comment was about Fan’s statement. Your views are reasonable. Her’s I think are ridiculous.

    I don’t think “we” have a right to anything. Celebs and paps need eachother, yes. “We” checkout the pics, which keeps it all going. But “we” have no right to anything. That’s just the way I see it.

  10. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Yeah, I think my views kinda fall in the middle. On this one, at least.

    I guess one way to look at it is that if a celebrity wants to earn the big bucks (e.g. be among the top grossing stars at the box office, or be in the top ten albums on Billboard) they almost have to *expect* nowadays that their privacy is going to be invaded in a major way. It’s just the way the business has gone.

    I remember buying Lady Gaga’s album the day it came out, and watching her perform for the first time at the Miss Universe pageant, and thinking to myself, “Wow, she’s really talented. She’s going to blow up big…I wonder how long it is before the paps start stalking her?”

  11. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I guess Ama even pointed that out about Lady Gaga 2 days ago at the top of this thread!

    I don’t think Fantasy’s views are really that different than a lot of music fans today. Society has just turned so much towards reality TV (which now happens to be more and more scripted) that it’s become the “norm” to expect to be invited into a celeb’s private life (where before it was a luxury).

    Remember when watching “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” was exciting? Look how far we’ve come from that!

    When there are “celebrities” out there like Paris Hilton and Kim K. (who become famous for being…famous) you know you have a problem!

  12. Queen B Says:

    We all know that are certain celebrities who crave media attention. These individuals have no problem discussing the intimate details of their personal life for financial gain.

    They will sell their wedding pictures, baby pictures for maximum profit and star in a reality show. These kind of celebrities make it difficult for other celebrities to maintain some sort of privacy.

    For every celebrity who sells pics of their newborn baby, five others do not. You can still become a popular celeb without forsaking your privacy but it will be hard and some people will resent that.

    Celebrities like Johnny Depp have chosen not to play the game and he is one the biggest and highest paid actors around. He lives in the French countryside and only comes to the States to do the press.

    There is a mystery around Depp and I think that has benefitted his career. Depp is a chameleon of an actor. He has the ability to transform himself into any character.

    Contrast Depp with Tom Cruise. It does not matter what role he is playing, you never forget that you are watching Tom Cruise. Cruise’s highly publicized relationship with Katie has changed the way public views him.

  13. Amapola Says:

    Day before New Year perez have this comment:

    “Maniston Hates The Paparazzi

    Filed under: Jennifer Aniston > Legal Matters

    Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate


    The law goes into effect tomorrow.
    Lawyer up photogs!
    We know you won’t be giving up that easily!”

  14. Amapola Says:

    About helicopter-shots .
    I saw a documentary when x17 boss was in his helicopter. When he landed on the ground, 30 min. later he had very much calls on his phone.
    This was some of those I could see…
    Sadly I could only see some of the one on P ;)


  15. Amapola Says:

    “The law goes into effect tomorrow.
    Lawyer up photogs!
    We know you won’t be giving up that easily!”

    What is that Perez is proposing?
    Take the risk papz, use lawyers.
    (Otherwise, I´m getting broke soon. And I am seeing myself smarter than you)
    The new law affects him too?

  16. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 1:25 am

    They will sell their wedding pictures, baby pictures for maximum profit and star in a reality show. These kind of celebrities make it difficult for other celebrities to maintain some sort of privacy.


    I know some won’t like me saying this but…

    Britney and the other celeBRITies in her family (Jamie Lynn and Lynne in particular) were pioneers in this field. From the start of Brit’s career her people (management, mother, etc.) have taken full advantage of using her private life as a marketing tool. We were all invited in to see how Brit lived her life, and we all read the magazines that contained photos that she herself profited millions from.

    It was only when Brit’s life started to go sideways and they wanted to hide what was going on with the conservatorship that they suddenly wanted “privacy” for her. And even then, they still invaded it. Remember the trip to Costa Rica? The X paps were there (and Splash?), supposedly invited by Jamie himself. And what about “For The Record”…isn’t that an invasion of her privacy?

    I feel sorry for stars like Johnny Depp when they’re caught in the eye of a pap’s lens, because he truly doesn’t court the attention. But I can’t say I feel too sorry for Britney – she’s built her career on it.

    Or at least her management and/or family has. Which kind of brings us back full circle to why we’ve been posting here in the first place.

  17. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “I don’t believe that she’ll have any great longevity in the public eye because she doesn’t understand the power of mystery.” ~ Michael Jackson, 2001

    “In a few years, this girl is gone from the public eye. Nobody’s gonna care about her. She is all over the place. There is no mystery. I would never do what she does. I hold myself back.” ~ Michael Jackson, 2001

  18. Amapola Says:

    I disagree with you about Britney Spears.
    It is not her personally, who had charge of her publicity. All she had contracts with have had their hands on it.
    I do not think there is too much to ask that a woman who had two children so close should be given some air. On top of that it was an unhappy marriage for her and Kevin. She was more fragile then him, he never give birth to any kids…
    I think a person have the rigt to be left in peace in her/their privacy when things like this happend.
    Children should bl**dy *el* be left alone!!!
    Adults who hunts children! It’s to h***, frankly.

    Just a few months ago little Miley Cyrus
    cycle around on a bicycle (children size, her knee in her face) with a lollipop in her mouth and dad with her. Now she is suddenly having to be marketed as a sexy young girl, with an emphasis on sexy.
    Lady Gaga feel compelled to be in private party (in each case on the photo) with Perez.
    Who is big enough to say no to publicity?
    I cant find any other reason than PR to be private with him (scream), but how it would help her, I cant understand. The gay community is not stupid persons. They buy her records if they like her, have nothing to do with perez.
    What I would like to say is that there apparently are PR reasons that lots of celebs set up in the media.
    But their privacy, when they want to be private, will have to be private.
    I at least not get wet in my pants to see pictures of people suffering or want to be left alone.

    The giant media drive around Britney, after she had her babies has been a low-water mark.
    But who says you can not learn from the mistakes?

  19. Amapola Says:

    About Andea Bocelli:

    “Andrea Bocelli: The tenor’s commandments
    He says sex is frivolous, but he can’t get enough of it. He shuns materialism, but splashes out on speed boats. But there’s one rule the opera star Andrea Bocelli always abides by: he won’t talk about his blindness.”

  20. Amapola Says:

    “Any comments about the perez “invitation” to the papz?
    Or should we just write about and talk about all the errors on Britney Spears and her mom and her dad?
    Is that was this site only shall be about?
    Much Lutfi fans here?
    What is happening??

    Again, what do you think of the perez “proposal” to the papz?

    He want them to take the risk?
    What do you think?

  21. Queen B Says:

    I totally agree with you that Brit and/or her team have made a conscious decision to use details about her personal life for money. She is not the only one though.

    For example Brit has done over the years the following magazine: 1) People- announcing her engagement where she showed off the ring she paid for 2)People-first meeting with Kevin’s daughter Kori 3)People-wedding photos 4)People-pregnancy interview 5)People-baby shower 6)People-first photos of SPF 6)People-cover with SP/2nd pregnancy interview 7)OK-cover with SP/JJ 8)Elle-cover with SP/JJ.

    I did not even mention Chaotic or FTR.

    Jamie Lynne did a series of covers for OK about her teen pregnancy where she was reportedly paid six or seven figures.

    Others will say that by giving a select few interviews Brit has the ability to shape the way she is perceived but ultimately the public has an insatiable appetite and even if you give them a little private information they want more. We known too much about Brit and most celebrities
    for that matter.

    I understand the MJ quote because he is coming from a different era. I remember Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s dad/manager saying that there is a difference between stars like Prince and MJ who were well liked but somewhat removed from the public and stars like his daughter.

    His argument was that the goal is to get the public to like you as a person and once they like you, they’ll buy your records, watch your movies etc. In order for the masses to love you, they have to get to know you on an intimate level hence a reality show.

  22. Amapola Says:

    Then you have to say that Britney’s defense of MJ in the press (TV), was a very nice gesture.
    Since no other celebrity seemed to dare.

    I do think he liked her.

  23. Amapola Says:

    And I do think that the public likes Britney Spears, even if the community here seem to take on other road.

  24. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I guess the difference for me remains the same as last night in a sense of the public’s entitlement. Just because I paid money at the box office to see a star does not entitle me to sneak peek or get others to trail them to learn about their personal life.

    When we get pics, videos etc. it’s interesting but I don’t have any sense of entitlement.

    Addicts are not getting their Brit fixes at the moment. I’ve read some ‘interesting’ theories on that .. most of them being of a dodo mentality to me on why she hasn’t been seen much this month. One of the better ones was that paps have an arrangement with her for time off.

    It’s never been a matter of whether I appreciate the work of paps (but some go too far and are mean and rude to earn their living) but moreover the cloud (for some) of what the public is entitled too.

    Most of the posts I briefly saw yesterday on Exhale on the matter favored peace for Britney and being legally protected now at least somewhat from invasion. I think it’s a step in the right direction toward what’s humane versus what’s become common. The players may shift again in terms of who is making the money.

  25. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 11:45 am

    I understand the MJ quote because he is coming from a different era.


    He’s coming from an era where an artist’s career was marketed using the MUSIC, not marketed using the star’s personal life.

    I think what MJ was commenting on was the longevity of an artist’s musical career. His career spanned what? 30 years? And how many albums?

    The jury is still out as to whether Brit will still be performing on stage 20 years from now…or whether the industry ate her alive.

  26. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amapola Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 11:14 am

    I disagree with you about Britney Spears.
    It is not her personally, who had charge of her publicity. All she had contracts with have had their hands on it.


    Can you point out where I said this? You seem to like to take every post I make and mis-state it or twist it in some way.

    I’m going to start calling you this. 2010 is the year I’m not taking crap from anybody, and it’s going to start with YOU.

    Thank you.

  27. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    It’s still interesting watching that Matt Lauer interview from the summer of 2006:

    I wonder, if Brit had to do it all over again, if she’d change the way her career was mapped out and marketed from the start?

    I always think of this quote, and wonder what she thinks of it:

    “Ultimately, In the Zone suffers greatly from Britney’s uneasy transition from teen tart to sexually powerful woman. Had Britney been in charge of her career direction instead of mercilessly prostituted by her management, she might have been able to produce something with some semblance of musical vision.”

  28. Amapola Says:

    “Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 12:14 pm Queen B Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 11:45 am
    I understand the MJ quote because he is coming from a different era.
    He’s coming from an era where an artist’s career was marketed using the MUSIC, not marketed using the star’s personal life.
    I think what MJ was commenting on was the longevity of an artist’s musical career. His career spanned what? 30 years? And how many albums?
    The jury is still out as to whether Brit will still be performing on stage 20 years from now…or whether the industry ate her alive.”

    I do hope she will have a long life with her kids and all her loved ones.

    So sad MJ did not got the peace he needed to manage to live his life, and aging, with his kids.
    Terrible that it possible to hunt people in that way they did with him, (and other persons)
    Because he was a human being first of all.
    His job and skill was something else.

  29. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Got to run but thought to progress (more humane methods) in some civilizations have made in keeping animals in zoos.

    The public can still see the animals but from a further more humane distance (less stress to the animals than in the past) but they can’t tap on the glass, or try to incite or get a reaction.

  30. Amapola Says:


    What have been have been.
    I´m sure you can come back to all the horrible people around her lots of times.
    Right now I hope she is happy with her life and that she are able to NOT read all the terrible things they write about her family.

    It´s like people don´t understand that even celebs do love their parents even if they not always do agrees in everything.

    Tell me a family who don´t have “problems”.
    I still not have met one.

    And about the companies, and managers and all around.
    They suck out all they can of the person they are betting on.
    If they survive their “treatment” should be happy.

    And proud.

    (OMG, I sometimes forget how far away I despise this business lawyers and their employers / companies.)

  31. Queen B Says:

    In no way do I believe MJ lacked respect for Brit’s talent but his point was Brit was too accesible to the public and thus there was no mystery about her. In effect, she was an “open book” and he saw that as a problem.

    MJ loved his fans but he also believed that there should be some aspect of his life the public had no access to.

    It is so interesting now that because Brit is under a conservatorship, she is less visibile in LA and people do not know what she is doing most of the time and that is great. There was no big New Year’s Eve bash or party-perhaps a quiet night spent at home reflecting on what happened in 2008. She is keeping a much lower profile which is in her best intersts.

  32. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    There was no big New Year’s Eve bash or party-perhaps a quiet night spent at home reflecting on what happened in 2008. She is keeping a much lower profile which is in her best intersts.


    Yes, I think the lower profile is good also. In the past her team would have had her hosting a New Year’s bash in Vegas, or some other kind of thing. It seems like they’ve learned their lesson and given her the holidays off instead of having her constantly working.

    And it’s up to her and her team to maintain that balance. This privacy thing is a two-way street!

    And I agree with your comments on MJ – I don’t think he was disrespecting Brit either, but just making a comment on the way her team was handling the marketing of her image.

    If they could ask MJ what he thought now, I’m sure he’d have something much more positive to say about the way things are being done under Jamie’s reign (vs. when Lynne was at the helm).

  33. Queen B Says:

    I remember New Year’s Eve 2007 when Brit was hosting a party in Las Vegas and there were rumors that she had “passed out” or fainted while at the venue.

    One good thing about the conservatorship is that the paps do not have the kind of access to Brit like they once did and they hate it and the images they do get are pretty mild such as lunch with Lynne.

    When I hear about X-17 hiring a helicopter to chase Brit through the air when she is doing nothing out of the ordinary is unbelievable.

  34. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. Do we have any proof that was Britney in the car with her mom and that they went horse riding?

    Just asking. In a void of information what becomes real? Some time ago we were all on here arguing about pros to the conservatorship as though Britney was really showing signs of compulsive, frantic shopping, dropping tons of cash.

    We are as susceptible here as many as buying something perhaps not based on truth but because there is nothing else to buy?

    Just asking. No one launched off the zoo analogy but I don’t think it was so bad. This is not ego talking but rather pointing at other beings that have been laced up, borrowed up, locked up, .. where entities had an exclusive. When the country came to know the price of their excessive “prying” in zoos etc. (through journalists?) change occurred.

    You, we the public can not be next to the primates anymore but “outside” of their exhibits. You can’t throw a peanut in there. The animals too are safeguarded from attacking you and being euthanized.

    As to some other arguments may I say that selling one’s story or being in a perfume ad or doing a documentary does not open a door for privilege and entitlement by others. It’s more like the public got a dose like I did at lunch to a lovely drink called Pomoma. I’d like to have more. I could afford more. But I am not entitled to have it just because I liked the way it made me feel and that I paid for it along with the meal.

    If I went back and they had eliminated that brand or breed of Tequila… I’m not entitled to it. I’m not going to chase after management and demand. But some people in the public think they are entitled to it just because it was on the lunch menu one time or more.

    I guess what I am saying is that some here are rationalizing that because someone (a flavor, a high?) was on the menu they should always be and that they deserve it?

    I hear a people deserve what they get mentality here and it’s disturbing? People get what they deserve is one of the most ridiculous rationalizations for wrong doing that I have ever of.

    Try telling that to the one in the arena but to those in the coliseum … people believe what they want to believe so they can jack off in between.

  35. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Let me try the zoo exhibit again.

    I think it is terrific that the public is held off from the primate exhibit and that there are days when it is closed down to every one.

    Let me see. I lived here, I paid my fee, maybe I even helped the zoo become successful because I bought a promo magazine or something.

    Maybe the primate was semi-willing, had a baby or something in captivity, did a special dance.

    Fantasy. I’ll never understand your sense of entitlement or privilege to see more than or equal to that or continued right of privilege to snap someone who doesn’t want to be. I also don’t understand those who capitalized on the beach pictures as pretty, cute and so on when an obvious angry and trespassed-upon Britney said her part that day: STOP.

    There’s no justice or civil rationale for sneaking into someone’s home and snapping pictures of newborns: Angelina Jolie finally sold pics because… (maybe it guaranteed that other paps wouldn’t trespass her home in search of such valuable first pictures).

  36. Queen B Says:

    I would never say that because some star has chosen to be in a reality show or has sold baby/wedding pics that should have no expectation of privacy.

    However, I would say that as a result of their previous decisions to exploit their personal life for financial gain, they should have a lesser expectation of privacy and consequently I have less empathy for them when they complain about the paps or tabloids invading their private space.

    For example, I’m sure Brit like any other celeb mom hates having her children photographed while in public. On the other hand, Brit and her team as well as Kevin have sold pics of the boys to People and OK and have graced their covers on more than one ocassion. Just recently, Brit was on the cover of Elle with her boys.

    If I’m a pap, my attitude is like how can you object to me taking a photo when you yourself have sold pics of your kids the only difference is you do not get paid if the pap takes the pic but People and OK will pay you. It all goes back to control, the celebs can not control the pap images and they therefore object to them.

  37. Amapola Says:

    Queen B
    “For example, I’m sure Brit like any other celeb mom hates having her children photographed while in public. On the other hand, Brit and her team as well as Kevin have sold pics of the boys to People and OK and have graced their covers on more than one ocassion. Just recently, Brit was on the cover of Elle with her boys.
    If I’m a pap, my attitude is like how can you object to me taking a photo when you yourself have sold pics of your kids the only difference is you do not get paid if the pap takes the pic but People and OK will pay you. It all goes back to control, the celebs can not control the pap images and they therefore object to them.

    The difference is:
    Photographs during a given photo session, the situation is such that the parents certainly have prepared the children for what will happen. (If the kids not are babies, all know what age this is, then it´s impossible to prepare in other way then to take it easy and have a calm surrondings)
    I´m sure its quieter to. Absolutely.

    I do not think anybody want their child to be almost “raped” !!!! when they are in private time.

    Also, an adult may feel threatened and intimidated by the huge hordes of photo flashes, and a large mass of photographers surrounding them.
    Think of how a child will fell.
    A very unpleasant and scary situation for children, it is indisputable.

    The parents must have the natural possibility to move outside their homes, together with their childs.
    It´s nothing to discuss about.

    Unless the family did not give permission, the children shall be children left alone, everything else is indefensible.

    I understand the need to make money, but there are limits. And the limits are at the children.

    If the children are photographed, it is the parents who should decide when and how.

    So is the human law in the whole world. That is what make us human.

  38. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Wow, talk about a lynch mob! Fantasy made one off-hand comment and look what happened.

    Seeing as Fantasy and Small appear to be the only long-time Britney fans here, I doubt Fantasy meant any harm towards Britney. I’m guessing that she probably meant that if she’s going to be a fan of the Britney “brand” (as opposed to Britney the singer…to me there’s a big difference) then she does like to see the odd photo of Brit visiting an alligator farm or suntanning by the pool. I’m guessing she meant that if she’s going to kick out all that extra money to support Britney, she likes to see how Brit enjoys it.

    Ease up y’all…If Brit didn’t like the way the game is played she’d get out. But she doesn’t. Why? Because the game makes her millions. She’s FILTHY rich – it’s still worth it to her in the end.

  39. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t think it’s personal, Steel, just different points of view. There also seem to be two debates going on. One is what the public is entitled to. The other argues for the passing enjoyment of seeing pap-snapped photographs.

    QB. I got to go with Ama on the difference between studio photographs and street shot photos. There’s no chasing down Britney and/or her children in a studio.

    There’s no Britney asking the photogs to stop it.

    Studio time is by contract with a set time, moment, obligation. Then it’s over.

    The other goes on and on and seems to cause significantly more stress.

    One causes the celebrity fear, anger and sometimes scurrying for their vehicle or marring photos with raised purses, jackets and so on. It’s not always that way and it wasn’t always that way for Brit.

    I don’t see it as the same.

  40. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Didn’t Adnan have a restraining order against him at one point for climbing on the hood of Brit’s car to take photos?

    I could be wrong but…I got the feeling he was one of the more aggressive paps with her. How come it’s okay when Adnan does it, but not when anyone else does it?

    Sorry…Just being a thorn.

  41. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I just think it’s funny that we’re even having this conversation…on a paparazzi Web site!

  42. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Wow. The lack of news and new images is creating wacky news.

    Ah, I guess there is always wacky news about Britney but today is particularly wacky.

  43. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Here’s the actual law.

  44. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Or rather what was passed.

  45. Amethyst Mine Says:

    From Loeb and Loeb. Same subject.

  46. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “In short, the Legislature sought to limit the use of parabolic microphones and telephoto lenses to capture sounds and images that could not have otherwise been recorded absent a physical trespass.”

    ~~~~> Like the X video of Brit wearing her pink wig and looking through the drawers of her bedroom (posted on the X site post-conservatorship?

    ~~~~> Like the Heath Ledger/Jane Doe tape?

  47. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I would say those seem like reasonable targets of the law.

    Here’s an interesting article about the Royals for comparison.

    ‘The pressure for ever tighter restrictions on press coverage of the monarchy comes not from the Monarch, but from those of her relations who have much to fear from exposure.

    Almost exactly a year ago, Buckingham Palace officials were forced to defend Prince Edward against accusations that he appeared to beat two gundogs with a stick, during a pheasant shoot at Sandringham.

    Whatever view you take about Prince Edward – whether he was guilty of cruelty to the dogs, or was merely disciplining them as anybody might – these are pictures that the Palace does not wish the public to see.

    So there is a real concern that the courtiers are attempting to impose a new, restrictive privacy policy to shield minor royals from legitimate scrutiny.

    The problem is that too many are behaving like the trashiest celebrities, selling wedding pictures to magazines and keeping dubious company.

    They must expect the paparazzi to treat them accordingly. Sadly, the inability to distinguish between royalty and celebrity is one of the uglier aspects of Britain today.

    We have come a long way from the days when Shakespeare could write in Hamlet that: ‘There’s such divinity doth hedge a king.’ We know full well how human our royals are, and, I would argue, appreciate them all the more for the fact that we no longer fear them.

    That is all the more reason why they should show themselves in public as much as possible. Their minders must use common sense when deciding how much access to allow.’

    Read more:

    I’m not even sure what to take from some of those statements.

  48. MH Says:

    >>>Here’s the actual law.

    I wondered when someone would mention what the actual law was about.

  49. MH Says:

    >>>Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 12:09 pm
    Didn’t Adnan have a restraining order against him at one point for climbing on the hood of Brit’s car to take photos?
    I could be wrong but…I got the feeling he was one of the more aggressive paps with her. How come it’s okay when Adnan does it, but not when anyone else does it?
    Sorry…Just being a thorn.

    I haven’t heard anything about the hood of a car. But wasn’t Adnan the one who pretended to be a guest that was on the list at a wedding (was it adam sandler?) and got busted when the actual guest showed up? I haven’t read the article (if it’s even true) in a while so the facts may be off….but stuff like that isn’t cool in my book.

  50. MH Says:

    I think he wooed the crap out of her. Finally got what he wanted, but never expected the end result.

  51. MH Says:

    haven’t had a pap 101 since the octomom fiasco.

  52. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Have we seen the end result yet, MH?

    Meanwhile, here’s an Italian case against a paparazzo. Both sides are argued. I think he was found guilty of extortion though, not for taking the pictures.

    Eventually I’ll bump into Cooz’s point of view from the past. I remember MT talking about the proposed law as well. I just wanted their perspectives but as I recall both longed for the older days and that it’s the “Brazilians” and “youths” who have caused so much trouble?

  53. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Never saw the Pap 101 from the film festival, either.

  54. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I haven’t heard anything about the hood of a car.

    ~~~~> I believe that *may* have been where the restraining order came from that Lutfi was waving around. It wasn’t a new one – it was an old one from a past incident. I think. Maybe Ronnie can straighten me out on that one.

  55. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Fantasy. Good call on a new thread. This thing loads like a dream.

  56. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH, Steel. I never found any record of a previous restraining order in Adnan’s case while searching court records.

    You may also be sure that had there been any such thing that it would have made the media by now many times over.

  57. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘Princess Caroline of Monaco won a landmark ruling in 2004 at the European Court in Strasbourg after years of harassment by the paparazzi. It prevented the German press from publishing photographs of her and her children.’’s Newspaper

    Article has more on the Royal family of England and the paparazzi.

    ‘Unusually, Prince Charles’s communications secretary, Paddy Harverson, went on the record on the weekend to acknowledge the new approach.

    “Members of the royal family feel they have a right to privacy when they are going about everyday, private activities,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “They recognize there is a public interest in them and what they do, but they do not think this extends to photographing the private activities of them and their friends.”‘

  58. Amethyst Mine Says:

    A fascinating article analyzing the pap industry of ‘09.

    An interesting comment to the story:

    ‘kevefx says:

    It is X17 who has single handedly destroyed the industry. Their under the table employment of illegal aliens and ex cons have created a new aggressive pap that doesn’t belong on the streets let alone in a business. They have recently released all these guys from employment and they have turned to desperate measures to make a buck in this imploded industry. 15 guys on Brittany that have nothing to work on now. They have turned to Jennifer Garner whos only crime and misbehavior is being a mom. Yet these guys treat her the same as the old Brittany. They even follow the kids around, by themselves. How messed up is that. I feel so bad for her. X17 is the devil for the entertainment industry. If that company was never created we would not be writing this article. New laws have been implemented to try and control these Savages of the streets but how do you control a wild animal??? These guys have also resorted to doing cash deals because their illegal status wont let them be employed legally. Bringing all prices down. You do the math… Meanwhile the Photojournalists have been mixed with these criminals and are treated the same. People who have families to care for, who respect the law, this business and the Celebes themselves. Weed out the scum bags that X17 has created and maybe things can go back to normal. X17’s greed and the greed of their tactics through photogs has ruined this business. DO NOT BLAME IT ON THE ECONOMY REGIS!!! I could go on but I think you get the idea. If you want to know about the industry, talk to people who drive the industry not the people who kill it. Its all lies!’

  59. Amapola Says:

    The restraining order Lutfi waved was certainly a old restraining order against himself (He has a bunch to pick from his library). It would be so typical Lutfi, right? When you think of his personality.

    The only thing I know for certain is that it was found to be a false, had nothing to do with with Adnan, and was a show that probably was orchestrated with a photo agency that sam Lutfi shared the bed with at that time (and for a long time)
    Nice try Steel_, but distasteful. I must say I´m suprised.

  60. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amapola Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    The only thing I know for certain is that it was found to be a false, had nothing to do with with Adnan, and was a show that probably was orchestrated with a photo agency that sam Lutfi shared the bed with at that time (and for a long time)
    Nice try Steel_, but distasteful. I must say I´m suprised.


    Orchestrated with a photo agency?

    No shit, Sherlock.

    You don’t know ANYTHING for fact. You’re one of the most naive people I’ve ever talked to. I find THAT distasteful.

  61. Queen B Says:

    I’m glad x-17 is losing money. They made hundreds of thousands of dollars of a mentally unstable woman by creating an alliance with the man whose sole focus was to manipulate/control Brit for financial gain. I’m glad that era of tabloid journalism is over.

    I also find it interesting that the author states that Brit is suprisingly under control as if she does not know the reason why. There is no mystery why Brit is keeping a lower profile now. She is under a conservatorship.

  62. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    You know what Amapola? I can’t fucking STAND YOU anymore.

    It’s time for me to check on out of here. We’re sitting here discussing the same shit over and over, and arguing about people who we’ve never met and never will.

    You know what I need to do? GO OUTSIDE.

    I’ve had enough of the incessant attacks, all just for having an opinion. Fuck it.

    So long, folks! It’s been a slice.

    P.S. Amapola…Go FUCK YOURSELF!

  63. Amethyst Mine Says:


  64. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB at my 3:55 Can you believe I read all of that and breezed over what you saw?

    ‘Britney Spears is, astonishingly, under control;’

    Strange phrase.

    Meanwhile I saw a little hint of old school J at 3:55 in Kefex’s comments.

    If anyone gets bored beyond procrastinating (not procrastinating today: I enjoy research and learning and school is out) is an interesting case.

    I keep wondering “what went wrong” in the case and who the end client was. Also, is it routine to contact a police official to get an address or just well-practiced, done with success before?

  65. Amethyst Mine Says:


  66. Fantasy Says:

    Oh gosh. I feel bad. Very badly. Damn.

    St. Mag., thank you for understanding what I said in a way maybe other people didn’t think of. I would have been back to comment earlier today but I had stuff to do and I also felt like things should simmer down some.

    Everyone else, let’s agree to disagree? Let’s just keep things light(er). I don’t know.

    I will take the rest of the day off, so to speak. I know you are speaking figuratively when saying you’re going outside but a tiny breather would be good. Again, sorry. I feel crappy.

    I mean no harm. Nor does Ama or whomever. Are we all PMS’ing at the same time or what? Move on to another topic, tell a joke or something. Idk.

    Anyway. Have a good night y’all. Later.

  67. Amethyst Mine Says:

    (psst. Steel? Will 2010 be the year Amethyst Mine says to Steel Magnolia, please come back? I will miss you Steel while you take a breather. I have every time.)

  68. Fantasy Says:

    Okay. I’m back. I’m no liar but it’s cold outside.

    Here are pics of Britney and Lynne at church. I think this is from the ITZ era. 2004-ish.

    More. Britney with Jamie this time.

    I think (I think) these pics are from 2004. It must have been after the January 2004 elopement with Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas.

    This, imo, was Britney’s “come to Jesus” moment. Probably her parents idea. Brit Brit had sinned. She disobeyed her parents by marrying her old childhood friend and she went to church to repent for her sins. To be cleansed. It’s a very common thing especially for southern people to do this or have their kids do this. Nothing wrong with going to church but I just think that this is or maybe could be when the whole thing about getting Britney back under control began.

    Could this be what MT was talking about? Maybe? Using religion as a cover. Is this a part of the timeline MT spoke of the last time he was here?

    2004= planning a take over of B and her $. Therefore the c-ship, which the breakdown was used to secure it? Just throwing spaghetti on the wall.

  69. Fantasy Says:

    Okay. So page 3 of the 2nd link (Pics w/ Jamie) says that the photos are from February 2004. Then that means it was almost a month after the Vegas elopement with Alexander. February 2004 if I am not mistaken is when the Onyx Hotel Tour began.

    I’ll have to check on that though.

    Does this mean anything? I do not know. I never saw these pics in a mag but I do remember seeing them on a tv show back then. Dang it! Where is MT? No clues or videos anymore. Is this what he may have meant about the timeline and seeing what is to be in the future, etc?

    Another string of spaghetti has been thrown on the wall. Is it sticking? What do you all think?

  70. Fantasy Says:

    Someone on Exhale has been looking for these pics for a few days and finally found them. I don’t know why this person was searching for these pics and why now. But I knew what he/she was talking about.

    Just trying to get on track again with the whole timeline thing. That’s all I’m doing.

  71. Fantasy Says:

    Again in 2008. I’ve never seen these pics before.

  72. Fantasy Says:

    I believe this is the original article.

  73. Queen B Says:

    Ama & Steel should agree to disagree. There is no reason why any of us should leave this blog.

    Everyone’s comments should be welcomed and appreciated. We can all agree to disagree on some matters.

    Some of you are on Team Britney, Team Adnan or both. I am not any team but I enjoy hearing different points of view.

    Going back to the Daily Beast article, I really hate how writers neglect to mention that Brit is under a permanent conservatorship. There were all these rumors that Brit and Jason are getting married and that she had proposed to him which is totally ridiculous since Brit does not have the capacity to get married and even she somehow managed to runaway with Jason, the marriage would be annuled in any event.

  74. Fantasy Says:

    In The Zone cd released November 2003.

    “Toxic” video filmed in L.A. December 21 & 22, 2003.

    Britney elopes in Las Vegas January 3, 2004. The marriage was annulled January 5, 2004.

    “Toxic” video premieres on MTV January 13, 2004.

    Britney, Lynne, and Jamie at the mega church in February 2004.

    Onyx Hotel Tour started on March 2, 2004.

    Britney meets Kevin at Joseph’s in April 2004.

    June (or July) 2004 B and Kev get engaged.

    September 18 (Oct. 6) 2004 B and Kev married.

    And the rest is HIStory. Ha ha. Lil MJ for ya. :)

  75. small hands Says:

    AM—thank you for the link ;) I have been lost here. I couldn’t find you LOL. Anyway, Happy New Year!
    I need to catch up with all the posts.

  76. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Small. Glad to know for sure it’s you!

  77. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB at 9:26 amen to that.

  78. small hands Says:

    Yes it was me :) I will check in tomorrow. I’m coming down with something and I’m going to bed early.

  79. Amapola Says:

    I have previously said that I have no hidden agenda here, so I felt free to point out that Lutfi was revealed with a false restraing order against Adnan.
    I do not know if Lutfi had been playing with a scrap book, or if he filled in an application himself, which he not submitted.
    The point is that everything revealed as an attempt, by Lutfi, to fool people.

    I also know that I am not alone in remembering this.

    I do not know how the profession of “paparazzi” in practical terms, go to, but I’m not so stupid that I not have seen many different forms of cooperation on the ground (among other things), that I not have felt compelled to pull up into the light.

    It is of course free to have opinions about me as an intellectual being.
    Has no discomfort from this.

    My intention was only in the later comments:
    1. Defend children’s rights.
    2nd Out Lutfis scam against Adnan (the false restraining order)

    About the church comments:
    Would also add that the worst that can happen to a human being, is NOT to find a religion or a belief, a personal belief.

    The worst that can happen is if this belief leads to the firm belief that a particular religion, or the Assembly, has greater moral and/or human values.
    Such churches, associations, etc. are located throughout the whole world, and this conviction, from a person, or a assembly, is one of the worst abuse, over the human mind, who can happend to a person.

  80. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I apologize for the horrid language. That wasn’t right.

    I have no problems with people expressing their opinions. But from the moment I signed on here in April 2008, the same poster has been picking away at my posts. Whether it’s been direct attacks (e.g. asking “Who do you work for?”) or twisting my words, or bringing up Kevin Federline in relation to almost EVERY post I make…it just never stops!

    A lot of it may go unnoticed by the rest of you, but I notice it every time and it’s like being jabbed in the side with a pin every time it happens. One prick doesn’t hurt, but after a while a bump forms and it starts to get itchy, and eventually it starts to drive me NUTS! It’s like that bad case of herpes I can’t seem to get rid of!

    Just kidding.

    Anyways, I gotta take a break from here, because my tolerance for it right now is just ZERO.

    Bye for now.

  81. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    P.S. Fantasy, that outburst had absolutely *nothing* to do with you. It was about this line:

    “Nice try Steel_, but distasteful. I must say I´m suprised.”

    I don’t care if someone doesn’t agree with my post, but I don’t appreciate the constant side comments telling me I’m “distasteful” or “insidious” or anything of the like.

    Sorry, but I don’t go through life wearing rose-coloured glasses. I don’t believe much in there being “good guys” and “bad guys.” We’re all human and all make mistakes, whether that be anyone posting here or whether it’s Britney, Adnan, Jamie, Lynne, London or Lulu. So guess what? Britney’s probably done some rotten things in her life (’cause she’s HUMAN), and Adnan’s probably done some rotten things too (’cause he’s HUMAN), and to pretend that they didn’t is to live in a world that isn’t based in REALITY.

    Y’all know I’VE done some rotten things (see thread above), so don’t think I’m excluding myself from that mix.

    Bye for now. Again!

  82. MH Says:

    It is part of what society wants and expects from people in my position.”


    sad statement.

    i think the world would be a better place if everyone expected more of themselves than from other people.

  83. MH Says:

    the common sense of steel always makes my heart melt.

    yes, i’m a little sappy today.

  84. Amapola Says:

    I have so wonder what´s really made Steel_ so upset.
    Perhaps it´s my statment “I have no hidden agenda” who Steel_ take as an accusation that she maybe have one?
    Can it be the reason Steel_ get so upset?
    Because, me saying: No, Lutfi had not a real true restraing order against Adnan, cant be the reason.

    Steel_ I have not a hidden agenda, and you have not. Is that not good?
    We must be able to have different opinions about matters.

    I will not write any more about this matter between me and you again.
    Steel: I´m a grown up. You to, I´m sure.
    I will not play the role of a scapegoat. Do not like martyric scenarios either.

    That is about all I can, and want to say in this matter.

  85. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    I rest my case…

  86. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, I don’t think you realize that you can really grate on one’s nerves.

    You basically accused her of being underhanded. You’ve accused me of the same a number of times and it always jolts my nerves.

    It’s like ding dang, don’t you know me or any of us yet?

    And Steel has been consistent with her lack of wanting to define or see things as good guys versus bad. That’s just an aside but since she brought it up I thought I would mention it.

    She and I get along much better and work faster I think since I stopped looking at things that way. There’s a lot of gray here. No one is all good or all bad.

    Anyway, it’s an accumulation of the type of comment you made the other day: not just the one. Call it a saturation point. I understand Steel’s point of view.

  87. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Or at least I think I do. The word wrangled comes to mind.

  88. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    When all else fails, eHarmony provides the answers! Here’s what it said about me…Think it explains things?


    Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You:

    For people who are ruled by tender-hearted compassion, your more diplomatic response to problems might seem too cool, too focused on fairness and not filled enough with sympathy and selflessness.

    For them, when someone’s life is on fire, what is needed is not collaboration but rescue. And the person who experiences their life on fire may resent the time you take to contemplate. “I need you, and I need you NOW! This isn’t about fairness, it’s about the fire.” “All deliberate speed” may seem too deliberate and not fast enough, either to the more compassionate or to people in genuine trouble.

    At the other end of the spectrum of compassion, those who believe people should take care of themselves may find even your thoughtful sympathies too soft. They expect people, themselves included, to work their own way out of trouble. They are convinced that the helping hand you lend just fosters dependence and is not good for the development of character, either in you or in the person you assist.

  89. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Maybe a little TMI, but I think it explains why I run into friction with some people and not others.

    …I wonder what Dr. Phil would say? :)

  90. Amethyst Mine Says:

    If the temporary restraining order was dropped against Courtney Love yesterday would anyone tell us?

    Also, is anyone buying that the “real reason” we haven’t seen Britney recently due to the new pap law?

    I think TMZ’s little … ‘Court to Courtney: Stay Away From Frances

    Posted Dec 16th 2009 12:53PM by TMZ Staff

    Courtney Love has not only lost legal control over her daughter– Frances Bean Cobain — TMZ has learned a judge has now issued a restraining order, prohibiting Courtney from having any direct or indirect contact with the 17-year-old.’

    …is odd. The temp restraining order was issued December 11th on the same day as the temp guardianship was bestowed. But I believed TMZ the first time I read their reports… until I read today back through those docs they put online about motion to seal.

    Just saying. Didn’t “we” all believe that the TRO came after Courtney ranted on facebook? Perhaps the 11th was another typographical error by Ms. Wyle and her office.

  91. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Just looking at how it works.

  92. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Hey, Steel. I didn’t your note before I posted. Can we all take test? Should we take that test?

  93. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I tried eHarmony twice, six months apart. It’s free, takes about half an hour to complete the questionnaire, and they give you a full personality profile back, along with your matches. My personality profile was the same both times. So it’s really interesting – I think anyone should try it!

    It told me:

    On the Openness Dimension you are:


    Words that describe you:


    Did I mention that they couldn’t match me with a single person in North America…both times?!

    Yep. And y’all wonder why I keep coming back here. lol

  94. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Love you, Steel. :)


    and fbc has no freedoms and no way of contacting me to tell me what she needs or wants and if shes ok. shes also got control of her 4ever about 18 hours ago from web

    @bearcookie wendy is not the devil, i love wendy, geraldine is bad bad news shes charged fbc in one month a vasssst amount of $$$$$ about 18 hours ago from web

  95. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel? LOL. I turned out too nice to post anything. Humane, Kindhearted and so on. Think I rigged the test?

    On the other hand:

    Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You

    Selfish people might be embarrassed by you. While they’re using their time and energy almost exclusively on themselves, they see you giving time to others, and your kindness puts them in a bad light.

    Maybe they’ll think you’re a phony, that you use your altruism to get others indebted to you so they’ll then owe you a favor. Or perhaps they’ll accuse you, directly or behind your back, of focusing on the needs of others so no one ever focuses on your foibles or your genuine wounds.

    All of these are false accusations; yours is a genuine compassion, because you truly have a tender heart. One criticism might be more substantial, though. People might notice when you let things get out of balance and spend so much time responding to others that you neglect your own needs.

    Perhaps it’s true to some extent that you are more comfortable when the focus is on someone else’s needs than when you and your needs are front and center, and this may be a criticism worth paying attention to.

  96. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Rigged the test?

    I don’t know…But I’d love to see Doc’s results!

  97. Amethyst Mine Says:

    LOL! I would love to see Doc’s results as well. Too funny.

    btw, eHarmony let’s you complete the test but reminds you in the end, right before you get to see your results, that you are married and to call Customer Service.

    Do they know how funny that sounds?

  98. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Fantasy Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    This, imo, was Britney’s “come to Jesus” moment. Probably her parents idea. Brit Brit had sinned. She disobeyed her parents by marrying her old childhood friend and she went to church to repent for her sins.


    The day of “The Little Brown Church” seems a bit more understandable now. Kinda.

  99. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Fantasy Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    2004= planning a take over of B and her $. Therefore the c-ship, which the breakdown was used to secure it? Just throwing spaghetti on the wall.


    Britney, Lynne, and Jamie at the mega church in February 2004.


    Very interesting. How long was the SJB Trust formed after the mega church incident?

  100. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Mega church. lol

    Sounds like something you’d get at KFC.

    At any rate, it sounded embarrassing:

    “According to the report, two bodyguards accompanied Spears into the church, which uses the Great Western Forum, former home of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, as its main sanctuary…

    The report states a television crew was filming the service, and some speculated Spears was merely trying to get publicity.”

    ~~~~~~~~> Ahem. Is that really the best place to take your world famous daughter for a church service? A packed room large enough to house the Lakers, with a TV crew to boot? So much for privacy.

  101. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Disclaimer: This is really rude and random, but…Did somebody get a boob job??

  102. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ignore that. Sorry. Pass the Midol.

    I’m more interested in the date the Trust was established.

  103. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Brit’s too old for this. But I wonder who this one is about?

  104. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Who is Jessica, please?

  105. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Some familiar faces..

  106. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Maybe that’s not her though.

  107. Amethyst Mine Says:

    His brother’s daughter.

  108. MH Says:

    Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are on the rocks. Brit’s parents keep fighting and Brit, who’s back on Team Lynne, is upset because Jason defended Jamie. Jason is also jealous of Brit’s bodyguard Edan Yemini. Or that’s his job. A friend says he’s “been with her for more than a year, accompanying her to every city and country. We think he’s in love with her.” Brit and Jason spent New Year’s apart and she dyed her hair black. “Every time Brit has a crisis, her hair undergoes and extreme makeover,” says the mag.

  109. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Good God. Edan has been with her TWO years. True?

  110. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘and due to Jessicas gravely serious accusations and witnessing Mr Spears molesting her as a Feminist who belives Brits’

  111. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, this becomes a more interesting song as time goes by.

    Kill the Lights

    “Is that money in your pocket? Or are you happy to see me?” for example.

    ‘public opinion has changed dramaticaklly about britnetys conservatorship thus commisioner has no right to judge publiopinion’

  112. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘Brits conservatorship is corrupt down to every dime that joins my and fbcs $ in the PBOC( along with MJ’s) its evil&insane’

    ‘glad you asked, Geraldine=very very lethally daNGEROUS bad woman who owns britneys rights and destroys them introd herself’

    Introduced herself?

  113. Fantasy Says:

    Jamie-Lynn holding her cousin Jessica’s daughter whose name I believe is Lilly Marie-Lynn Shelton. That’s according to an old Myspace page from a couple of years ago.

    I think there was a picture of J-L shopping with a cousin of hers who has a baby. This may be the Jessica that is mentioned. Not sure though.

  114. Fantasy Says:

    A rare pic. It’s from 2007. (hope the link works)
    Britney, baby Jayden, Casey, J-L, Alli holding SP and Jessica.

    Honestly, I don’t know much about this Jessica. But apparently she exists and she is related to B.

  115. Fantasy Says:

    Oh another thing. Lynne’s mom was named Lillian.
    That could be where Jessica’s daughter Lilly got her name from. And you just know she had to throw the name Lynn in there. I guess it’s a tradition.

  116. Amapola Says:

    “Amethyst Mine Says:
    “January 6th, 2010 at 3:19 pm”

    Am. Sometimes it sounds like there is only ONE person who have at least two or tree “alias” here. Sometimes it´s impossibly to se the personal toutch in the comment.
    That is very irritatant.
    Have you not observed that?
    It´s a parody on “bitch” womans way to react, and on the worst way. Sometimes I wonder. A clever man is doing this. Pretending to be “hysterical matyric and some kind of wacky women.” And he laughs right out.

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 7th, 2010 at 1:12 am
    “The expression is a common expression here in Sweden. It describes what a woman can ask herself, when she sees he has a physically Agitated state in the area of his pants. ;)
    Is it money that causes this “bump” or are he h * r * y?
    The song is written by Swedish songwriters.
    None of Britney’s team are unaware of the significance, you can be sure. I think they all find it funny.


    If Britney seen an extraordinary way to read the sentence, it give everything just one extra spice. Some men around her may not have sufficient self-awareness to understand that the point can be made against them.

    The song is written by Swedish songwriters.
    None of Britney and Britney’s inner team (friends) are unaware of the significance, you can be sure. I think they all find it funny.

    I guess I have to invite all of you, you all frail women, good-bye now. I am no longer amused by the vicious circle of conversation.

  117. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Oh shucks.

    Can I put my bell bottoms and tie dyed shirts away now?

  118. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    CL better be right about all this, ’cause now she’s throwing names out there? That’s pretty bold. I’m still giving Jamie the benefit of the doubt on that one. Funky investments, legal shenanigans and power tripping are one thing. But what CL is claiming is a whole new ball of wax.

    Any way to verify the MJ claims?

  119. Steel_Magnolia Says:



    Sorry, but we’re not the only frail women who amused by it all.

  120. MH Says:

    >>> I am no longer amused by the vicious circle of conversation.

    You have been bitching about the conversations here for a very long time. So why are you here? Why do you keep coming back and reading?

  121. Fantasy Says:

    Is this true? I wonder. Why do they have to meet at a hotel now? B’s home is huge. But then again B likes hotels even when Lynne isn’t there. So…

    I tried to follow/read CL on twitter. I did for a tiny bit. But then suddenly it said her tweets are protected. I’m blocked out now. But she was naming names like there’s no tomorrow. I was wowed. I wish I could remember everything.

  122. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I say this somewhat tongue in cheek but the Puny Man? At last?

    ‘Another challenge for Mr. Azoff is his reputation. In the 1990 best seller, “Hit Men,” which chronicled the early days of the music business, the author Fredric Dannen described the 5-foot-3-inch Mr. Azoff as “one of the most loathed men in the music business” whose “friends called him the Poison Dwarf.”‘

    I haven’t got up yet on the thread but saw that ..saw some humor. Sorta.

  123. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Incidentally, Britney showed up at the Mondrian Hotel last night (presumably where Lynne was staying) but she was in NO mood to be photographed.”

    ~~~~> If Lynne is staying at the Mondrian, and Brit knows she’s not supposed to be seeing her, it might make sense why she’s trying not to be photographed. Who knows if Lynne has been labeled as a “bad influence” or not? Perhaps it’s just B trying not to “break the rules”?

  124. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Just this week, a bill was introduced in California’s legislature that would repeal a law that ties artists to record companies for seven-year contracts. If passed, it would essentially turn musicians into free agents, like athletes or movie stars.” (2002)

    ~~~~~~> What ever happened to the law? Brit re-signed with Jive in 2002, right? I’m guessing she remained tied to the contract.

    Great article. It just shows how seedy the music business can be. I doubt us civilians really have any idea.

  125. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Aha. I thought you would find interest in that sentence.

    Fantasy. I can still see the tweets.

    Steel. By some irony our guest this past weekend is in heavy finance. He was telling me about a client who was bilked and it sounded alot like Courtney’s case. ALOT. Instead of funeral homes in Texas though it was cemeteries in California.

    Unfortunately he’s anti-Love so just bringing up her name earned some unsavory comments. I did say though that it sounded alot like Courtney’s case including investigation by the FBI. She has not mentioned insurance companies though, has she? Sorry I can not explain in more detail. He didn’t provide it and it sort of sailed over my head.

  126. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘they lost 11 million dollars in one year of fbcs meager trust and in one month wilde has made more ive heard than in a year of britney.’


  127. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I confess, I’m a bit lost on exactly what CL has alleged. It’s almost like we need a CL timeline, which we could merge with the BS timeline…and maybe an MJ timeline.

    …But I wouldn’t do that to the poor people here. lol

  128. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘Jeff Kwatinetz – the man that gave the okay for Britney Spears’ disastrous MTV Video Music ..’

    The Firm.

    We were talking about him last year.,2933,296251,00.html

    I’m just putting this on the cork board. Somewhere these names and their purpose tie in.

  129. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Fantasy found this 2008 rant on myspace. Love is right. Who pays money on fraudulent credit card charges?

    Sooo… maybe in the past whoever was holding her money was there to pay off the Amex bills this year.

  130. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘ i dont know if youve heard the news crazy but little wee jessica v is right here under my roof, i do good mentoring work’

  131. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Confused. If it’s the same girl, is that her married name?

  132. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I am not sure, Steel. I don’t think Jessica married but lives/lived with her boyfriend?

  133. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Just read CL’s rant from 2008. For some reason, I can read the entire thing. Clear as a bell.

    But here’s one of the comments at the bottom of the article:

    “This embezzelment claims have been going on for over four years now. All you need to do is some googling and you will find old psots where she says the same thing about fraud way back on her old site – which she abandoned and then accused the owner of defrauding her, along with other slanderous statements which were completely untrue.”

  134. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ah, but Steel. Where’s the attribution to the claim? Who said it, how was it proved or disproved? I am holding out for Courtney. She’s one intelligent lady and if any of you are watching my Twitter activity, I’ll just say she’s the most rapid fire writer I may have ever known.

  135. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Sometimes I think these guys actually hire a blogger to go around and write contradictory comments at the bottom of all these on-line articles.

    I noticed how fast she wrote when she was on Facebook. She was firing off replies to people left and right. It explains why there’s so many spelling mistakes.

  136. Amethyst Mine Says:

    p.s. it is very cool to be a stuff it recipient one day and … it’s just all very cool.

  137. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. You too are unable to see her tweets?

    I meanwhile think it’s interesting that not people people believed in the Jason thing.

    ‘Nonetheless, they have left the door open to rekindle their relationship, and friends are hopeful.’

    (until needed next time)

    Similar to the article MH posted but it’s OK! and we know what they are about.

    Fantasy. Do you think the Mondrian is the only place B can talk at length without anyone listening to her or barging in? For whatever reason she is being allowed to do it.

    It is odd though that she and Lynne haven’t been seen out together. Are they just staying at the hotel? And it’s not just any hotel but one where Britney might encounter a few friends, same age, same industry? I don’t know other than she sure didn’t want to be photographed. I underscore my view on her right to privacy. It looked cruel.

  138. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’m a Facebooker, but not a Tweeter. lol

  139. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, this is similar to what we read before of Courtney’s but somehow easier to understand?

    “Courtney does the math.”

    Fascinating read.

    One excerpt for the rest of us in maybe understanding by is so f’d up.

    ‘But the bill also created an exception that allows a company to take a person’s name for a Web address if they create a work for hire. Which means a record company would be allowed to own your Web site when you record your “work for hire” album. Like I said: Sharecropping.’

  140. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’m only 1/3 of the way through, but it’s a GREAT article!

  141. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Yeah, compare Brit’s Web site now to what it was a couple of years ago. She used to update it back then with personal messages that she actually wrote herself, if you can imagine.

    Now it seems like nothing more than a place to sell merchandise. There’s barely anything there to do with the music.

  142. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. ‘might have a mega conflict of interest with me and wilde, hmmm, ..’

    Courtney just got word from her lawyers, QB that there is a conflict of interest with Wyle involved? wtf.

  143. Amethyst Mine Says:

    @5:41 Oh good. I was hoping it wasn’t so much a repeat. It’s really insightful and I hope she does go back into politics. She was good at it.

    Steel, I was going to try to capture some of the tweets but .. I promise to include the clues. Some is repeat but it is sinking in to me.

  144. Amethyst Mine Says:

    This is really uncool.

    ’something should happen to me, i have security and im going to tighten it around my daughter and myself and im not going to shut up,’

    The will that’s out there at somebody’s office is meanwhile bogus but it leaves things to Weitzman (sp?) … and there’s something about Blair Berk and the “daughter she (Courtney) never had” that being Blair Berk.

    Steel, get a ding dang Twitter account please. I work best with you not without you.

  145. MH Says:

  146. Amethyst Mine Says:

    @6:17 so finally somebody said it but what’s in it in the way it’s crafted by x17?

  147. Amethyst Mine Says: – santa clara sorry, @carney @jennyeliscu my life has now been threatened officially and i need P. asap.

  148. Queen B Says:

    If Wyle has a legitimate conflict of interest then she will have to get off the case but her firm may still be able to represent Frances and teh guardians although I believe Frances should have her own attorney independent of the guardians.

  149. Amethyst Mine Says:

    She meanwhile again points to this.

    I’m not sure who asked her a question.

  150. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I love this girl. Free what’s it. – @wallstmnymngr @spears free whatsit read this, it looks insane but read the bottom right, r todd nielsen is a

  151. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Wow. That’s bold telling that to Rolling Stone.

  152. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Telling what to Rolling Stone? That’s Jenny if that’s what you mean. Remember she wrote the follow-up story to about the only real interview we had seen?

    She said she didn’t think to look if Britney was signaling with her eyes. She also told us about Britney’s bizarre dating life as set up by her father. B had a sec and she volunteered it.

  153. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    That’s what I meant. Telling that to Jenny equals telling that to Rolling Stone.

  154. Amethyst Mine Says:

    But she’s talking to two journalists. What about her life being threatened and needing protection is bold?

    Confused. Sorry. The more interesting detail was her defense lawyers now having a curious “conflict of interest” due to Wyle.

  155. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I don’t know who the other journalist is, but telling it to someone who writes for RS ensures some pretty wide distribution, in a non-tabloid (e.g. TMZ or Perez) way. Smart.

  156. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ah! Did you sign up and can you see then?

  157. Amethyst Mine Says:

    No. I made a mistake. I jumped and only saw R and thought you might be talking about Radar.

  158. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Just watching what I can while under the radar. lol

  159. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Don’t tell me I’m a brand. I’m famous and people recognize me, but I can’t look in the mirror and see my brand identity.

    Keep talking about brands and you know what you’ll get? Bad clothes. Bad hair. Bad books. Bad movies. And bad records. And bankrupt businesses. Rides that were fun for a year with no employee loyalty but everyone got rich fucking you. Who wants that? The answer is purity. We can afford it. Let’s go find it again while we can.”

    Gotta love her.

  160. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I DO love her!

  161. small hands Says:

    So it was Jessica Spears who confirmed CL’s molestation story? Did she do an interview? I am confused and lost with what you are discussing.
    I do remember Jessica.

  162. small hands Says:

    According to Jordan, Jason and Britney are together at the moment. LMAO. What shit are you suppose to believe?

  163. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t believe anything right now, Small. Absolutely nothing. Not about B. anyway.

    Affirmative re Jamie’s niece being the accuser.

    She wants money. I don’t know her economic circumstance but I feel like saying do it already.

    But I don’t run in the circles of making money …like she could. I’d rather just say it unless… I don’t know the circumstances. You’re going to need an army of lawyers I believe to fight their army.

    Pro Bono anyone?

  164. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What I mean is that if you make a statement like that and you know they are loaded to the teeth in arms?

    It might be understandable to ask show me the money or … I don’t know. The girl would be giving up a lot maybe but she could gain as well.

    I just don’t know.

  165. small hands Says:

    Where was it revealed it was Jessica? I’m behind. And I’m sick.

  166. small hands Says:

    There are lots of pictures of Jessica with Britney out there somewhere.
    You are right. It is best to believe nothing. Goodnight.

  167. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 8th, 2010 at 1:23 am

    She wants money. I don’t know her economic circumstance but I feel like saying do it already.


    Now I believe the claims even less.

    Looking back, the reason I never believed Lutfi actually “drugged” Brit is, 1) Lynne’s declaration made absolutely no sense, and 2) he was never charged with a crime.

    However…These molestation claims…

    They were originally hinted at by Lutfi. Then we have CL coming out and saying it out loud, but also admitting that she’d been talking to Lutfi (so she likely got the information from him anyways). Now we have a cousin coming out and supposedly wanting to talk about it, but she wants money.


    My standards are going to be just as high on this one as they were for the “drugging” scenario. It comes out of B’s lips, or it didn’t happen.

    (Audio or video proof is fine by me. lol)

  168. Amapola Says:

    Nah, look, now Lufi walked through the room again, and he still has a halo around his head.

  169. Amethyst Mine Says:

    small, I am sorry you are sick.

    The info is not out there in an article but in a locked tweet.

    Steel. You called it on the declaration.

    CLC seems convinced of the cousin’s sincerity.

  170. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amapola, Haven’t you figured it out yet?

    I AM Sam Lutfi.

    I tricked you all this time, didn’t I?

  171. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “The Circus Tour ranked 4th in earnings with $82.5 million in 2009 behind U2, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Billy Joel. In other words, they’ll keep riding her.”

    P.S. Please tell me she didn’t cut up that beautiful dress! I don’t know if it’s the same one I’m thinking of…one of my favourite outfits she’s ever worn.

  172. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘I AM Sam Lutfi.’

    Aha! THAT would explain all the different voices.

  173. Steel_Magnolia Says:


  174. doc1955 Says:

    My results would be:

    DOC, you da Bestest….

  175. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Good to see you, Doc. Happy new year.

  176. Fantasy Says:

    Hi guys!

    About Lainey Gossip. Well, I actually love B’s hair brown. To me, the darker the better. I remember when she was expecting JJ and she and SP were on the cover of People magazine her hair was a dark chocolate brown. I thought she looked pretty. I still do. (wait was it her or SP and her on the cover? I can’t remember now.)

    I don’t really see bald spots per say, just that it looks like her hair would look SO MUCH BETTER if she brushed it. Instead it looks as though she only rakes her fingers through her hair, twists the ends a makes a ponytail or a bun.

    Maybe this is how she likes to appear. Or maybe she is like most of us who have a hard time recreating the perfect style that our stylist gives us when we have our hair done. Usually when I get my hair done the longest I keep it looking “done” is 3 days max. Then it’s back to the ponytail for me. It’s just easier to do.

    I don’t get her outfit but that’s just Britney. :)

  177. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    The thing I like about Lainey is that she’ll point out everything wrong with the photos, but then make the point, “Yet they still keep riding her.”

    And I think that’s my whole beef with the conservatorship, too.

    On it’s own, I think it’s great. And Brit performing on her own is great. But in my mind, I just don’t see how the two mix. It just makes for a big vicious circle of a fatter bank account with no mental progress or healing. IMO.

  178. Queen B Says:

    Over the course of the past 4 or 5 years Brit has repeatedly dyed her blonde her brown or black and then back to the blonde again.

    To me, the blonde her symbolizes the image that Brit’s management insists she must maintain because she has positioned herself as the “blonde pop tart”.

    The act of dying her blonde hair to brown/black has always been Brit’s attempt of asserting independence and control of her life since black is the total antithesis of blonde.

    Many people associate brown/black hair with an “out of control” Brit but I see it as the re emerence of Brit as a person rather than The Brand.

    As for the so called “bald patches” as soon as Brit’s hair grew about an inch, she slapped some hair extensions on it and has been wearing a weave ever since. She never allowed her real hair to grow back strong and healthy which is why it is now damaged.

  179. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Is Edan carrying a camera these days?

    What’s around his neck and why does he point it at the paps?

  180. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Maybe it’s a version of one of these thingies:

    ‘Infrared lasers detect the electronic light sensors in nearby cameras, known as charge-coupled devices. When the system detects such a device, it fires a focused beam of light at the camera, disrupting its ability to record a digital image.’

  181. Fantasy Says:

    “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” –
    — Dolly Parton

    (Another way of looking at Britney, fame, and the paparazzi, imo.)

  182. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Another thing she said was that the other Spears girl had been in talks with Radar and had passed a lie detector test.

    Would Radar have really run it? Back to the UK.

  183. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Rain is temporary?

  184. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Would royalties change hands based on the still little that we really know about the industry?

    ‘Rachelle Spector said royalties from Spector’s work with acts including the Beatles, the Ronettes and Tina Turner have dropped significantly from the 1990s, when he was earning more than $1 million a year. The company that administers his catalog “takes most of the royalties at this point,” she said. It is difficult to verify her statements, and with a civil lawsuit by Clarkson’s mother pending, Spector has reason to minimize his wealth.’

    Just wondering if the money was “funneled” like a pboc case?

  185. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “It wasn’t enough to watch her cry for help the first time?”

    Looks like Larry’s covering his butt again. Smart of him.

  186. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, Is Rachelle just saying that the profits are being eaten by administration fees?

    I wonder if this is similar to the way the federal government appears to operate here…Allocate so many million a year to certain social programs, announce it to the public so that everyone feels all warm and fuzzy about it, then take off millions in administration fees at a number of levels so that by the time the money reaches the actual program (the “people”) there’s only a fraction of the funds left?

    Worth looking into, perhaps.

  187. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Actually, that might be a good description of the entire BTI/Conservatorship arrangement:

    C-ship ~~~> Albums & Tours ~~~> Net Profits

    Net profits go to:

    - lawyers’ fees
    - Jamie’s fees
    - office space rental, etc.
    - specialized child support payments (e.g. when K-Fed comes along on the tour)
    - other?

    At the end of it all, how much is actually left for Britney herself? And does Larry’s 20% come out of the gross profits or net profits of a tour? (To be honest, I’m not aware of how management fees are calculated.)

    I’m sure it must be worth it to her, or the Commish wouldn’t be approving it all. But my goodness, there has to be a lot of money going into other people’s pockets.

  188. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, if you remind me I have the original agreement between Johnny and… It might have how those management fees were to have been calculated, I mean beyond regular reporting of accounts.

    I wanted to find it anyway to pair it with the date of the bankruptcy filings by Jamie and Lynne. Probably nothing more there than coincidence but wanted to be thorough but am lazy today. Go Cardinals!

    What struck me about Spector was .. well I didn’t spend much time on it but did read here or there about this unpaid bill or that? One was for his legal teams’ hotels bills or something.

    I just don’t understand when you have CPAs or financial management folks working for you how “bills” go unpaid and it’s only the star that pays for it, often by greasing their reputation and also having to go to court, pay for lawyers and so on.

    Anyway, Spector’s case mildly caught my eye as odd.

  189. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I always thought the bankruptcy was something from Brit’s childhood…Was it actually closer to the date of the divorce?

    And is it a simple coincidence that Jamie and Lynne divorced the same year that Johnny and Larry…divorced? (Do I have those years right??)

  190. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Man, Perez is literally days behind on his gossip. It’s almost to the point of being embarrassing!

  191. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Heads up CLC is online and live.

  192. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. James Parnell and Lynne Irene Spears filed for bankruptcy July 17, 1998. It was terminated or finalized Nov. 25, 1998. Source court docs.

    I think they got to keep the lawn mower and household goods.

    I think Britney signed with Jive in 1998 and according to Dennis’s book she moved back to New York on her own? Dennis does not give not more specific dates nor the date Fe came into the picture.

  193. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘i think bono is $ smart but could he figure out a pattern of a bank starting up with SEC liscences fforged taxes diverted BMI thru EMI$?’

    emi emi keeps mentioning emi.

  194. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “EMI Music Publishing

    …the largest music publisher in the world…As is often the case in the music industry, the publishing arm and record label are very separate businesses.”

  195. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    SEC license ~~~> Securities and Exchange License

    “To sell, or not to sell? Financial planners face this quandary when they decide whether to add a securities license to their quiver of services. Certainly selling securities is a service that many clients request, and it can be very lucrative, making your business a veritable one-stop shop for all of a client’s financial needs.”

  196. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    A bank starting up ~~~> The PBOC?

  197. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Broadcast Music, Inc. collects license fees from businesses that use music, which it distributes as royalties to songwriters, composers & music publishers.”

  198. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Diverted royalties?

    *chink, chink*

    That’s the sound of the Rubik’s Cube turning.

  199. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    …Britney, Nirvana…

    Royalties…Collected from businesses…By BMI…Forwarded to EMI…And put into the PBOC by the financial planner, instead of into the bank account of Britney and FBC?


  200. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    SEC licences and forged taxes…

    Where do they fit in?

  201. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    What was Adam Streisand saying about a $17-million IRS audit with Jive?

  202. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    You know what? In this scenario it wouldn’t matter WHO the publisher is…It’s not the publishing company itself that’s the problem. It’s the financial planner (CPA) who has the connection with the “bank starting up” that is the problem.

  203. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    The $17-million audit…

    Checking to see if the amount of taxes paid to the IRS corresponds with the amount of publishing royalties delivered from BMI?

  204. Amethyst Mine Says:

    AAammmm. I’ll join you in the morning. You Rubiks cube is moving fast.

  205. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. I’m wondering what the first symptoms or flags are …. What was Courtney doing so wrong? She was trying to move her daughter’s trust from one bank to another. And Tyee came in an said NO, you don’t. So they make Courtney in the media look like she’s trying to take the bean’s money when really she’s trying to move it to what she perceives is safety.

    Now that case would be worth getting documents on.

  206. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’m a little confused on this…

    Are the moving of the money and the PBOC issue actually tied together? Or are the players behind the PBOC issue simply using the moving of the money as a diversion from their own shady goings on?

  207. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    What I mean is, the “bad guys” in this scenario (and I use that term pertaining only to this scenario, since we all know everyone is not “all good” or “all bad,” right?) and in Brit’s scenario appear to pounce on issues that do NOT pertain to the actual issue at hand as a way to throw everyone off the scent of what’s really going on.

    Example: Adnan became the “bad guy” over the past two years, and while everyone was busy reading about him (e.g. his sex tape, his hit and run, etc.) everyone forgot to question the need for the conservatorship.

  208. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Wait…I got confused…

    LNT is a wealth management firm. It’s not the bank itself.


    What does LNT have to do with the PBOC? Is it that money was being taken out, re-invested in other things, and the profits from THAT was being held at the PBOC?

  209. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    The profits from publishing royalties should have been going into the bank (via LNT), but were instead going into the PBOC.

    Correct? Or no?

  210. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And it’s not LNT that were the problem, but the trustees themselves?

    Did the trustees *know* the publishing royalties should have been going in to the bank, but led LNT to believe they didn’t exist?

  211. small hands Says:

    Is she really working on new music? Really? :(

  212. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Another thought…

    If my little scenario above is a bit closer to the mark, then it’s not just B or FBC that could have been screwed. It could be multiple recording artists…Maybe artists who are “vulnerable” for whatever reason (e.g. drug problems, mental health, personal problems) and haven’t been keeping a close eye on how their business managers handle their royalties.

    Or in Brit’s case…Why would she only receive publishing royalties from Blackout? She made Blackout at the height of her so-called vulnerability…

    Or maybe she made Blackout during a period when she was LEAST vulnerable (i.e. in charge of her own affairs)??

    She was the Executive Producer…Did that mean she had a say in how the royalty payments were set up? Did she get reports from BMI about the incoming payments (and discover at that point that her royalties from other records weren’t going where they should have)??

    Adam Streisand KNEW something…John Eardley KNEW something…How did they find it out?

  213. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Paper trails…

    What kind of paper trail does a publishing royalty leave?

    When BMI collects license fees from businesses for playing Britney or Nirvana songs (e.g. on radio, TV) what kind of paper does that generate? What is the route that the money is supposed to take to get to the recipient?

    What is the route that Nirvana and Britney’s payments actually took?

    At what point in the food chain did things get messed up (if at all)?

  214. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    Now I’m seeing why WEG would be interested in this. Now I’m seeing why they’d be interested in getting the accounting for “In The Zone” and “Greatest Hits.”

    Also, there was a fellow who was subpoenaed who didn’t seem to fit the mix. Kenneth Hertz.

    Same guy?

    “Prior to joining the firm, Hertz was vice president, music — business and legal affairs — for The Walt Disney Company.”

    Might our little Mouseketeer have used Hertz’ services to set up some of her publishing contracts? Was he needed to testify in the WEG case as to where the money should have been going?

  215. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    We know that CLC has a beef with the Trustees of FBC’s estate.

    How do the former Trustees of B’s estate fit in?

    Who were they, from the time the SJB Revocable Trust was created, until the time that the c-ship began?

  216. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Steel_Magnolia Says:
    December 23rd, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Stacy Smith stepped down Dec. 7, 2004 in Virginia.

    One of the BTI’s has an office in…Virginia.

    Coincidence? Virginia is a long way from Louisiana. Non?


    Who was she replaced with as a Trustee?

  217. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, It’s funny…We’ll get hot on the trail, and then suddenly there’s a distraction. And then I completely forget where the conversation was going. However, I’ve been using “Find” to look over the last thread, and there’s lots of good stuff in there.

    Grossman…Appeared to be the CPA for Brit’s charities (e.g. Britney Spears Foundation)…But maybe he was brought in to handle the rest of it once she started catching on that there was something funky happening?

    My guess is that during the making of Blackout, B finally started getting a bit of practical business experience (since she was the Executive Producer). Maybe she started examining her finances and deals herself, for the first time. (Or maybe someone else did, since she was going through a divorce and needed to provide Kaplan with inventory of her monthly income.) And maybe she caught on to something that she’d never seen before.

    So maybe she started to replace her financial team with others (e.g. Grossman, who was already running her charities). And maybe Grossman started working with WEG – providing them with enough information to put together a lawsuit? (Just guessing on that one.) And maybe she also shared the information with Streisand AND Eardley (the two lawyers she attempted to hire as the c-ship was being put in place) in an effort to get out of the c-ship?

    You know…It’s possible that Jamie really wasn’t connected to any of this at all. It’s possible that he’s being influenced in the same way that Wendy is being influenced. Maybe they’re both just regular people who don’t understand that they’re being manipulated by people with ulterior motives?

  218. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    If the above theory is anything close to being accurate, she may have started putting the pieces together around the date of this hearing:

    “The documents, stemming from the couple’s Aug. 27 hearing, also reveal Federline is receiving $20,000 a month in spousal support. However, that payment ends on Nov. 15.”

  219. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, I am here for 15 secs. Be back later.

    I read some more CLC rants from the past. Mortgage Fraud. One method? The trust buys bogus property and gives it a parcel number. Then it’s assessed for property taxes but the taxes go to the bank and then are wired to Germany or such?

    She’s been doing the research for years so she’s well past the learning curve that I know I face.

    Some interesting threads. (Tempe key word) “DISEASE MODEL TOURS&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

  220. Fantasy Says:

    KIIS FM w/ Ryan Seacrest intv. w/ Ken Baker of E!

  221. Fantasy Says:

    I posted this before I even listened to it.

  222. Fantasy Says:

    Now I have heard it 3 times. I call BS on this.

    Others? Thoughts?

  223. MH Says:

    LMAO. oh how convenient.

  224. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Oh no! Not Sam and Adnan!


  225. Fantasy Says:

    I know, right?

    I think this is more PR bulls**t. Every word of it.

  226. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Does the “source” on this one start with an “L” and end with a “ou”?

  227. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I’m not sure what to think.

  228. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. If you get bored check out Pam Anderson, taxes, unpaid bills.

    Also. Whose paying the bills? They have peeps to do that.

    Steel @2:36. I think it’s more like begins with a W and sounds like vile.

  229. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Sorry. I put up a link to MC Hammer but you can check out Pam Anderson. And Janice Dickinson?

  230. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Singer Tony Braxton.


    ‘Dickinson ignored the lawsuit and didn’t file a response – resulting in a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruling against her on Wednesday (07Oct09) and commanding she pay the bank the full loan amount, plus taxes and legal fees, totalling $304,449.03 (£202,966.02), reports’

    That could just as well have read Spears ignored the WEG lawsuit and didn’t file a response.

  231. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Dickinson link. Sorry.

  232. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Later TMZ came along and said oops. We were wrong about her being bi-polar.

  233. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Sorry I haven’t commented more on things you put up earlier. I looked and thought, “sheesus, complex” and thought to read again (later), and again (later), and again and…

    You’re racing ahead of me but that tends to work well a few lengths down the track.

  234. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, I’d always seen Ou and Vile as working together. I figured Ou to be the one actually picking up the phone.

  235. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And this IS complex! No wonder we couldn’t figure it out a year ago!

  236. Amethyst Mine Says:

    No doubt. Ou can’t email or fax the docs as fast as Vile’s office can. Plus a certain reporter said “I could ask her (Vile) about that.”

    I meanwhile wanted to send you an article from earlier about wealth managers and business managers.

    It’s not a hard google search but I thought it was interesting, Lester Knispel talking and all of that. After reading it I dispensed with the notion of CPA and moved back to the term “business manager.” Grossman.

    Anyway, I find it peculiar that the stars have CPAs, business managers, wealth managers and they are not paying the bills? And what’s this these liens against property and unpaid taxes?

    As for Baker’s comments, showmance aside, what if it’s true? Normally I would have just jumped in on the Ou wagon but … And why go through E! instead of TMZ? Adnan gets served a TRO on Jan 31 and E! reports on it but then in the media it doesn’t prove true. Also they got some of the story wrong (story to come) .. but there was a little bit of truth to what they said.

    So I guess that’s why I’ve been a little silent on the matter.

    But let’s say what Baker thinks is true outside the showmance. Ou gives it to E! Otherwise Vile works AP. I don’t know. They all have their uses. Do they use Perez anymore? Any reason to?

    Who works TMZ? I can never quite figure that one out. They sure as f are allowed to get away with things.

  237. MH Says:

    lol uli and fam

  238. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘…TRO on Jan 31 and E! reports on it but then in the media it doesn’t prove true. Also they got some of the story wrong (story to come) .. but there was a little bit of truth to what they said.’

    Meaning they may have got some of it right.

    It’s now an old story but I only wrote part I. I hope to make Part II have a little more broader appeal, along with the facts to the story, and open up that world that few of us have known about.

    Counter-terrorists. You ever seen Goldie Hawn in Foul Play? Who was to believe her between the dwarf and the albino?

  239. Amethyst Mine Says:

    lol. Uli brought the fam along? Classic. Good find, MH.

  240. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Awwww! I love it! :)

  241. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, I figured anything “legal” would come from the law office, and anything “gossip” would come from the Office O’ Ou.

    That’s just how I’ve always thought about it in my head. Don’t know if it’s actually true or not. Also, I used to think of the law office as being Berk’s, but now I think she was nothing but a distraction. Now I think the law office would be Vile’s.

  242. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “ive posted a postage stamp of what i know.
    one day i might actually get pissed and then it will be nuclear rain”

    Aaah! I love ‘er!

  243. Amethyst Mine Says:

    CourtneyLoveUK on January 12, 2010
    and endless lawyers like how much is Geraldine costing? gee if its one penny MORE than Karen Box then theyre dead, they lost 12m in the “recession” over 3/4 of her “wealth” does this woman know emi?BMI?EOM?’

    No. But Steel does.

  244. Amethyst Mine Says:


  245. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Can’t say I know EOM. Although I could, if I took the time to Google it. lol

  246. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, Our conversations about ASCAP from earlier were “off” because we were looking at the wrong end of the publishing process.

    Instead of looking at the starting point, when an artist/composer registers their song in the system, we should have been looking at the other end of it – at the point when radio plays the song, or MTV shows the video. That’s when they have to pay a fee to BMI for the right to play the song. BMI then forwards the payment to the appropriate publisher (who then probably divies the payment up and gives it to whoever is named in their contract).

    But, it looks like maybe the payments from BMI weren’t making their way into the bank accounts of the proper people. It looks like it’s possible that the payments were going to the PBOC instead.

    Maybe. I don’t know for sure. That’s just the way it’s looking right now.

  247. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    That’s why it may be important to know who the Trustees were on the Revocable Trust. If one of the Trustees also happened to be a high-up CPA in the PBOC, it’s possible that the payments coming from BMI were at some point diverted to the PBOC instead of going into the Trust.

    Make sense? Feel free to poke holes in that theory.

  248. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘you shouldve just recived last week 294k but due to this geraldine woman she will have recieved some of it wthe rest will go into a man named Stiffelman and Azoffs bank Micheal THompson and yr Trust own,

  249. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Guess that answers that.

    ‘didnt fight you on the temp restraining order cos i didnt think you were in physical danger and becaus ei raised you really well i think and you obviously got conned into this by an opportunist who loooves TMZ’

  250. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘That’s when they have to pay a fee to BMI for the right to play the song. BMI then forwards the payment to the appropriate publisher (who then probably divies the payment up and gives it to whoever is named in their contract).’

    Been awhile but a record company PAYS and contracts for spins.

    The rest of us dummies think wow that’s popular never realizing uh… they are paid to spin the album.

    It’s a whole field Steel that I touched on months ago. Courtney drove it home in her speech. Let’s call them “distributors.”

    Anyway, we are coming at it from different sides of the fire but that has never been a bad thing.

  251. MH Says:

    CourtneyLoveUK on January 12, 2010
    Greatful it didnt work, and im in no danger of doing so, im sorry we had such a passionate fight and im sorry when you got physical i was phsyical back, theres no excuse, for shoving and pushing etc,

    i didnt fight you on the temp restraining order cos i didnt think you were in physical danger and becaus ei raised you really well i think and you obviously got conned into this by an opportunist who loooves TMZ

  252. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Wait, we might be…coming at it from different directions. Yes.

    At the start, when a song is just gaining it’s footing, a record company will dump lots of money on promotion, right?

    But then later on, once the song is a hit, then other outlets have to pay for the right to play the song. Non?

    “Broadcast Music, Inc. collects license fees from businesses that use music, which it distributes as royalties to songwriters, composers & music publishers.”

  253. MH Says:

    ah you already posted the tmz post. we’re reading the same thing at the same time. lol

  254. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    For example, there are a couple of songs I plan on using in my doc. I have to pay a license fee to use each song. My money will then eventually make it’s way to the songwriter or publisher.

    What I’m saying is that perhaps, in B and FBC’s cases, those fees didn’t make it into the Trust accounts the way they should have. That at some point down the line, the fees got diverted into the PBOC.

    I’m I getting close with this?

  255. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’m still “pending” so I can’t read it until it gets posted here. Bummer.

  256. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Nighty night, folks. Can’t to see what’s posted here in the morning. ;)

  257. MH Says:

    if this is what you’re trying to read…you don’t have to be a member….i’m not, don’t have a twitter.

  258. MH Says:

    there was a lot more but when you refresh it only shows the most recent page.

  259. small hands Says:

    ULI!!! Great picture :)

  260. small hands Says:

    At least Ken Baker mentioned that Britney can’t get married because of the C-ship and has no rights.

  261. Queen B Says:

    Thank you Ken Baker. I have been waiting for some member of the media to point out that the idea of Brit getting married is ridiculous because she is under a conservatorship but I guess the gossip rags do not let truth or reality get in a way of a story.

    Going back to Courtney Love, I guess she agreed to the restraining order which is similar to what Lutfi did in the beginning. It actually is a good strategy. Sign a stipulation agreeing to stay away and avoid the circus of public hearing.

  262. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. I think where we diverged was that I was looking at money already “in” the trust, money that’s “invested” by a wealth management company such as Laird Norton Tyee.

    I am still in the weeds as far as trusts and mortgage fraud are concerned but I gather some people live off the income of the trust.

    Meanwhile, on the side as you seem to like money matters, fees and catalogs here is what Love is talking about re EOM.

    ..while meanwhile she is also saying the following:

    ‘i bought my daughter an outragously expensive professional pony she was an Olympic level rider, OLYMPIC< her only competiion in California was Kathleenb Schwarzenegger to give you some context, in 2003 when they started framimg me for what we now undertsnad to be nonsense they didnt even use creative accouting a retarded child could figure this out but wietzman is so delusional he created a document wherein Frances Pays him 175,000 DOLLSRS off the top of every single deal for end of music her fathers publishing in PERPUITY< this was a FORGERY for one thing and shes a MINOR< so ive just stated 1- the 175k in perp for no reason 2- forging a legal document 3- stealing from a minor 4- an illegal document no matter how you slice it,'

    MH, if you could only see to the bottom of the page then you might have missed Vile including in the TRO something about love thinking conspiracy "when I am in the middle of a conspiracy!" and also the missing horse. Love thought that was low and did not think bean had anything to do with that mention.

  263. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, I think I get you.

    I’ve been looking at how Eardley’s words, Streisand’s words and CLC’s words could all come together into the same thought.

    Eardley claimed (in 2008) that it was all still going on in the present…If Bryan is now in charge of the SJB, how could it still be going on (without him being directly involved)?

    What if it’s because certain monies aren’t making their way into the trust to begin with? It would work with funky publishing deals AND with BTI (whether it be insurance scams or anything else to do with the proceeds of tours).

    Look at all the crazy stuff CLC is alleging happened to Kurt’s money (thanks in part to the Trustees, one of whom we know is Vile)…If true, think how much crazy stuff could’ve been going on with Brit’s money between Dec. 2004 and the time that Bryan took over. Especially if we know the same folks are involved.

  264. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Okay, so who else was in EOM?

  265. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Also, when it comes to B’s moolah…

    We think we may know who’s doing the accounting for the c-ship (the Office O’ Ou)…

    But who’s the CPA for the Trust? And where is it held?

    Two sets of CPA’s and two different banks?

  266. Amethyst Mine Says:

    EOM was dismissed. Looks like it was just her company.

  267. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Interesting that Baker’s news didn’t take off. At all. There’s been no news or rumors on A, other than from Baker, since November. That is probably a good thing.

  268. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Did you read the “fine print” or rather footer of the London v. Love document? I hope QB does.

    They seek nearly $1M based on an “oral contract”?

    fyi, the suit started in December 2007. Courtney was initially represented by Howard Weitzman.

    Steel, maybe you can figure more of this money trail thing.

    ‘and i never went there, it was just a Po Box thats why the suites change and the LAST Cpa i had for many years i had some insane theory that noone so fucking mean and nasty could possibly be a thief, well theres december 03 and theres a Nirvana LLC check for 670,000 dollars and a BMI check por Moi for 1.7 million and he just collates them into “RECORD LOAN TO OFFICER” steals the lot and thast that . THATS OKAY?”

    Seems to support your earlier trail.

    Some is repeat but … but this shz is complex.

  269. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Lester Knispel.

    then again Barbers Uncle Ronny Hayes runs all these grotesque Convelscnet homes……….so thats why my former cpa Lester is 107 years of age! he ta;lks abotu DEFAMATION? WHAT? take a look at my Experian! FOOL! you ran up FOUR 3,.9 million dollar Refinances illegally and paid them down without my knowledge thats 16 million times two eqaulling 32 million plus interest wich appears to remain steady in ‘99 to ‘01 for 11%….. pretty massive interest but why should you have cared or care?you were just illegally refinancing my properties and my daughters. and the Estate of Kurt Cobains.’

  270. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Tweet. breatheheavycom @kenbakernow freal?

  271. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Okay, I’m a little bleary eyed…

    I went to see Gaga last night.

    And I’m going to say this out of love for Britney and nothing more…If her dad really cares about her, he needs to retire her from the stage until she’s better. Because to put her on stage now is doing nothing but hurting her.

    The pop music game has changed. The bar has been raised. And after watching Gaga last night I’m not going to be able to go to another concert by *anybody* without having some pretty high expectations.

  272. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, That shiz IS complex. I gotta save that for after I’ve had a couple coffees.

  273. MH Says:

    Sam’s twitter…

    Mediation today. Day of reckoning! Today is my day. Love you mom
    18 minutes ago from txt

  274. MH Says:

    Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 13th, 2010 at 10:56 am
    AM, That shiz IS complex.

    so is courtney’s brain…makes mine hurt.

  275. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    That means the process and the results will be kept under wraps. Correct?

  276. Queen B Says:

    The mediation sessions are private and none of the information discussed can be used later at trial pursuant to the California Evidence Code.

  277. Amethyst Mine Says:

    LOL you Gaga guys. I just came from getting a haircut. My guy is very cool. His roommate is verry into Britney Spears.

    It was really nice to talk to someone who was meanwhile a Courtney Love fan. It was so nice.

    But then up comes Lady Gaga! Both guys love her. Now I am hearing that Steel went to a concert and loves her too?

    I am behind the times.

    QB. The case remains on appeal. How can they be in mediation unless it is outside mediation?

  278. Queen B Says:

    It is possible that the case against Lynne is stayed pending appeal but the cases against Brit and Jamie can still be mediated if Lutfi is telling the truth about the mediation.

    Going back to Lady Gaga, I like Lady Gaga but I’m not a huge fan. Her music is fun and catchy but her public persona is too much. She takes herself and her music way too seriously and it is annoying.

  279. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I bought Lady Gaga’s album the day it came (maybe a year and a half or two years ago??) and it replaced Blackout as my go-to album. Her first single went number #1 here a year before it did in the States, so it’s kind of strange to watch her blowing up now when she’s been huge here for so long.

    What I really loved about Gaga’s concert was that she is hugely talented. Girl’s got pipes! And she’s got enormous stage presence.

    Her stage was so simplistic, but also very creative – everything about the concert felt very fresh and new. Unlike Madonna’s and Brit’s…both seemed very “packaged” and “slick” in retrospect.

    And Gaga talked to the audience throughout the entire show – huge audience interaction! Both Madonna and Brit seemed really cold and standoff-ish in comparison. Lady Gaga reminded me more of Tina than anyone I’ve seen so far – an emphasis on the music and the fans – not on perfect choreography or perfect auto-tuned notes.

    What can I say…I loved it!

    (P.S. Ke$ha’s new album is pretty darn good, too. Surprisingly! Worth the $6.99 on iTunes, at least.)

  280. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And I did notice that Gaga was very serious throughout the whole thing – even at the end as she was taking her bow. She barely cracked a smile. I think it may just be her personality. At the end she had this look on her face of almost…relief? Or gratitude maybe? Like she still couldn’t believe she was filling an arena this early in her career, or that her fans were so devoted to her.

    And I think she might be a bit of a nut…One of those moody kids from art class back in high school. Very eccentric. I get the feeling that part isn’t really an act.

  281. Queen B Says:


    Give Lady Gaga 5 more years and she’ll be just as aloof as Madonna or Brit. Fame changes people. A person who was once down to earth now travels with a huge entourage.

    When Gaga reaches the Madonna or Brit level of fame she will change. She is still humble now and approachable. She is not jaded. The media and tabloids have ruined her life yet. Her personal life has not been invaded. I do not know who she is dating and where she is at any given moment.

    If she was dressed normally, no one would know who she was or react to her.

  282. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. There’s nothing in the case file to show any movement of any sort.

    I’m not sure why SL would be in a jolly mood if something wasn’t going on but who knows.

    I think Fantasy is big lover of Gaga but I haven’t seen her around today.

  283. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What do you guys think of these pics? Is it not a “familial” event? I don’t know. They are looking disturbingly posed to me.

    Well. Some pedophile will enjoy them.

    To me they are disturbing for where the eyes go and the kids’ focus with the camera like someone is behind the photog.

    I miss the days when MT could at least tell us what was going on.

  284. Fantasy Says:

    I like those pics of the kids. Yes, I totally think that the boy’s posing looks kinda rehearsed. But the one candid shot looks to be the one where Jayden is sticking out his tongue.

    Cute kids. I won’t lie. They’re adorable!

    I am trying my hardest to follow along with the rest of y’all. And I’m also trying to understand it all. This CLC and B thing at times sounds foreign and complex yet fascinating. I’m hanging on with y’all and keeping up as best I can. :)

    About Lady Gaga. I do enjoy her. I wish that I enjoyed Britney like that. I wish that B could wow and amaze me “like that”. Maybe one more time? I totally love Britney but (mmm hmm, but) she is not the performer that she once was. And that wouldn’t really be such a bad thing except for the fact that she keeps putting out vids and cd’s that aren’t so “amazing”. I just told Am that I wish that B was still as good as the new girls. Sadly, she isn’t. Even sadder, I actually think that Britney knows it too.

    Let me make it clear that I don’t think that the Circus cd was bad. I like it. I still listen to it but I am or have been moving in the direction of Lady Gaga and British singer Cheryl Cole lately. I still love B and her music. Hopefully with the next cd (can’t believe there’s gonna be a new cd this year) I will fall “in love” with her music once again. Gosh. This is starting to sound sad. I didn’t mean to make it sound this way. It just sorta came out from me as I typed. Oops! Sorry. TTYL.

  285. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I’m on a Fergie roll. lol.

    I hate to rehash things but when we all saw Mannequin, the first version it was like wow. Then later we got a little bit of extra footage and it was wow again with the promise she’d nail it and then be with “us” again.

    Fact is she used to be in control of her audience I think. Let’s not even go to choreography…

    But I think that if she tours again under the conservatorship? The sales won’t be nearly as high.

    Steel, you started to talk about that some months ago like there was an empathy or forgiveness during this particular tour.

    Does Gaga sing live?

    How meanwhile do you supposed that CLC and SL came into contact? He’s like her “new friend.” Like she was already hurting and in walks this person with all this insight you know like me might be someone with government contacts and such.

    I’m just thinking back to Thanksgiving weekend and odd conversations had: they were odd because they were sudden and I did not know the person and they were pitching SL. Later that same person came alive on the instant messenger that we set up. It all seemed “sincere” but strange and yet familiar.

    I wonder who SL’s many contacts could be at the federal government level and/or local police.

  286. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Another little thing. He had gone silent but here he is again back with his old confidence perhaps on Twitter or who knows.

    Does he know more than one Jordan I wonder? ok, that is hearsay. That assumes that I know it as fact that he has contact there. Do I absolutely know it as fact? No. But much points that way.

  287. Fantasy Says:

    St. Mag.-
    (P.S. Ke$ha’s new album is pretty darn good, too. Surprisingly! Worth the $6.99 on iTunes, at least.)

    I keep hearing about Ke$ha but I haven’t heard her yet. I need to find out more about her asap.

  288. Queen B Says:

    Entertainment Weekly thinks Ke$ha is the next Gaga.

  289. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Aak! My last comment disappeared. And it was long, too. :(

  290. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    So did that one. WTF? I’ll try later.

  291. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Bummer, Steel. I would like to have seen you lonnnng post.

  292. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Another post just disappeared. It was there, now it’s gone.


  293. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Pity. (sniff, R do something please, sniff)

  294. Fantasy Says:,,20336791,00.html

    Courtney Love Threatens Lawsuit Over Daughter’s Custody

  295. Queen B Says:

    There is no way Courtney Love is going to regain custody. Posting rambling and incoherent statements on Twitter or Facebook will not help.

    I’m sure Love knows where the courthouse is and will hopefully file the necessary documents to contest the temporary guardianship.

  296. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    This has nothing to do with Britney or Courtney…But is just a perfect explanation of how my mind works:

    “…an associative mind…”

    And that’s why I love sleuthing. lol

  297. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Now that was a funny post.

  298. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Well. I don’t hear anything interesting coming out of the courthouse today… wonder that TMZ didn’t hype it again. Too soon? Not credible?

    People are not as blind as they once were.

  299. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    What a bunch of pervs:

    Girl’s album’s only been out a week and she’s already got them heckling her. Geez.

  300. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Still curious about your longer posts and hoping one had to do with SL and CLC.

    You think he knows someone “high up” recognizable .. not to us necessarily but …

    That he serves along with his card?

    You know someone that conveys credibility by association. Remember Sands? He spoke of such a person.

  301. Fantasy Says:

    TMZ Live

    “Britney In A Bad Way?”
    1-14-2010 Part 3 at the 7:34 through 7:54 mark

    “Britney Loves Hotels”
    1-13-2010 Part 3 at the 2:43 through 3:47 mark

    “K-Fed Going Broke?”
    1-13-2010 Part 1 at the 8:00 through 9:15 mark

  302. Fantasy Says:

    I thought that Jamie moved out of Britney’s house a while ago. Didn’t he? Like, I thought he moved out sometime before Britney moved into the Calabasas home in January 2009. I really thought that they’ve been living apart since late 2008.

    I do not know why Britney likes hotels so much. I’ve read and heard different people’s theories but I still can’t come up with an excuse for it. I mean an excuse that actually makes sense to me.

  303. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    My longer posts had to do with Gaga and Ke$ha…Nothing important.

    I still think there’s more to SL than meets the eye. He’s got some kind of a story to him that we’re still not “getting.” IMO.

  304. Amethyst Mine Says:

    How does he finance his travels and dining? Granted we’re only aware of either if the paps bring it to us.

    Just saying.

    Meanwhile, what did TMZ accomplish? They “took” something that some of us thought about Lynne and the hotels but that does not account for six overnights at those hotels in the past six months. But it offset she idea that she leaves because he and his team are there to spy on her: oh come on naysayers. Jamie has her purse searched when she’s not there? Why not just ask for the purse. Underhanded.

    K-Fed’s not broke: Nice to leave out that his alimony etc was set to Expire was it .. Nov 2007? Steel we need to add that date to the timeline unless you have it memorized.

    Ultimately whether it’s print or not it’s still Harvey and he requires sifting in my experience.

  305. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Oh and this is for QB. Harvey also left out that Kevin has CUSTODY of the children, call him a babysitter all you want.


  306. Amethyst Mine Says:

    oh dear. clc

  307. MH Says:

    he clearly said alimony was cut off after a year. shish

  308. MH Says:

    she just deleted her babble.

    girl needs to get off the pills.

  309. Queen B Says:

    I have a hard time believing anything Harvey says unless he has some documentation to support his claims.

    Kevin going broke? I doubt it. At a minimum he gets $240,000 a year in child support. Also, let’s not get the extra $30-40,000 he made for following Brit on tour. Add to that, the money from Celebrity Fit Club, OK Austrailia interview and he is doing pretty well.

    If Kevin ever gets low on cash, all he has to do is call some tabloid an invite them to do an interview with him about his life and the boys and he can get paid.

    Brit and hotels- I have always believed that the reason why Brit likes hotels is because in some small way it allows her to escape the normal routine of her life.

    Let’s say she see her boys 3 days a week well that leaves 4 days in which she is home alone except for her security detail and assistant. Brit maybe just lonely and likes the hotel atmosphere.

  310. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    It sounds like Brit grew up living out of suitcases and being in a new hotel every night…Maybe it’s what feels “normal” to her?

    I tend to think she hits up the spa every time she goes to these places, too. Gym, massage, manicure, pedicure, lunch at the restaurant, then smokes on the balcony…

    Why not? Heck, I’d be doing it, too if I had the bucks!

  311. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “A hearing for Britney’s conservatorship case is scheduled for today, January 15, at an L.A. courthouse.

    Everyone cross your fingers for Britney and her freedom!

    My predictions: nothing changes and daddy still receives his $18,000 a month check.”;

  312. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Why is he doing that.

  313. Fantasy Says:

    Isn’t today’s hearing all about sealing more docs?

  314. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Fantasy. It’s all on my site.

  315. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I think it is a positive that Jordan keeps the subject alive.

    I can’t be sure but it does seem more people (exhalers at least) want to see her free than in the past.

    Are the natives growing restless? Were they temporarily placated and at peace with the situation believing that Britney would be freed post tour?

    I think we know the answers.

  316. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I think Exhalers are happy as long as they’re seeing a “positive.” For them, the tour was a “positive.” And then the Singles Collection was a “positive.” And next it will be her new album.

    For some reason, people seem to equate career advancement and money with happiness. I guess even Tiger Woods knows the truth to that one.

  317. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  318. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It’s TRUE.

  319. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Well, this is good news. Right?

  320. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Of course it is. I think anytime alone with the judge is great … I would hate to think it was a publicity stunt to tame the restless.

  321. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I hope it is a long visit.

  322. Amethyst Mine Says:

    hmmm.. Jordan posted before TMZ did and I doubt he called the courthouse before he wrote it.

    Call it a hunch.

  323. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    How would he know about it? Did someone from B’s own camp leak it to him?

  324. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I wonder if the Commish has had anyone contact her concerning CLC’s claims??

  325. Amethyst Mine Says:

    That’s what I was wondering, Steel, whether the commish had heard it and decided maybe to look into out of public pressure? Who knows.

    Whatever forced it I am glad I think unless it’s another deal on touring.

    I hope she is direct and honest and wears business apparel. Somehow sailing in on a way to some later soiree in a dress with spaghetti straps again doesn’t seem appropriate.

  326. Queen B Says:

    We should not make too big of a deal about Brit’s visit with Goetz today. Her last visit took place a little over a year ago in Dec. 2008, I believe in order to get the go ahead for the tour.

    I think it is interesting that this is a court ordered viist. Brit is not making a voluntary appearance. Goetz was a status report but I’m sure she received reports about Brit in writing until today.

  327. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Public pressure or private pressure? For all we know, someone finally contacted her regarding the whole mess. Or would that show up as an official document filed through the court?

    And do they tell her who she’s going to see? Makes me wonder.

  328. Amethyst Mine Says:

    TMZ really doesn’t know what it is about as in, they don’t know whether it’s about terminating the c-ship or not.

    All they reported other than her expected appearance is what I reported only this time they included the lack of a motion for termination which is more or less how I called their bs before.

    Got to go.

  329. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB, sorry to differ but it IS a big deal. I hope she is not as unhappy and far away afterward this time.

  330. Queen B Says:

    The only information that matters to Goetz is the information presented in court. Articles in newspapers, twitter tweets, facebook messages and tabloid articles are hearsay and inadmissible.

    Courtney Love’s rants mean nothing. How much credence does a stranger to Brit with a history of substance abuse who recently lost custody of her own daughter by Goetz have? Zero.

    Goetz wants to know how Brit is doing and it appears she is doing well. The only issue is whether she is well enough to get out of the conservatorship and the answer to that is probably no in the opinion of the conservators.

  331. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    What I meant was, what if B’s cousin
    (or some other family member) approached the Commish with the information that CLC’s been putting on Facebook?

  332. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  333. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    How con-veenient.

  334. Queen B Says:

    Even if Brit’s cousin wrote a letter to Goetz which I doubt, the people closet to Brit such as her brother Bryan and sister Jamie Lynn and even if his ex-wife Lynne support Jamie.

    Who cares what some cousin who did not grow up with Brit in the same household has to say? Bryan and Jamie Lynn lived with Brit so their support of Jamies counts for a lot.

    I know a lot of people do not like Jamie but to accuse him or imply that he is a child molester without any proof or personal knowledge is just wrong and Love should be ashamed herself seeing she can not even keep custody of her own kid who got a restraining order against her approved by Goetz.

    People need to seriously question the motivation of someone like Love or cousin Jessica.

  335. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    QB, I have to agree with you on that one. Even if it DID happen, to me it is Brit’s card to play – not Courtney’s.

  336. Queen B Says:

    OK, so Brit’s court appearance is now cancelled. Everyone got excited for nothing. I am not buying the story about Brit not wanting to go to court because of the media. If Brit can deal with the paps when she shops she can certainly go to court.

    There is no photography/video allowed in court without the judge’s approval. The Deputy Sheriffs will make sure she can safely enter and exist the courthouse.
    She can arrive and enter court via an underground garage but I guess her presence is not that important.

  337. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    My guess? TMZ made that one up, just so they could retract it later.

  338. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Gotta keep the site traffic up and the dreams alive, right?

  339. Steel_Magnolia Says:;

  340. MH Says:

    >>>I am not buying the story about Brit not wanting to go to court because of the media.

    who said she didn’t want to go bc of the media?

    tmz said…Britney Spears won’t be heading to court today — because the commissioner is concerned about Brit being overrun by the media.

    >>>My guess? TMZ made that one up, just so they could retract it later.

    do you really believe what you just said?

  341. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Oops, my comment related to QB’s comment, not to the actual TMZ quote.

    But…I wouldn’t be shocked if a member of B’s legal team purposely leaked the appearance to TMZ, knowing they’d run with it and the paps would show up. I guess they can’t predict whether or not the Commish would cancel her appearance…But why would she cancel the appearance because of the media showing up anyways? Does that even make sense?

  342. MH Says:

    no, it doesn’t make sense.

  343. MH Says:

    i know most if not all of you dislike tmz and because of that don’t give them enough credit. not just around brit but in general.

    nobody says boo when jfx puts up a rumor and doesn’t retract after the person themselves says it’s not bs.

  344. MH Says:

    opps…says it not true, says it’s bs.

  345. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Do any sites really issue a retraction? That seems like it’s a thing of the past…old school style…fit for print, but not the Net.

    I don’t dislike TMZ…But can see where they may work with certain “sources” as opposed to others. I think they just report what their “source” is telling them…whoever their “source” happens to be.

  346. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Also, I DO think TMZ will run a Brit post to generate hits (regardless of the actual accuracy)…But don’t ALL sites do that? She’s Internet gold!

  347. small hands Says:

    So nothing happpened. What a set up.

    My dislike with TMZ has more to do with the way they write their articles and the way they present it on TV. They dumb it down for the audience and I hate that. I’m not stupid or dumb.

  348. small hands Says:

    Have a nice weekend :)

  349. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH, QB TMZ said it was the commissioner and others.

    Steel. Um… yeh. Based on Michael Flanagan’s behavior on the driver’s license case I wouldn’t it past the family to generate a story or TMZ for that matter.

    In fact if I hadn’t called the courthouse earlier I wouldn’t have even believed TMZ’s story: BUT. Did the person I talked to just hear it through the office? I know she did not open her computer because that takes time at the courthouse.

    ‘The only information that matters to Goetz is the information presented in court. Articles in newspapers, twitter tweets, facebook messages and tabloid articles are hearsay and inadmissible.’

    Begging your pardon QB but that’s not true anymore. I saw it in the Wright case. I saw it in an unrelated case recently. Oh snap. Wasn’t that Courtney Love?

    Oh and purportedly when Courtney was freed on probation or let go entirely from the system the judge said that he had read media reports and had heard how well she was doing it.

    Further, my brother, a judge, told me that while ideally media doesn’t get into the courtroom that it happens. People are human beings.

    Last, I was told by an LA defense attorney who has been on CNN and who has served as a subject expert for them and for the LA Times that judges are politicians.

    What if Maria S. was with Arnold one night snuggling talking about technology and the weirdest one she had heard yet: Courtney Love making accusations on her Facebook. Maria saw Britney at the Beverly Hills Hotel once and talked to her? Before the conservatorship?

    There are ways to get to the judge. They have email, published telephone numbers and so on as they are servants of the People.

    Back to today. When has the judge or the “attorneys” aka the others … ever canceled with Britney due to concern about her welfare or the welfare of the courthouse over the media? And how will they protect a citizen aka a conservatee in the future? Isn’t she entitled to meet with the judge if the judge ordered her to appear? When is that supposed to happen? Would the court simply not enter it into the calendar?

    And what about the ex-parte meeting that Allan Parachini said was on the calendar but Kaplan denied it when Britney returned to rehab?

    I have an obvious problem with TMZ in general but perhaps more than any of you. When you talk to someone on the phone and they tell you that never happened, or that’s how it went, or it isn’t there and so on… it’s a human shocker and then I begin to think of how low they (TMZ) go.

  350. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    My guess? TMZ made that one up, just so they could retract it later.


    When I said this, I was thinking of TMZ and their “source” inclusively. Meaning that the “source” gave TMZ the information, knowing they’d run it, and then TMZ would run a follow-up story later about how Britney didn’t appear.

    I shouldn’t have called it a “retraction,” so much as a “follow up story.”

    Perhaps the “source” knew what would happen…Even if TMZ didn’t when they ran the initial story. Make sense?

  351. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Well, whatever happened there was a session in chambers. It was on calendar.

    Will have an update shortly.

  352. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Perhaps the “source” knew what would happen…Even if TMZ didn’t when they ran the initial story. Make sense?”

    ~~~> Another example: Brit’s frantic shopping spree…Brit is told by her team to “Hurry up, the paps are coming, we have 15 minutes.” The TMZ cameras catch her frantically shopping. No big deal. It looks funny, but that’s about it. And THEN the TMZ offices get a call from an “inside source” who drops the little tidbit that they’re “concerned” over her shopping habits and fear she’s backsliding. TMZ runs the story, saying “our sources tell us.” (I’m kinda making this up, but not really.)

    Well, TMZ isn’t lying, are they? Because that IS what their sources are telling them. And they have the video to back it up.

    So in my mind, it’s not TMZ that’s the problem. It’s the “inside source” who is calling them in the first place.

  353. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  354. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “We were told her people didn’t want her to show because Brit would be besieged by reporters.”


  355. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And it gets better!

    Have at ‘er, AM.

  356. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ha, ha! And the headline above the photo screams, “BREAKING BANK.”

    This one was way, way too obvious. Even for them.

    Them being the “source.”

  357. Amethyst Mine Says:

    And there you have it.

    Spears now expected NEXT Friday.

  358. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Well, they just bought themselves a week. At least they won’t be able to pull the same stunt next time.

  359. MH Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 7:21 pm
    MH, QB TMZ said it was the commissioner and others.

    lol yeah…i knew the answer before asking the question. i was making a point.

    and who are you speaking of when you say “others”?

    >>>tmz said…Britney Spears won’t be heading to court today — because the commissioner is concerned about Brit being overrun by the media.

    ah nevermind…just another point.

  360. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Britney Spears won’t be heading to court today — because the commissioner is concerned about Brit being overrun by the media.


    And then in the second story (well, third story, after the “jewelry shopping” story) it changes to:

    “We were told her people didn’t want her to show because Brit would be besieged by reporters.”

    ~~~~> My guess…TMZ got two calls from an “inside source.” The first saying that Brit was about to appear. The next saying the Commish was concerned. And then TMZ got the REAL story – it was Brit’s own people who didn’t want her to attend.

    Again, TMZ isn’t lying. They’re just reporting information in the order it comes in. Unfortunately, they’ve got a “source” that may (or may not) plan it all out ahead of time so that TMZ gets their information in a particular order.

  361. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I guess what I’m saying is that TMZ might be an “innocent victim” in all of this. (Not really, but kinda.)

    Know what I mean?

  362. MH Says:

    oh i’m pissed. i just typed a long post and it sent me to the sign in page for no reason. crap.

  363. MH Says:

    SM, I totally hear what you’re saying.

    What I was talking about was details. QB saying it was Brit when in fact tmz said commish (at the time , now it’s changed).

    And AM including the word “others” when it wasn’t said that way.

    But I totally hear what your saying. It’s one big game. Sad.

  364. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH, I didn’t mean to direct those right at you. They were kind of aimed at everyone. (I’ll always start a post aimed directly at someone, and then open it up to all without saying I’m opening it up to all…In case you all haven’t noticed! lol)

    Sometimes I think we all pick up different things from different posts, and then aren’t all on the same page about exactly what happened. It’s good that we all see the different details, though. In the end it makes for a clearer picture.

  365. MH Says:

    Watching Haiti footage. Sad situation.

  366. Fantasy Says:

    I question if Britney was aware of the Commish wanting to see her in court today. I know it sounds totally ridiculous but you never can put it past her team to leave her in the dark & put TMZ “in the know”. That’s if TMZ really knew what they were reporting was fact or not.

    Then comes the story of B out shopping while she should’ve been in court. Gosh, it’s like they’ll write anything to make B look bad. Already I’m reading that B skipped out on court today cuz she hates court or simply doesn’t give a sh*t. That is how some are reacting to what went on today.

    The whole back-and-forth of she’s going, she’s not going is absurd and so convenient. There’s an old saying that goes: there’s a dead cat on the line. And it reeks!

    Just my opinion. Mine and mine only. :)

  367. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Fantasy Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Then comes the story of B out shopping while she should’ve been in court. Gosh, it’s like they’ll write anything to make B look bad. Already I’m reading that B skipped out on court today cuz she hates court or simply doesn’t give a sh*t.


    The “B skipped court to shop” thing…If we’re seeing these kinds of stories develop while she’s still under the c-ship, can you imagine how much we may have been manipulated by the same people BEFORE she went under the c-ship??

    P.S. I haven’t been able to catch any TV news the past few days…Stuck re-writing a script, which is why I’m hovering at my computer. (Although I read Wyclef’s reports from Haiti, which definitely makes Brit’s problems seem like small potatoes!) Maybe it’s time to go see for myself.

  368. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    CNN Web site was as far as I needed to go. :(

    I just bought my Lady Gaga Haiti Relief T-shirt. To start.

  369. Fantasy Says:

  370. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH. Be pissed all you want.

    ‘So the commish and others in the case have canceled her appearance.

  371. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    If Team Vile can hoodwink us super sleuths, just think what they must be doing to the general public!

  372. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    More like get our panties in knots. lol

  373. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    …And I don’t even know if that’s the proper term for it.

    You know, I’d love to see someone write a book on all of this when it’s over and deconstruct this whole P.R. game they’ve been playing. It would make for a good read.

  374. MH Says:

    lol why would i be pissed. i was just pointing out your adding something that wasn’t there. it seems to be there now, pretty darn sure that’s not how it was originally posted. you obviously looked after i did. sorry.

    oh i did say i was pissed didn’t i. but it certainly wasn’t over you. twist. i had lost a long post after typing.

  375. Amethyst Mine Says:

    oops. Sorry MH. I popped in so fast yesterday and that’s about all that I saw but your comment stayed with me. I needed to get that article up. And I see that TMZ posted after I did with their version of why the thing was canceled and what Goetz told them.

    (Steel. How bizarre. The Hon. Goetz talks direct to TMZ? I will get to the bottom of that claim. How weird.)

    Then I had like a few minutes to myself today, zoomed in and posted the link etc.

    I’m only up here now because my friends and I did a tour of Taliesin West (in the desert, so beautiful) then off for Mexican food. Everybody is sleepy and watching sports. They’ll revive but meanwhile I get to catch up.

  376. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Wow. No doubt. That’s quite an interesting quote. Was that over the phone? Tape recorder? Via a lawyer?

    “Britney Ordered to Court Next Week
    Posted Jan 15th 2010 6:01PM by TMZ Staff

    The commissioner in the Britney Spears conservatorship case wants a command courtroom performance from Ms. Spears, and the commish is frustrated that didn’t happen today.

    Commissioner Reva Goetz just confirmed what TMZ reported earlier today … that Britney was due in court at 1:30. We were told her people didn’t want her to show because Brit would be besieged by reporters.

    But the commish apparently wasn’t as receptive to Britney not showing as we had heard. Commissioner Goetz said, “The court was supposed to meet with Ms. Spears this afternoon and there was a misunderstanding. I’m going to continue the matter until next Friday at 1:30 and she will be here.”

  377. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    All ’cause of this…

    “Britney Won’t Show in Court
    Posted Jan 15th 2010 3:13PM by TMZ Staff

    Change of plans … Britney Spears won’t be heading to court today — because the commissioner is concerned about Brit being overrun by the media.

    Turns out — the story we published just a few hours ago had quite the reaction — it became obvious a slew of cameras would appear for the 1:30 hearing. So the commish and others in the case have canceled her appearance.”

    ~~~~> TMZ was kinda covering their tracks on this one with the “and others” wording, eh?

  378. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    The original story that started it all, just for shits and giggles:

    “Britney Spears to Appear In Court
    Posted Jan 15th 2010 12:22PM by TMZ Staff

    Britney Spears will be in court today in her conservatorship case, sources tell TMZ, because the court commissioner wants to see how she’s doing.

    We’re told Britney will show up for a 1:30 PM meeting with the commissioner — in the commissioner’s chambers. We’re told Britney will be accompanied by lawyers for the estate and, presumably, daddy Jamie Spears.

    Our sources say this chambers meeting is not about ending the conservatorship. We’re told the lawyers have not filed a petition to end the conservatorship, at least not yet.

    As we first reported, however, the lawyers and Jamie — and Britney for sure — want to begin the process of undoing the personal conservatorship.

    As for why Commissioner Reva Goetz wants to see Britney, we know the topic of ending the conservatorship has been discussed with the commissioner. It’s not unusual for a commissioner to call the subject of the conservatorship into court to see how he/she is progressing.”

  379. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Now let’s play a game called, “Guess The Sources!”

    Ah…I think this one’s pretty obvious. Let’s see how next Friday goes.

  380. MH Says:

  381. MH Says:

    i’m tellin ya…i’m pretty sure they added “others”. i never would have called out AM otherwise.

    i can’t believe i’m posting about this crap. lol

  382. MH Says:

    i think PB is way off.

    and did she not bother to check before dec 20 to notice that jfx didn’t post any tour stories or much of anything on britney most all of last year.

    silent point on their part.

  383. MH Says:

    i love this comment…

    Sp says:
    January 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm
    They’re the ex gang members right? I watched a doco, in the doco they actually seemed quite respectful of celebrities space.. I have a theory that they are the photographers that the celebs call themselves for a bit of self promo. Look at the quality of their images, MUCH better than the other pap agencies, they seem to know how to actually take a photo.

  384. MH Says:

  385. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 16th, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    i’m tellin ya…i’m pretty sure they added “others”. i never would have called out AM otherwise.


    I didn’t notice it the first time either. Wasn’t looking specifically, but didn’t notice it.

    It’s the last line of the story. It would’ve been easy enough for them to tack it on or change a few words once they had their second story up (“We were told her people didn’t want her to show…”) and realized the facts didn’t match.

  386. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 16th, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    and did she not bother to check before dec 20 to notice that jfx didn’t post any tour stories or much of anything on britney most all of last year.


    I think we were already mentioning that at the top of this thread or the end of the last one. It’s been pretty quiet since around the time of the Palm Springs FF stories last year. Yes, stories have been posted about Adnan’s court appearances, but other “things” were noticeably absent.

  387. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Did I know this? I don’t know if I did…

    “RadarOnline is owned and run by the National Enquirer…”–the-outsiders-scoop-again?bn=1

  388. Amapola Says:

    Everyone has their hand in the cookie jar
    Get suprised over this OLD news:

    In business with the paparazzi

    Richard Winton

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    “There’s a wake-up call here,” Kitson owner Fraser Ross told the Los Angeles Times then. “It’s not good for my store; it’s not good for business on the street.”

    But the same month, Ross became an investor and one of three officers in a new venture: Sunset Photo and News, a paparazzi agency run by a veteran tabloid reporter and celebrity photographer.
    Ross and his attorney said he is a “passive investor” and does not have any role in running the firm.
    But his involvement with Sunset Photo offers another twist in the shifting relationship between celebrities and the celebrity media.
    “We have long suspected collusion between the editors of tabloid magazines, the owners of these paparazzi agencies and the business that happened to always get in these publications,” said Blair Berk, a Beverly Hills attorney who represents Lohan, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon. “It is outrageous but not unexpected.”

  389. MH Says:

    Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 10:31 am
    Did I know this? I don’t know if I did…

    yeah, you knew. it’s been a while since we talked about it.

  390. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH at 11:38

    That was telling on her part. I wonder that the site might become Bored Britney.

    Also, I didn’t remember seeing the “and others” there the first time either. It might have been there. I don’t know. But I did go back to read exactly what was said and noticed it and how odd it seemed. Who were the others?

    I’m willing to bet that Sam Ingham showed up as the judge did go into chambers as I was informed by a court representative. She didn’t see who went in.

    If there was a misunderstanding it might have been that Sam and not Britney showed up when the judge had thought she had been clear that she wanted Ms. Spears in court: just a hunch, nothing more.

  391. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I guess I did. It explains why Radar seems so seedy.

    I’m all for reading some good gossip, but Radar crosses the line for me sometimes.

  392. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    My hunch? That Jamie’s lawyers knew DAMN WELL that she was supposed to be there. And so they tipped off TMZ, knowing there’d be a story and that all the paps would show up. And then they could just shrug their shoulders and say, “Sorry, there’s a media crush here. We’re not going to bring her.” Then they call back TMZ, say, “Oh, the Commish says there’s too much media.” Meanwhile, they send B with her bodyguards to go shopping – probably not even telling her she was supposed to be in court. And then the lawyers call TMZ back again and say, “Oh, we didn’t want to send her in because there was too much media.” Which causes TMZ to run their final story.

    I have no idea if this is how it went down. It’s just how I picture it in my head after reading those three (well, four) stories in the order they were printed.

  393. Fantasy Says:

    Steel_Magnolia Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    That sounds like a likely scenario.

    Sometimes I think that her dad and the lawyers are playing dirty. Like, they are not 100% behind letting go of any part of the c-ship. Maybe them saying (via TMZ) that they are taking steps to terminate the personal c-ship is just a…umm…lie??

    Sorry but I am growing increasingly skeptical. :(

  394. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And yes, the lawyer works FOR the client. But I think the client will often take the lawyer’s advice because they trust their judgment (and that’s what they’re paying them to do – give good advice).

    I know I’ve mentioned before that I work for a lawyer and a client. So I sit and watch how the two interact, and the way they come to their decisions. The strategies involved…how they deal with the media…right down to the wording in the quotes that they include in their press releases, and how they time those press releases to go out in a certain order (e.g. phone call to this person, then this person, then fax the press release, then call this person…)

    It’s pretty darn fascinating to watch!

  395. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    What I’m trying to say is, I’ve found that quite often the biggest part of a case has very little to do with the courtroom. The biggest part of a case can be using the media to sway public opinion. Because if you can accomplish something through the public (e.g. favourable public opinion, or an article in a newspaper) you either don’t have to go to court, or you can present the news article in court (or use it as a lead towards more research).

    Make sense?

  396. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I have a feeling QB’s going to have something to say about those last two posts. LOL

    It’s just what I’ve observed…I can’t say whether that’s something that occurs on a “typical” case…I’m betting on “probably not.”

  397. Queen B Says:

    I’m going to have disagree with some of you. Here is what I think happened on Friday.

    Prior to this past Friday, the judge indicated that she would like to see Brit in court. Now, in the past, Ingham has asked Brit whether she wanted to go to court and she reportedly says “no” and Ingham goes to court on behalf her instead.

    The misunderstanding is whether Goetz asked Brit to appear or expressly ordered her appearance-one is clearly voluntary and the other is mandatory. It is possible that Brit has never been ordered to appear until now therefore Goetz has made it clear that she expects her to come next Friday.

    Brit going shopping indicates to me that her team had no intention of having her appear in court because they were under the belief that her appearance was not mandatory. I believe Ingham has a duty to keep Brit informed of what is happening in her case. I do not think she was kept in the dark.

  398. Queen B Says:


    I want to address something you wrote. I don’t think the conservators are being underhanded. Disregard all of TMZ’s stories and focus on what happens in court and it is pretty clear that the conservators have no intention of ending the conservatorship which is why they petitioned to make it “permanent”. That is their public position.

    Somebody is leaking bad information to TMZ and I don’t know who but it is important to remember that prior to the conservatorship being made permanent, I did not read any stories on TMZ that anticipated that and when it did happen TMZ sought to minimize the importance.

    For the past 1.5 years, TMZ has claimed the conservatorship will be ending and yet nothing in the courtroom reflects that.

  399. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Somebody is leaking bad information to TMZ and I don’t know who…


    Whoever it is, Harvey appears to be very confident in the stories that person is telling him.

  400. Fantasy Says:

    Thank you for the response, QB.

    I hear what you’re saying yet I can’t help but wonder if the attorneys and even the judge all still have “clean hands”. You know? I’ve read about the corruption that occurs in the legal system in general and with conservatorships.

    At times I feel like the public is being duped. A year and a half ago I would not have question anything like I do now. Even before I started posting here I was starting to think that odd things happen whenever there is a status hearing in the c-ship. This was when it was still temporary.

    For example, I’d noticed that Britney seemed to go away on trips either just before or after a court hearing. Like the time she went to Mexico after the child custody case (July 2008) resulting in Kevin having total custody of the boys. Or even the time she reportedly went to Santa Barbara for a little get-a-way and then later we all got the news of the c-ship going permanent.

    Now maybe these trips were pre-planned or totally spur of the moment yet I always thought, “Hmm. That’s odd.” To me at the time it seemed that these vacations were to either soothe Britney after a stressful event had occured or was to come. Idk. Just a little thing I picked up on.

    I just have a feeling that we aren’t always being told the truth and I’m curious as to what is happening behind-the-scenes. What is being said to Britney? Is she in the dark about certain things? Is she being led to believe she actually has a shot at regaining her personal freedom back and getting joint custody of the kids? I have a lot of questions. And like I said I am becoming skeptical and even cynical about this entire thing.

  401. Queen B Says:

    I understand your skepticism and cynicism regarding Brit’s case. I too have read conservatorship horror stories on the Nat’l Assoc. to Stop Guardian Abuse website.

    What Brit has working in favor is that her case is very high profile which provides an incentive for everyone to go by the book.

    As the public we do not know what goes on in the judge’s chambers although TMZ likes to think it does. Unlike criminal cases, the public does not have an automatic right to monitor the proceedings. Many key documents are sealed which I do not disagree with because it is important to protect Brit’s privacy.

    It is not clear how much Brit knows. Her attorney Ingham is supposed to go over everything but he has never objected to one thing from the regular accounting reports to making the conservatorship permanent.

    I have a tendency to believe that Brit knows more than we think. We were made to believe that Brit was supposedly disappointed when the conservatorship was terminated but how could she when there were no court documents filed.

    To me, the idea that the conservatorship was in place just for the tour was false anyway and it has proven to be false.

    Deep down Brit knows she is going to be under a conservatorship for a long time if for no other reason than it is the only way she can guarantee seeing the boys as much as she does or it is back to court monitored visits and no taking the boys on tour either.

    The wealthier you are the more likely the court is going to step in an institute a conservatorship. I could see the conservatorship continuing in some form for a few more years.

  402. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 17th, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Deep down Brit knows she is going to be under a conservatorship for a long time if for no other reason than it is the only way she can guarantee seeing the boys as much as she does or it is back to court monitored visits and no taking the boys on tour either.


    I hate to be a bummer…But the reality is that there *could* be a diagnosis there that we don’t know about. I know there’s a stigma attached to mental illness but…It IS a reality for some people. I don’t know if it is for B, and we honestly may never know. (‘Cause it’s just not any of our business.)

  403. Amethyst Mine Says:


    LOVING the beans ipod i will copy this and send to whackjob geraldine. hope she doesnt give the c ontents to brit brit! snarrk about 6 hours ago from web

  404. MH Says:

    >>>I have a tendency to believe that Brit knows more than we think.

    I think so too.

  405. MH Says:

    >>>I hate to be a bummer…But the reality is that there *could* be a diagnosis there that we don’t know about. I know there’s a stigma attached to mental illness but…It IS a reality for some people. I don’t know if it is for B, and we honestly may never know. (‘Cause it’s just not any of our business.)

    nodding head.

  406. MH Says:

    I do believe the c-ship was need for insurance. I don’t think it was the first reason, but needed for tour, yes. I never expected them to let her go right after tour. They need to see how she does. I don’t think the personal c-ship will be around in 2011.


  407. MH Says:

    I think her biggest issues are lack of life skills and identity.

    who really knows.

  408. small hands Says:

    I’m under the belief that the conservators are not telling her everything.
    I’m wondering what will happen between now and Friday for Britney to be an emotional wreck when she is in front of the judge. That is me and how my mind works.
    This sounds like blackmail….the only way you see the kids and take them on trips if you are under a c-ship. And to that, I say WTF?!
    I seem to agree with Fantasy. I’m not sure if it’s because we both have followed Britney before she ever got married, had kids, divorced, lost custody, got put under a c-ship, etc.. I remember things from yrs ago that Britney has said, has done. It’s hard for me to sit here and say I trust all of this.
    I make no sense.
    Good Night :)

  409. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 1:03 am

    I think her biggest issues are lack of life skills and identity.

    who really knows.


    I think I’ve mentioned this one before…File it under the “TMI” category…But I just dated a guy off and on for the past 4 years. He came from a family where there was alcohol, along with physical and psychological abuse. He also had an ex who was abusive to him (they had kids, so he was stuck with her…and I’m pretty positive she’s a sociopath). Looking back, I should’ve bolted at the start…Know why? You just can’t shake that stuff. It does massive, massive damage to the brain, and creates behavioural patterns that are hard to shake. Dude would NOT get himself diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure he had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was perfectly fine for the first year…And then his ex found out about me. And for the next 3 years, every time she’d get mad at him it would be like a trigger (we’ve talked about the term “manic trigger” here before…Well I know EXACTLY what that’s like!) Dude would start shaking, go green, his defenses would go up like an iron wall and he’d be in “high alert” mode for weeks. I stuck around and stuck around, hoping he’d get better and finally learn how to be functional again (extremely dumb on my part). But no. And the sad part is, he just went back to that abusive ex. (Burn!)

    So what’s my point? Dude couldn’t make a good decision to save his life. Total lack of identity. Total lack of backbone. Can’t seem to see when people are lying to him, even when it’s painfully clear. (But he’s not always like that…only when there’s been a “trigger.” Otherwise he’s fine.)

    Does this whole story sound like anyone else we may know? I’m only going by what I read…But there seems to be a lot of similarities to me. Maybe it’s part of the reason I’ve always found this story so interesting.

  410. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    small hands Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 3:13 am

    I make no sense.


    I think you make perfect sense!

  411. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  412. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    “Candie’s Chief Marketing Officer Dari Marder Tweeted today claiming there’s big Britney news coming out tomorrow!”;

  413. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I’m back. Off to find Steel’s recap of the news as it happened.

  414. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I wonder how much we will see of Britney this week. If she goes out some pap is likely to ask why she didn’t show up last Friday. And they will ask her about this Friday. Yes?

    Odd about the diamond only from the perspective of (for me) where she was supposed to be and whatever money she was “given” to go out shopping and have a manicure.

    Vionnet Boutique. She was more careful than not about spending her money, asking the prices of everything and not buying anything that day that was over $500 — then we see her with her purchase from the jeweler (that’s what she got there right?) and how much would that be? She spent $3,000 at Vionnet.

    My diamond was $5,000 and it’s a shrimp compared to the diamond on the necklace if it’s real.

    She got to reward herself, “For me.” Well anyway, lawyers were there, enough for the judge to have disappeared into chambers and the judge continued whatever matter (source, TMZ) she had been planning to discuss.

    Steel. I am blown away with direct quotes from Goetz. What might have happened is that they didn’t get the quote direct from the judge but from someone else “repeating” something she had said. Maybe. If that’s the case then TMZ should have identified the speaker.

    Otherwise that’s bizarre that any judge would talk direct with TMZ when the state is paying them and others to make public statements within protocol. If the case were over, a judge talking to the media “might” make sense but otherwise the State pays an entire department call Public Affairs to talk with the media etc.

    The whole thing is fishy.

  415. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Anyone know who is representing CLC in the bean case?

  416. Amapola Says:

    There is no diamond.
    In addition, diamond is the name you give on a stone due to grinding. It can be sanded in brilliant form, and then called brilliant!
    That is, at most, a rock crystal.
    Only smooth-sanded.
    A simple but beautiful jewelry, that anyone of us can afford.

  417. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It’s sure not sparkly but not all diamonds are.

  418. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Snap. She left the jewelers wearing the bauble. It’s not what’s in the bag.

    Vionnet and good point, Ama.

    I fell for it again.

    How many times now? “They” say something I believe it.

    So easy.

  419. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. You mentioned sources.

    Every hunch in me says this one came from within side of the courthouse.

    Or does it. Oddly the computer system isn’t updating the system to reflect proceedings and upcoming events. QB. That’s an odd one for all of us.

    Meanwhile, TMZ TV broadcast these soundbytes tonight for tomorrow’s show.

    “Britney shopping spree”

    “May have found a way around the conservatorship.”

    I thought it was Harvey’s voice but it was fast and I don’t know.

    What’s with Nicholas Cage and the IRS? Another one?

  420. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Steel. You mentioned sources.

    Every hunch in me says this one came from within side of the courthouse.


    Okay…So what about the information in those stories makes you feel that way?

    (Just asking, as a legitimate question.)

  421. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t know how to put it Steel in round III of responding.

  422. Amethyst Mine Says:

    For MT.

  423. Amethyst Mine Says:

    @11:54 round III. And knowing others are with us. They were before as always but this new level of cheapness and others taking credit for being “investigative” is ridiculous.

    Steel. Let me put it this way otherwise to answer your question. I’ve been talking to public affairs for how long?

    I might know inside when I sense it? “Inside” didn’t know though the depths of what the hearing was about though did they? Low clerical worker?

    (sorry in advance if some of this seems, well… to talk while throwing the stupids off)

  424. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Or is it like this MT?

    If none of the above, still here. It’z okay.

    (On a Fergie run, sorry)

  425. Amethyst Mine Says:

    weak. I know sweetheart. Sorry.

  426. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH. Are you CERTAIN and others wasn’t there before?

    Odd if it was not and clue if it was added.

  427. MH Says:

    this is what harvey was talking about.

  428. MH Says:

    have already said what i thought on the issue of others.

  429. MH Says:

    the boy got an exclusive.;

  430. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    A new level of cheapness? lol

    I haven’t been reading around at other sites (don’t care to read along with the “stupids”…Heh, heh) so I can only imagine what’s being said.

    Have you nuked the fridge? Been playing with gerbils??

    If anyone’s saying anything it might be a bit of…projecting?? ;)

  431. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, I’m reading over those three stories (minus the jewelry shopping story) and you could be right. All of that could have come from someone inside the court house.

    But…There’s still something about it that seems “off.” The whole scenario…

    The fact that Brit was photographed jewelry shopping for a huge “diamond” at the time she was supposed to be in court. And now we have a story of her borrowing her bodyguard’s credit card to buy shoes…It’s making her look bad. Really bad.

    Why is the bodyguard allowing this? At this stage of the game, wouldn’t her bodyguards know that doing that is a big “no-no” and could get them in trouble? I mean, c’mon!

  432. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    P.S. How sad is it that in the past year girl made $35-million off of her 4-leg world tour, but she has to borrow a bodyguard’s credit card to buy 2 pairs of Steve Madden boots? I mean, we’re not talking about two pairs of Louboutins. We’re talking about two pairs of boots that even I can afford!

  433. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Geez, and even I don’t wear Steve Madden shoes because the one pair I ever owned were the most uncomfortable shoes in the world! I’ve been buying my uncomfortable shoes at Kohl’s, because if you’re going to get uncomfortable shoes they might as well be cheap!

    Sorry for the rant…Just trying to put Brit’s situation in perspective. Man, she must feel so humiliated every time she goes shopping! She deserves to be buying Louboutins…I want her to be able to buy Louboutins!! lol

  434. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And I know that other people will say, “Well, those are the rules. She’s clearly not well because she can’t abide by them.” But this has been going on for 2 years now, this $1,500 limit. And she’s worked her butt off over the past year.

    Are they giving her more leeway on things? Relaxing the rules a bit as a “reward” at all? Or is she still being given the same rules, as if she was a little kid?

    Man, do I ever wish I could be a fly on the wall for a day.

  435. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Sorry…the was the last one. lol

  436. Queen B Says:

    I would have thought the conservators would have increased her monthly allowance by now but maybe they feel it is important to curb her spending and it will teach her to spend her money wisely and not blow it all one purchase. It is not fair but that is probably their reasoning for the allowance limit.

    What I think it is interesting is if the conservatorship over the person ends, and the estate portion remains Brit will have her personal freedom but the same limited access to her own money which makes living an independent life very difficult.

    The conservators still don’t trust Brit to make the right decisionss which weighs in favor of them maintaining the entire conservatorship.

  437. Fantasy Says:

    I feel the same way about the Madden shoe’s/borrowing the bodyguards credit card thing. I mean, she is making more money now because of her fragrances, the world tour, and also she has (or Jamie on her behalf)re-signed with Candies for another year. You’d think the woman could get a raise. $1,500 a week will not be enough for her considering how she shops.

    Jamie is raking in $18,000 per month I believe. That is $4,500 a week for him if you exclude the office space income he also gets. It looks as if the same rules do still apply. Whether it is B’s allowance or the issue of her capacity. In her world it will forever be 2008. That’s awful.

  438. Fantasy Says:

    QB, hi. If you’re still there please tell me (just out of curiosity) how would she be able to have her weekly allowance bumped up by about $500?

    And also, when it comes to B re-signing with Candies it is Jamie who actually does the signature on the contract. Correct? I’m not saying or thinking that her being with Candies is something she does not want, I am wanting more clarity on how things go when it comes to business decisions. It’s still all Jamie’s doing?

    And if that still applies what will happen when B’s contract with Jive expires? Jamie’s sig or B’s?

  439. Fantasy Says:

    I meant if B wants to renew her contract w/ Jive.

  440. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, that is funny. I was getting my second cup of coffee this morning and wondered as to my convictions yesterday and thinking “she” meaning you was probably right.

    It was a small group that would have known. It wasn’t even in the computer on the judge’s calendar. This Friday’s session is also not there for public view nor is the proceeding from last Friday.

    Small circle of people. Judge, attorneys and their assistants and the department of public affairs.

    I was unconsciously having trouble believing that the well suited would be the culprits versus the less well-heeled. I don’t know why I varied when before I had been talking about a speed dial to the AP or in this case TMZ.

    About the credit card, it’s likely through BTI but Britney isn’t legally allowed to have her own card? The irony is stunning.

    Also this is the first I have heard of that $1500 allowance being in the form of a prepaid credit card? Or in the form of a credit card with a spending limit of $1500?

  441. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Fantasy Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 11:33 am

    $1,500 a week will not be enough for her considering how she shops.


    To me, it’s not so much her shopping habits as it is…status? She’s a world-class pop star. Yet there’s all these low-budget reality stars walking around with nicer clothes than she has. Yes, she lives in a nice house, and rides around in nice cars, and eats expensive foods…But something about the whole c-ship seems so…demeaning.

  442. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I am meanwhile thinking back to “Britney’s declaration” ala Michael Flanagan. Because she was in a c-ship her signature was no good so Flanagan signed instead.

  443. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Small circle of people. Judge, attorneys and their assistants and the department of public affairs.


    So here’s a question…

    How did the boy get a scoop on it? He posted it on BH before it even went up on TMZ. Correct? (Or no?)

  444. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I thought that he did, Steel, but I don’t have google alerts for “Britney Spears” and I didn’t check TMZ first. I came across the news on another website in doing a BS news search.

    Jordan’s calendar/time stamp also seems whacked so I can’t verify it that way.

  445. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    hmmm.. Jordan posted before TMZ did and I doubt he called the courthouse before he wrote it.

    Call it a hunch.

  446. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH. What are the cities associated with “in the Valley” please?

  447. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ok, it’s what I recall. I remember being annoyed and not understanding the action.

  448. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Nevermind, MH. Got it.

  449. Amethyst Mine Says:

    How fast did X17 ask if there had been a misunderstanding? I think it was before TMZ reported that there had been one?

  450. Queen B Says:


    As far as increasing Brit’s allowance, I would assume her attorney can make a motion for an increase or the conservators if they feel it is necessary which they probably do not.

    A few months ago, we speculated as to how Brit was getting her allowance. I think the credit card makes perfect sense. Jamie is likely the primary card holder. Brit is the secondary holder. The card is under Jamie’s name but Brit can use it like a teenager. It really is demeaning but that is her life.

    Jamie can monitor Brit’s spending and he pays the balance at the end of the month. Unlike a bank atm/debit card, the conservators do not have transfer funds into an account every month specifically for the allowance.

    Since Jamie and Andrew Wallet are co-conservators of the estate, anything having to do with money such as the Jive or Candies contracts require both of their signatures.

    If Brit tried to get out of those contracts after the conservatorship, she could be sued personally for breach of contract since the conservators have the authority to enter into business dealings on her behalf.

  451. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. Recording contracts aren’t made through estates they are made with people. Jamie is the sole conservator over his daughter, the person.

    I don’t think Andrew’s signature is required.

    I don’t meanwhile know how contracts made during a time when someone was “ill” or susceptible to undue influence, would be required to continue something that they didn’t personally agree to. But what do I know?

  452. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I would say that was a pretty effective campaign the other day between jewelry and manicures. I hadn’t realized how widespread the stories and what they promoted as far as incompetence had gone until I started attempting some translation.

    Here’s a snip from an Italian site.

    ‘Britney has not made and still found ways to occupy your day in another way: it was “caught” first to go shopping and then enjoy a beauty treatment to the hands in Calabasas, California.

    A questo punto ci viene da pensare che il padre non abbia tutti i torti a cercare di gestire meglio la situazione della figlia… Voi che ne dite?

    At this point there occurs to me that the father did not entirely wrong to try to better manage the situation of her daughter … What do you say?


    That’s just one example. It was a pretty depressing search in terms of impact and what fans are being led to believe.

  453. Amethyst Mine Says:

    The link.

  454. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, The next time you catch yourself reading comments by The Stupids, just think how much The Stupids actually sound like this:

    (Scroll to bottom for the note written in italics.)

  455. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ha ha!

    I am so glad you knew what I was talking about and no I haven’t nuked any fridges lately or met up with rodents.

  456. Queen B Says:

    I’m going to have disagree with you regarding the necessity of Andrew Wallet’s signature as co-conservator of the estate on any recording contracts.

    Estate equals money and Brit’s finances. Anything having to do with Brit’s money and assets requires Wallet’s consent. For example, when Brit agreed to give Kevin sole custody in addition to paying him 20k a month in child support Wallet’s signature is on those court documents because he and Jamie are in charge of the money outside of the Trust.

    Under the terms of the contrast, Brit gets a certain amount of money in exchange for recording x number of albums. Jive would need Wallet’s signature because the contract comes under the
    category of finances as the money will mostly likely be deposited into an account the conservators control.

  457. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. Why wouldn’t the money be deposited into the trust by default?

    Wallet may have some control over estate but not income coming in. I can’t visualize it your way.

    As well, Jamie Spears testified under sworn testimony that he makes all business decisions.

    He said nothing about consulting with Wallet.

  458. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Oh. Maybe the money gets first deposited into PBOC then moved to the trust? Some day I will talk to a wealth/business manager to try to understand money flow and how debt with the IRS could possibly occur.

    Steel. I think you would find this document enlightening in understanding the role of business manager. I found pages 4-7 particularly enlightening.

  459. Amethyst Mine Says:

    sorry ’bout that

  460. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, some other light reading. What’s the commonality?

    Were they all (and still are?) in trust of their business managers?

    Nicholas Cage purportedly only realized shz was hitting the fan when he hired a new business manager. I wonder what prompted him to switch.

    Anyhoo, FairNewsSpears

  461. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel (or anyone and that goes for all of the above)I hope you don’t mind if I have a little go at the Rubik’s cube.

    What if TMZ seeded JM?

  462. MH Says:

    i started reading the court doc and lost interest…but my question is…is howard grossman’s name in them? and is this his addy…10960 WILSHIRE BLVD, UNIT 3150
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90024…
    and does this name come up anywhere…GREEN LANTERN PROPERTIES TRUST

  463. MH Says:

  464. MH Says:

    nevermind. non-issue.

  465. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Sorry to bother anyone but the court dates begin to look interesting:

    Goetz to hear B and C matters on the same day? Rush. You know I need those dollars. Right now.


  466. Queen B Says:

    How can Jamie Spears make all the “business decisions” when he is only the co-conservator of the estate and by definition he and Wallet make the financial decisions together.

    Otherwise, how did Wallet rack up close to $175,000 in fees in only 5 months. He must be doing something. I do not know the exact nature of the relationship and how often they communicate but ultimately if the issue involves Brit’s conservatorship estate which encompasses all finances outside of the trust, his name is going to be on it.

    The whole reason Wallet is on board is because he has years of experiences managing estates. People have this misconception that Jamie is running everything and they blame Jamie all the time when in reality, Andrew Wallet has a major role to play when it comes to the estate.

  467. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Nifty find MH for some here.

  468. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. This is out of context. I am sitting on some news but I’m not saying anything if and when I print it. (fyi all, if it was truly exciting I would have posted it already so relax)

    What does the below mean about Wyle’s real role?

    Party Attorney
    In Re the Conservatorship of Britney J. Spears : Overview party

    Geraldine Wyle
    Hoffman Sabban & Watermaker
    10880 Wilshire Blvd
    Suite 2200
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Spears, James : Plaintiff and Respondent

    Joel Boxer
    Bird, Manella et al.
    1875 Century Park East
    23rd Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067-2561

    Jeffrey D. Wexler
    Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps
    601 South Figueroa
    Suite 3900
    Los Angeles, CA 90017-3101

    Geraldine Wyle
    Hoffman Sabban & Watermaker
    10880 Wilshire Blvd
    Suite 2200
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

  469. MH Says:

    Possible sanctions?

  470. MH Says:

    per FNS
    >>>No motions have been made to garner Spears custody since the conservatorship begin.

    why would there be…she’s under c-ship.

  471. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Exactly, MH. You are astute. Not everyone is.

  472. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    How can Jamie Spears make all the “business decisions” when he is only the co-conservator of the estate and by definition he and Wallet make the financial decisions together.


    Where did you get that idea? He is “only” the co-conservator over her estate?

    QB. For you and others. And trust me QB when I say I have cross-proof as to who has sole control over Britney the person.

    (we were all lolled into thinking he shared his role over conservatorship of the person with Andrew Wallet. That’s bullshit.)

  473. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. What???


    so i just wanted to address that fool @zack221 i willsay lester leaves shaq and sterisand alone possibly cos sterisands cousin adam is pboc, 3 minutes ago from web ‘

  474. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. From what position of authority are you making your statements from?

    You’ve provided no attribution. It’s cool if you want to be the attorney you say you are but also the person?

    I’m a person here every day. I’m not so much on FNS but that’s about to change: still it will be clear to viewers that I’m offering my opinion not something based in fact. I may back myself with fact and I will continue to write articles based on journalism but …

  475. Queen B Says:

    It is an established fact that Jamie Spears is the sole conservator of the person,(I do not mean to imply that he shares that role with Wallet) and co-conservator of the estate. I wanted to make a point that some people forget about Andrew Wallet and what role he plays and what authority he has.

    Jamie Spears is constantly criticized for the decisions he makes and how much money he earns meanwhile from July to November 2009, Wallet made about twice as much money than Jamie around $34,000/month.
    People question Jamie’s motives even though Jamie receives a flat fee while Wallet as an attorney is probably paid by the hour.

    Here is the authority for my earlier comments-

    From the “Handbook for Conservators”
    ” As conservator of the estate, you are responsible for managing the conservatee’s finances. Your role is to protect the conservatee’s income and assets by making sure the conservatee’s bills are paid, investing the conservatee’s money, making sure that the conservatee’s property is insured, seeing that the conservatee is receiving all the income and benefits to which he or she is entitled, and being sure that tax returns are filed on time.”

    In addition “keep track of how a trustee or other party is managing any of the conservatee’s assets in his or her control… periodically account to the court and to other interested person about income coming into the estate…”

    “People and institutions that need to be notified may include: the conservatee’s employer, if the conservatee is working”

    “When you sign a contract as the conservatee of an estate, you bind, or obligate, the conservatee’s estate, not your own.”

    I would assume that reviewing and then approving any potential contracts that would yield Brit income would come under “managing finances”. Obviously Brit has a manager and an agent who negotiate her contracts but when comes time to execute the contract, Wallet’s signature is needed because the money from the contract will be used to benefit Brit.

    Pre conservatorship, Brit signed her contracts. Now with the conservatorship, Wallet and Jamie do that for her.

  476. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ok, cool QB. I thought we jumped tracks as to authority.

    I’m still not convinced that Andrew signs contracts with Candies and the like. Seems he’s more about assets.

    It’s not her estate Jamie is signing off on to secure a contract with Candies. Doesn’t strike me that way anyhow.

  477. Amethyst Mine Says:

    From FNS, Aug 27, 2009

    ‘If the boutique’s employee is to be believed then TMZ used what was an ordinary shopping trip, by a superstar and her assistant, to create believable reasons for the conservatorship to last past November when Spears’s tour ends. Might TMZ be writing a script? Are they swaying public opinion now so there isn’t an uproar when the story about Spears’ freedom doesn’t break?’

    Nothing in context to you QB. Just a reminder to all.

  478. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Including me.

  479. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ““When you sign a contract as the conservatee of an estate, you bind, or obligate, the conservatee’s estate, not your own.”

    That is rather horrifying.

    Also, I wonder that there need be reform when it comes to that and to business managers and what they obligate their clients to or cheap them of through bad management: i.e., IRS taxes and being personally responsible for loans.

    Does your book meanwhile distinguish between professional conservators and family members?

    fyi to anyone. Howard W. recently completed a $5.6 million dollar purchase on behalf of Jason Kidd. A bank loan was made through Bank of America.

    If anyone followed the TMZ taxes link and Detroit news they might want to think about this “personally guaranteed” business.

    QB, I continue to be horrified as to your find. I imagine that and many other things led to the corruption in the state of California that the LA Times investigated as to fraud and negligence in re conservatorships State of California.

  480. Queen B Says:

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree but it is clear that the conservator of the estate does have the authority to enter into a contract on behalf of the conservatee and cannot be held personally liable if it is clear from the contract that he is acting in the capacity of the conservator of the estate.

    Conservators of the estate have the ability to take control over conservatee’s assts and income.
    They have a lot of power which many may find scary.

    There is no distinction made in the Handbook between professional conservators and non-professionals like Jamie. The bond requirement applies to everyone unless the court has waived it. However, there are certain steps which may require the assistance attorney.

    I believe that business managers often do have too much power but some celebs are too quick to cede total control of their finances to a third party so they do not have to worry about it. They do not monitor their accounts or review their tax returns and then they get ripped off.

    Going back TMZ, if you could compile all the stories from TMZ regarding when it is going to end, you can see they really have no idea and are just speculating.

    They finally admitted that no petition to end the conservatorship which is a necssary step. What if the so called “discussions” to end the conservatorship go nowhere. What if the conservators and judge discussed the issue and decided it was not good idea right now.

  481. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I thought CL said that Streisand wasn’t PBOC?

    As for whether or not B’s money is held at the PBOC…I’m guessing no. If there’s anything funky going on, I’m guessing that the funkiness is being conducted (or was conducted) separately from her actual bank account. If that makes sense.

    Remember, we’re probably dealing with two banks anyways – one for the Trust and one for the c-ship. More and more, I’m thinking it may have been the Trust that was messed with…If anything was even messed with at all.

  482. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    This was the address I had for Grossman (taken from the previous thread):

    c/o GLWG
    1880 CENTURY PARK E STE 200
    LOS ANGELES CA 90067-1602

    Last update: 2007-12-01

  483. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Okay, now I get the Green Lantern stuff.

  484. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  485. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Thanks, QB. It’s not like any of us were experts walking into this or that we will walk out as experts.

    Back to business managers I am looking at Lester K. I typed Howard W. yesterday but it was Lester that was CLC’s business manager.

    I am looking at records at the Maricopa Co. Recorders office online. There are a number of entries but Jason Kidd (basketball) pops up as a most recent transaction.

    Seeing those transactions I now have a better understanding of wealth, business managers and the power they may have. I can understand Nicholas Cage’s case better for example.

    I am not accusing Lester of anything — the local transactions just make it easier to understand the role of business managers and Lester is in my backyard.

    Hopefully I am understanding what I see. Joumana and Jason Kidd gave Knispel a power of attorney over their trust. Under that arrangement Knispel had the power to purchase, borrow and so on against the trust. Last year he borrowed $4,461,000 million plus interest from Bank of America (Richmond, VA but docs were prepared by BA Jacksonville, FL). The trust name is Paradise Valley Trust. The debt is due in full by September 2024. Here’s a picture of the house.

    From there it’s 20 pages of insurance, taxes, liens and who is responsible. The borrower. Aug. 26, 2009.

    What CLC complained of was that, I think, there was a bogus power of attorney in her case and I think there was another real one that she did sign which I believe she regretted based on her online activity.

    Anyway, it’s a little easier to see how someone could get bilked.

  486. Amethyst Mine Says:

  487. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH. I thought you in particular might like this one: a journalist and his unabashed love for TMZ. journalistic credibility scoop time/2457697/story.html

  488. Amethyst Mine Says:

    You can find it with these search words.

    TMZ building its journalistic credibility, a scoop at a time

  489. Queen B Says:

    In the past few days a number of negative stories about Brit regarding her mental instability and erratic spending have been written: Perez, TMZ and Hollywood Gossip.

    My conclusion is that certain media outlets are exagerrating if not fabricating stories in order to explain or justify the continued existence of the conservatorship.

    I found the Hollywood Gossip article to be particularly troubling because it implies Brit is on her way to being committed again. Further, the story contains a number of inacccuracies:

    1) the conservatorship was not extended because it was not set to expire because it is permanent
    2)there is no way Brit’s estate will be worth 1 billion in three years when she is not even worth 100 million now
    3)it is unlikely that the conservatorship will continue for 3 more years but who knows

    It seems like the media is turning on Brit again. After months of positive story the tone is starting to become negative.

  490. Fantasy Says:

    Hollywood Gossip picked up that story from last week’s National Enquirer. HG doesn’t print original stories. They get their stories from mags or blogs, etc. Yes, blogs and tabs have been giving Britney a hard time for these past few weeks. But I guess that is to be expected. Every celeb has their ups and downs with the media.

  491. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Actually QB there’s often been an element wherever the tabloids could of stirring that old stuff up again.

    You could have just written my blog today. By the way, if the Associated Press (cough) had run the story it would have killed the story throughout the world that Britney done’gone had her nails done in lieu of meeting with the judge.

    Sidenote. Top chef goes to MH from yesterday.

    I am not detailing anything here. I’ll either write an article or wait for someone else to do it. I haven’t decided yet. I am glad to be back in school and thrilled to be taking a straight news class again. I mean how do you get your mind off Britney and you guys and try to think of a destination piece?

  492. Amethyst Mine Says:

    “You could have just written my blog today.” Hope you know that what you wrote was one of those blogs I was thinking about. I agree with your entire post.

  493. Amethyst Mine Says:

    For the ambitious (most likely SM and QB)

    Rod Stewart. It’s a rough read but his business manager was Lester.

    QB. I am wondering how so many didn’t show up for their deposition. I keep hearing here and there that there was some address… not particularly to this case but …

    Sam had Britney’s mail. Jamie and whomever now have Britney’s mail. That’s a sidebar but when you are required to be in court isn’t a notice send? Or does a verbal… I mean just how the hell did this happen? I am glad Goetz dug in her heels. Even she must now .. enough is enough and if she’s well enough to pull off tours etc. then she may as well as be in court. Hell. Court isn’t going to hurt her at least not any more… as far as appearing. Health wise.

  494. Amapola Says:

    Quenn B
    “…….It seems like the media is turning on Brit again. After months of positive story the tone is starting to become negative.”

    I’m not surprised. Media are f****ng mad at Britney for not having access to her life anymore.
    They found no one who is as well to enlarge the life of. Making an ongoing media serial of.
    Nobody else has the same charisma as Britney have = No one sells better than she.
    She is ruining them (the media) think, when they can not feed themselves at her.

    There are plenty of immature men and women working in the media. If one read the texts that are accompanied in the often fake pictures, it´s pure diabolical evil leave.

    And those, who writes all the atrocities perhaps fparents also??!! Go home and hug their children after spilling s*it on people. The job is pure bullying. And lies.
    I wonder how their children will become? What values they give to their children? Double standards is one thing that is certain.

    The sad thing is that this kind of texts entertain so many people around the world. And you get disgusted..

  495. Fantasy Says:

    I really shouldn’t post this but…here it is.

  496. Fantasy Says:

    All right. I really wanna talk about this. How much of what is written is truth and how much lies and how much a mixture of both? I’ll never know. I can only dismiss a,b,c and think there’s some truth to x,y,z.

    I haven’t felt like B is being weird again. But I did sense that she may (based on pics) be feeling glum or lonely. So, how much of that stems from a mental disorder and how much from having a broken spirit because of the restraints that exist because of the conservatorship? How much of it is fame? I guess it’s not for me to know.

    I had to search for vids of the little Stewie character the Sun has written about her mimicking. He’s a cutie! Looks like a fun show.

  497. Fantasy Says:

    It sounds like another BS story. I read it, questioned it, and have dismissed it.

    Britney’s been hanging out (I guess that’s what she does) at the Mondrian off-and-on for a while. One site even counted that she’s been there 6 times in two months. Is this such a bad thing?

    Anyway, I hope B presents herself well in front of Goetz on Friday.

  498. Amethyst Mine Says:

    This is all such bullshit and I wish Steel would come right back (and she will I know… we all need breaks) but serious. Part 3 Jan 20.


    The story “now” (MH you listening?) is that the lawyers were concerned about so much media attention.

    God. It’s all crap. Ama, can you comment on any of this more relevant stuff? You used to be super sleuth.

  499. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Fantasy at 8:01

    Try that comment on BAD and I promise they’ll come up with 2009 sitings beyond and before now.

    That’s just the way they are. They know.


  500. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama, what I mean is you were more of an asset. I don’t know how to explain that. There’s nothing wrong with what you are posting but I would so love your current opinion on TMZ and the analysis of their stories from the other day.

    You used to be razor blade. I miss that side of you.

  501. MH Says:

    where’s adnan?
    what’s he been doin?
    how’s he been doin?

  502. MH Says:

    mike ripped harvey a new one…told him he was a terrible boss/hard to work for/like james cameron…or something along those lines. it was tense.

  503. small hands Says:

    I am kind of lauging at all these latest stories. The whole credit card thing, the accent at the hotel, etc…I mean really? I’m guessing that I’m suppose to start thinking Britney is crazy and out of control…and OMG no wonder she is need of a conservator! How appropriate and I’m not shocked. I will sit here LMAO until Friday and beyond.

  504. small hands Says:

    “Major fistpump! Pauly D, the perfectly coiffed guido from MTV’s Jersey Shore, has inked a deal with Britney Spears’ former manager, Larry Rudolph.”

    When did Larry become her former manager or is it bad info on there part?

  505. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Nice one, Small!

  506. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 20th, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    The story “now” (MH you listening?) is that the lawyers were concerned about so much media attention.


    That’s not much different than this, is it?

    “We were told her people didn’t want her to show because Brit would be besieged by reporters.”

  507. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’m outta tha loop. It’s been one of those days. Hopefully tomorrow will be uneventful and I’ll be able to catch up.

  508. MH Says:

    >>>That’s not much different than this, is it?

    exactly. that’s why i didn’t respond.

  509. small hands Says:

    “Friday is Freeday”

    He is setting himself up for a fall. Disappointment.

    But hey, I hope I’m wrong.

  510. Fantasy Says:

    JM wrote that very well. But where’d he ever get the idea that “Friday Is Freeday”?

    Yesterday on TMZ Live one of them said that they’d be there live streaming the event. I took that to mean her arrival. I’ll wait and see what exactly tomorrow amounts to. Anyway, good luck B.

  511. Fantasy Says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me?

    and then…

  512. Queen B Says:

    If Jordan think that Friday’s meeting with Goetz will mark the beginning of the end of the conservatorship, he will be sadly mistaken.

    The fact that Brit may be unhappy with the terms of the conservatorship and her lack of freedom by itself is not enough to change the terms.

    A conservatorship by definition exerts a tremendous amount of control over the conservatee but it exists because it is believed to be in the conservatee’s best interests.

    If Brit tells Goetz “I don’t like that my dad is running my personal life. I don’t like my security detail. I want to do what I want and go where I want. I want to be able to control my own money etc” .

    Goetz may say ” Well, Ms. Spears, I understand how you feel, but the court finds the conservators are acting in your best interests and have done a wonderful job managing your affairs therefore the conservatorship is a good thing and should continue”.

    I do agree with Jordan about the “pretend boyfriend” comment.

  513. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  514. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What a ridiculous story.

    Re TMZ: I was referring to the ping ponging story. First it was the media. Then it was a misunderstanding. Now we’re back to the media.

    All told we’re now at there was a concern about the media and it was thought everyone agreed to postpone but (and this comes now from WENN Entertainment) the judge is very angry at Britney.

    QB. You were right about the upsurge in negative press between Friday and today. I could see it much more clearly today like a punctuation mark or spike in activity.

    I read one this morning as produced by Asian News. It said that Britney was staying at a posh hotel and using the babysitting service etc. while meanwhile her kids were catching the flu. Bottom line is it made her look like a bad mother.

    I guess Lou didn’t know how to style Britney’s extended stays at the hotel. That left Britney unprotected as a “client.”

  515. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. This is a refresher for your files. You probably don’t need it but I forgot that BTI belongs to Jamie.

    ‘In other action, Goetz delayed until July 31 a hearing on a request by Bryan Spears and Taback to confirm that the living trust the singer established four years ago to hold most of her financial assets will also own the majority of her companies.

    Byam told Goetz that he and the lawyers for the conservatorship are in basic agreement that the trust will have no liability or responsibility for the actions of the Spears companies until they become part of the trust.

    The SJB revocable trust — which features the initials of the pop star in reverse — was established with Taback’s help in July 2004. She named herself as the sole trustee.

    However, her brother and Taback were assigned their roles Feb. 14 by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz in the midst of the 26-year- old singer’s psychiatric hold.

    If the Bryan Spears-Taback motion is granted, the SJB trust would be confirmed as the owner of such Spears busi-ness entities as Britney Brands Inc., Britney Films Ltd., Britney Online Inc., Britney Television LLC and Fairy Zone Productions.
    Although the singer’s interests in “substantial bank and brokerage accounts” were previously transferred to the trust, her interests in the business entities were not, according to the new court papers.

    It is important to transfer the entities to the trust in a short time frame because many are conducting ongoing business, have taxes due or past due and are parties to litigation, according to the trustees’ court papers.’

    City News Service, April 17, 2008
    (March ‘08)

  516. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ah to be fair, Commissioner Goetz does sometimes address the media after some proceedings.

    I wonder that sometimes TMZ simply has more money than any other organization save the AP so as to be at the courthouse. I have read the AP is well into the black. Still the courthouse is a beat for the AP so where is their report?

    small. I love your posts!

  517. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 21st, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Steel. This is a refresher for your files. You probably don’t need it but I forgot that BTI belongs to Jamie.


    That’s what I find interesting about this whole thing. Yes, BTI belongs to Jamie. But why are there two BTI’s and two Britney Brands?

    Does Jamie now have control over both? Or what’s the deal?

  518. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Possible sanctions. Now I get it.

  519. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Oh dear. That news wire I mentioned earlier has surfaced.

    This comes from “Published by HT Syndication with permission from Asian News International. For more information on news feed please contact Sarabjit Jagirdar at” which is a news wire sevice.

    Here is an interesting application of the “material” by a client?:

    Steel. I do not know the answer to your question. Britney Brands is for things like perfume and apparel. Her deal with Elizabeth Arden was set to expire in December 2009. Small detail.

  520. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Shoot. My other comment is in moderation. It wasn’t important.

    Meanwhile. Yep. It was partially dismissed. Not all of the suit was dropped just one particular area. They took what was remaining and consolidated two cases into one.

    I guess I just don’t have enough interest. Why does he fight so hard though? Is it like being in a casino? You know where you can’t leave the slot machine because so much is already invested?

    And what do those two have in common that they pal around together? Anyway, it’s not his first time facing that type of penalty. Last time however or at least when that particular word was used he was lucky not to pay atty. fees. That was in early 2008.

    I did find a new phrase though that for once didn’t have anything to do with another’s capacity as the primary reason for non-representation. Some things are more lasting than others and that was the reason. lol. It was a refreshing sentence to read by sheer novelty.

  521. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It has nothing to do with mothers.

  522. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    My question is, what does he know?

    There must be something more to it than what we’re aware of…??

  523. Amethyst Mine Says:

    What does he know and would he make it public? A number of docs were sealed at the federal level. He probably said alot back then.

    And what is the ongoing part of the case?

  524. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    As far as what he knows…Who else would be on the list of sharing the same information?


    And did CLC get her information FROM them, or did she come up with it on her own? I guess what I’m asking is, where her comments cross-proof, or simply regurgitated information from them?

  525. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Well, if she talked Jessica and Jessica said here is what I saw and experienced, then that would be cross-proof?

    I entered another court date. Lynne’s team is scheduled to make their opening brief on 2/10 for her appeal. Boy that was a long time ago.

  526. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. Maybe you will know this one. Lynne filed for appeal back in August. On Dec. 3 she asked for an extension of time and got it. The opening brief was then not due until Feb. 19. I guess she just got it in early and the opening brief was scheduled?

    She had already submitted 463 pages for her record on appeal in November.

  527. Amethyst Mine Says:

    @5:34 or at least something not to ignore when considering the possibilities. It’s otherwise hearsay re B. until Jessica saw it happen to her too.

  528. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    I was referring to this article:

    The part about Jessica I’m not much interested in (just personally, myself). If it happened, it’s Brit’s card to play, IMO. And she hasn’t played it, so I’m not biting on it.

    She DID, however, play the card referred to in the link. Or at least attempted to, via two different lawyers.

  529. Amethyst Mine Says:

    eek. I meant “unless.” Normally I’m not sensitive to perfection but that is a touchy subject.

  530. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Just for fun.

    What should I do if l witness someone violating the ordinance?

    If you are at a business, retail store or restaurant, please ask an employee to enforce the ordinance. If you are walking down the street or in another public place, you can ask the smoker to extinguish their cigarette, cigar or pipe. If you are uncomfortable doing so, or the person refuses your request, please feel free to contact City code enforcement at (818) 224-1723 or (818) 224-1724.

    Smoking in Calabasas. Radar really reached on that one. The city prefer to first warn, then ticket, then fine.

  531. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, we probably just forgot about this.

    ‘Britney Brands Inc. and Britney Touring Inc. are incorporated in New York and California.’

    Two BTIs and two Britney Brands. Did they move one to Norfolk, VA?,,1205920,00.html

  532. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Nope, there’s actually a separate one from the NY/CA location.

    Check it out on PeopleFinders > Business Ownership >
    “Britney” and “Los Angeles” and “California” Angeles&state=CA

    Look at businesses No. 1 & 2, as well as No. 7 & 8.

  533. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Not related to Britney so much as the business management side of the industry…From today’s issue of PopBitch:

    “>> Doin’ it for the kids <<
    Silverlake’s Celebrity Santa

    Celebrity ‘foundations’ are often little more than an exercise in tax-dodging and positive PR – a way of looking socially conscious whilst also laundering questionable cash flows all in one fell swoop.

    So it’s nice to hear that Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers not only helped establish the Silverlake Conservatory of Music in LA (a school that offers cheap or free music lessons to the local community), but he also acted as Santa and MC of their annual Christmas recital last month.

    Apparently he hung out backstage with the kids between acts, was very low-key about it all and was incredibly friendly and approachable. Awww."

  534. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Hey Steel. Any trouble with seeing Lou’s client list these days?

  535. Amethyst Mine Says:

    part I at the 1:00 mark

  536. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Client Profiles says it require certification…But the Client List is viewable.

    I see they’ve added “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” as a client. That’s a weird way of putting it. lol

  537. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I’ve actually gotta agree with everything Harvey said there…But the funny thing is, that’s EXACTLY what her team have done over the past two years. Make her into a Stepford Wife!

  538. Amethyst Mine Says:

    hmm…maybe she meant BTI.

    Meanwhile, way out there, they closed down the Phoenix airport due to high winds. We’re getting tons of rain. That would have been a more ironic reason for closure.

  539. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Yes, I was reading about our her disposition and behavior better through some news wire way back when like July 2008 and the conservatorship could end sooner than the end of the year or October or whatever.

    How did you like Mike piping in about hearing reports about the British accent? Then the reminder about paparazzi and celebrities dating? And welcoming tips.

    I am off to be studious. Finalcut Pro.

  540. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. I am mostly writing this hear because then I won’t need anyone to remind me.

    But remind sometime if I get too distracted to look at National Enquirer archives.

    I found an article today that didn’t get much coverage. A second person was convicted of looking at Britney’s medical records at UCLA. Apparently it is the first in history in the United States. They couldn’t find that he had sold it anywhere. He was a cardiac surgeon from China.

    The other person I read about was a nurse (don’t quote) but she plead guilty. She died of breast cancer before she could serve her time. She sold to the National Enquirer. Maybe something is there.

    I’d like to think the only reason she would have done such a thing was because she truly needed the money and was fraught trying to save her life. I don’t know. It’s a lot better than someone selling Britney out to upgrade their apartment.

  541. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. This is for you as I made a claim that TMZ etc. does get into the courtroom. Here are a few exhibits submitted in Orange Co., FL Johnny Wright v. Britney Spears.

    04/14/2008 Response

    04/14/2008 Exhibit(s)

    04/14/2008 Exhibit(s)

    04/14/2008 Exhibit(s)
    (they quote as a source)

    04/14/2008 Exhibit(s)

    (I wonder what Kaplan submitted in Los Angeles. Britney giving Tony Roma a lap dance the night before a hearing? It’s not inconceivable. Roma later denied the story but…What if Kaplan just made a joke in court while waiting for B. to show? There’s an unrelated case I saw but darned if I know where.)

  542. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  543. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Gosh. Is it me or was her tone nicer today?

  544. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  545. Fantasy Says:,,20338726,00.html

  546. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t think anyone told that bored person the training Britney had as a youth. She also must have missed the conversation some of us had on that. B is a professional. She’s a model, actress and moreover an entertainer. She’s also a nice person.

    Oh well sounds like a case of sour grapes for someone.

    No need to comment. Weren’t we supposed to be getting live feed by the way from outside the courthouse?

  547. Amethyst Mine Says:

    “”The commissioner just wants to see with her own eyes how Britney is doing, and to get a feel for whether Britney fully understands what’s going on in her case,” says L.A. probate lawyer Jeffrey S. Cohen, who’s not involved in the case.

    Now how would he know that and how often does he talk about this case that he “not involved in”? I did the same double take as last time thinking that it was Jerryl Cohen speaking and therefore credible.

    And what is it about this sentence the implies the blame goes onto Britney. I think it is the set up of the Cohen quote that the judge wants to make sure B fully understands and other b.s.

    “Spears was ordered to appear in court last Friday but pulled a no-show after a misunderstanding occurred with the court.”

  548. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Thank you, X17 and thank you, Fantasy.

  549. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  550. Fantasy Says:


  551. Amapola Says:

    I think the little sock man stands and huddle in the shelter of the rain, ready to throw himself in front of Britney’s car again if he gets a chance.
    Otherwise, it is most Brazilian kind of toutch, on the Portougise, heard

  552. Amapola Says:

    “”I think she will live the court soon, I think she will soon, her car leaving soon …”
    But she not. They are waiting in the rain .. On the Brazilian portuguese they talk about the paparazzi … paparazzi..paparazzi…

  553. Amapola Says:

    The talk about “what a different now”, against before. About paparazzi = Britney. “Maybe they get a dollar for a shot”?

  554. Amapola Says:

    One of them sing a little of “Gimme more”

  555. Fantasy Says:,,20338903,00.html

  556. Fantasy Says:

    Another semi-update.

  557. Amapola Says:

    One thing..She was lucky with the weather.

    I do hope she was lucky in more ways, in the court.
    Some day her life have to start again. She have been so brave and worked so hard.

  558. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It’s over. Britney has left. And I am the first to report. lol.

  559. Fantasy Says:

  560. Fantasy Says:

    Seems the main point of discussion was a request to allow the auction, to benefit Haiti, of a dress that Britney wore to the MTV Music Awards in 2008. The request was granted by the judge.

    They’re kidding, right? Can’t be true.

  561. Fantasy Says:

    Does anyone know how often the status hearings occur? Just curious. The OK! story is interesting. People mag wrote that B was all smiles when entering the courtroom. Did she really leave upset? And why? I totally hope that is not true. Probably…probably not.

    It’s great that her dress is being donated. That’s cool.

    TTYL. :)

  562. Fantasy Says:

    Oh. At 8:34pm I was talking about the “main point of discussion” paragraph. Not about her donating her dress for the Haitian earthquake relief effort.

  563. Amethyst Mine Says:

    “Does anyone know how often the status hearings occur?”

    It doesn’t. I think April 2009 was the last time and Britney sure wasn’t there or even rumored to be.

    Ridiculous news tonight.

  564. small hands Says:

    Maybe Britney loves the way her life is now. I wouldn’t, but she might. So I’m a bit done with it all. I’m not gone, I will still post from time to time.
    LMAO like I said I would.
    I’ll be back tomorrow lol.
    Enjoy the weekend everyone.

  565. Amethyst Mine Says:

    In France, she plays with fire.

    Last week’s news.

  566. Amethyst Mine Says:

    This might be the most accurate I have seen – even side by side with the AP now. It explains how Ingham came to “talk to the press.” ha ha

    City News Service, Inc., January 22, 2010 Friday 4:18 PM PST Lexis Nexis

    Britney Spears will donate the dress she wore at the 2008 Music Video Awards to be auctioned off to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief, her attorneys told a court commissioner today.
    “She was very enthusiastic about making a donation for the Haiti relief,” the singer’s court-appointed conservatorship attorney, Samuel Ingham, told Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz after a closed conservatorship hearing in which the pop star was present.

    The commissioner signed an order allowing the dress to be auctioned, as well as a second order permitting Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, to dispose of unspecified property no longer needed by the estate.

    Spears was not present when the hearing was reopened to the media. Goetz said the singer left early to be with her children.

    Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet are co-conservators of the entertainer’s estate. She has been under a conservatorship established after exhibiting bizarre behavior in early 2008, but last year she went on a concert tour and her lawyers have said her mental health has improved dramatically.

    The commissoner announced no immediate change in her conservatorship, meaning her father and the attorney will remain in control of her finances.

  567. Amethyst Mine Says:


  568. Amapola Says:

    There’s a new BS Alert! See who’s full of it at 3 days ago

    21 jan ->

  569. MH Says:

    jordan’s version is slightly different from the original article, but not by much.

  570. MH Says:

    the boys speak. one likes it, the other not so much.

  571. Fantasy Says:

    The older the boys get the more they look alike. Cute.

  572. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Someone needs to combine the story of Britney telling the paps to turn their cameras and this one.

  573. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Let’s not forget about this one.

    $17 M IRS Audit
    None payment from the trust on rent
    Ignoring legal documents from Orange Co.

    Anything else that made the airwaves?

    We used to think it was all her own doing. I remember us talking about it and whether she had a CPA etc. to pay the bills.

    Through Courtney, then Nicholas Cage and others we get the gist of what a business manager is.

  574. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I am happy to say that the commissioner does not speak directly to the media on a current or pending case such as Britney’s.

    The person that I talked to at the courthouse says TMZ does that all the time, in making it seem they had the exclusive in quoting a commission or a judge.

    I’m still waiting to talk with another person at the courthouse, but I am glad to dispel what was a disturbing notion about the commissioner talking direct to TMZ. TMZ should have been more transparent. If they were quoting her it was something she said aloud in open court.

  575. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 26th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    $17 M IRS Audit
    None payment from the trust on rent
    Ignoring legal documents from Orange Co.


    Well, at one point fingers were being pointed at Grossman. But I’m guessing it wasn’t necessarily his fault. I’m guessing the problems happened during the switchover from the previous set of Trustees/CPA’s to Grossman.

    There’s still a story there…Somewhere.

    And I don’t know if anything else made the airwaves…But I’d love for CLC to clarify what she meant when she said Brit doesn’t receive royalties for anything but Blackout.

  576. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. I was trying to find you a link back to when Radaronline I think released a copy of accounting and expenses.

    I named it accounting May 15, 2009 but it’s dated June 5, 2009. With so much more knowledge it’s more insightful to me anyway than it was.

    I hope you can find it or saved a copy. There’s a section called Royalty Audit.

    Meanwhile here’s an insightful article as to trusts. It helps to understand what CLC has been trying to say which is the trust doesn’t give Francis enough money or they weren’t.

    QB, you might find the article interesting as well.

  577. Amethyst Mine Says:

    p.s. I meant to draw your attention to two entries for Feldman.

    If you just can’t find it there are a few more entries for another firm for “royalty audit Song BMG Music Ent. (Zomba) and another line for Signatures Network. That’s it. Just the two. There’s two entries for Feldman. Some entries say DTD Sony Music. Not sure what DTD is.

  578. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Maybe it’s distribution? There are numerous entries with DTD.

  579. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    That article on Farrah’s trust is quite interesting.

    Now I see what CLC might have been getting at – that Frances wasn’t getting much out of the trust, and thought that by siding with her new guardians she might get more.

    It’s also interesting that Vile may have helped set up the trust to begin with.

    Do we know who helped set up the SJB trust? (My mind is going fuzzy on this one…I should know this…) Were Feldstein or his former partner involved in setting it up at all? Or did they not come in until after Ms. Smith had backed out of it in Dec. ‘04 in Virginia?

  580. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Oh. Feldman. Same guy? My mind went to Cory Feldman…When it should’ve gone to Feldstein?

  581. Queen B Says:

    Going back to TMZ’s quote, I always assumed that TMZ did not have direct conversation with them as it would be highly inappropriate. TMZ wants to give the impression that they have the inside track on the conservatorship which they do not.

    Farah’s trust document is interesting and I see why a lot of celebs use them. Brit was being very prudent when she set up her trust. At least no one can say Brit would not have wanted Bryan and Ivan Taback to oversee her financial affairs.

  582. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Thanks, QB. I thought the same re inappropriateness but once again let myself be fooled. Isn’t there a fool me once… lol.

    Steel. I get confused by the lot of them but then CLC put a number of names out there. It was probably me and not you who got confused. Were you able to find the document? Anyway I don’t think there ever was a Feldman/Feldstein associated with the trust?

    And yes that article on Farrah really does help to understand what CLC and her daughter have been going through. The article helps makes sense of CLC’s claims.

    QB. Thanks for pointing out Brit’s prudence. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but then I knew so little about trusts and so on.

    It’s odd that Cage didn’t accuse his business manager or all out fraud. Or maybe he did. Did you guys read the document I posted on his lawsuit? I think he mostly just said he thought the business manager was really bad at his job and negligent.

  583. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 26th, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Steel. I get confused by the lot of them but then CLC put a number of names out there. It was probably me and not you who got confused. Were you able to find the document? Anyway I don’t think there ever was a Feldman/Feldstein associated with the trust?


    Haven’t had a chance to look for the document yet…

    But Feldstein and his former business partner Gelfand are associated with the Love Shack Trust at the very least. They are also named on BTI and Britney Brands.

    I’m interested to see if they are associated with the SJB as well. It could already be listed in this thread or the last. I’m losing track already.

  584. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Aha. I am sorry I could not come through for you earlier with a link but in the accounting?

    The entry is Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, Cagney.

    To be lazy is Sony Music a diff division Sony BMG Ent. (Zomba)?

  585. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ah, that’s where you got the Feldman from.

    Gelfand is a former business partner of Feldstein. And both Gelfand and Feldstein were associated with BTI, Britney Brands, Britney Films, Love Shack Trust…and who knows what else.

    Feldman just happens to have a name similar to Feldstein’s. I think.

    And yep. I think Sony is just the parent company of Zomba. (Being lazy, but that sounds right.)

  586. Amethyst Mine Says:

    so’k to be lazy. I get sick of perfection when it comes to conversation. We know when it counts but it’s good to just say hey, feeling a little lazy.

    I am glad to see us all be a little more relaxed.


    Cagney, thanks.

  587. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Ha ha. I thought the name of the accounting firm was “Gelfand, Rennert, Feldman & Cagney.”

    I’m not really blonde. I swear. ;)

  588. MH Says:

    from sam’s twitter. i haven’t read it yet. don’t know if it’s something we’ve already read online.

    SamLutfi Read the following on the familys loss in court. It should help explain
    about 3 hours ago from web

  589. MH Says:

    we’ve already seen the doc.

  590. Fantasy Says:

    A sketch of Britney in court last week.

  591. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Check out the artist’s rendition of her hair. And the crossed arms.

    Oh my. This isn’t a good sign.

  592. Queen B Says:

    This is for you.

    So last week the news was that Brit was in court for a status or progress report. Here what my “Handbook for Conservators” has to say about written status reports.

    “Some courts require conservators of the person to file status reports at the time the conservator of the estate files the account. Status reports are filed in court but they are confidential. They are not kept with the documents the public can see in the court’s regualar file”.

    The two year anniversary for the conservatorship is next week. Here is something interesting-

    “One year after your appointment [as conservator] and every two years after that, the court reviews the conservatorship. This usually takes place at the the time the court reviews the account and report.
    At that time, a court investigator visits the conservatee. The court investigator checks to see whether: the conservatee wants the conservatorship to end; the conservatee should still be in a conservatorship and the conservator is acting in the conservatee’s best interest.”

    I do not know if the December hearing can be classified as official “review” or when the next one is scheduled to take place but at least a probate investigator gets to or should her Brit’s point of view and reports back to the court.

    If we know when the conservators of the estate submit the accouting report, then we will also know the conservatorship and status report are being reviewed.

  593. Amethyst Mine Says:

    hmmm.. interesting QB. I wrote an indepth article last semester (still on the table ..not published anywhere) that took a broader point of view than usual. Broader meaning outside the Britney story and into family member conservatorships v. court appointed professional conservators.

    Remember when I posted from the LA Times investigation into conservatorships in California? New legislation was introduced as a result of their findings and incidents of fraud.

    Professionals, such as you are likely reading about, have to go through training and get a license. I was told by a/the professional fiduciaries (still feeling lazy so please don’t make me look it up) that family members don’t have to go through any training. Now here’s where things got tricky. I spoke to a court appointed investigator such as you reference. While she confirmed that the state still had a budget to cover yearly court-appointed investigators to go see the conservatee she would not confirm or give me any information about family members or “celebrities.”

    Why? What’s the secret? Was it from being burned by the LA Times’ investigation in the past or specific to … current events, e.g., people trying to figure out ways to get her out of the conservatorship. Anyway she turned icey and directed me to send a fax identifying who I am, the purpose of wanting the information and the questions.

    I followed through and she said I would have to talk to Allan Parachini. You remember him right? Dir of public affairs? The one that stood on the steps outside the courthouse during the custody trial …

    He has not returned my calls. He did acknowledge through his secretary that he was vaguely familiar with the fax but would have to get back to me. I was patient while on the inside I really hoped that he would talk to me because imagine the impact of making no comment or did not return calls on the subject. It makes it sound like they have something to hide when really it should be open information as to legislation and California law.

    I’ll find another source. My prof liked the article for the broad appeal and interesting information but it also begs the question of what if CLC was right but in the broader sense of who gets to be a conservator? What screening if any do they go through? What training? And would B have had more rights if she had had a court-appointed conservator (a professional fiduciary) than under a family member?

    I mean frankly I would have had fewer qualms a long time ago or along the way if I had thought B would get to talk to a professional from outside the team and from someone that wasn’t going to make money from her. I think the public would benefit from that kind of reassurance.

    Anyway, the governor’s office, some other person or agency, ought to be able to answer my question. Then maybe you have county versus state…. and I am back to LA Superior.

  594. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Is this what you are looking at, QB?

  595. Amethyst Mine Says:

    You know we probably looked at that handbook before… It’s just been such an ongoing learning curve or building blocks.

    I’m trying to think of the name of the building blocks/toys Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother gave him.

    Cagney has a Rubik’s cube while I’ve got my little building blocks that collapse to the floor for rearrangement.

  596. Queen B Says:


    The only benefit I see from not having a professional conservator over the person is that Brit is saving money. Most professionals such as attorneys charge by the hour. Jamie is non-professional therefore he gets paid a flat fee regardless of how much work he does which could be a good or bad thing.
    I kind of feel like that if you have a professional conservator they may feel more comfortable selling your assets because they have no emotional connection to you.

    I went to the national assocition to stop guardian abuse website/blog yesterday and I read this horrible story about a guy- he is an artist kind of like Brit but unfortunately he had a history of substance abuse and he gave his brother power of attorney to pay for bills.

    The brother used the POA to pay an attorney to institute a conservatorship.

    The conservatorship was granted- the guy’s due process rights were pretty much violated. He net worth was around $ 600,000 at the beginning and he has since lost almost 400,000 in two years due to paying the lawyers for the conservatorship, accountants, psychiatrist’s etc. His access to the phone, email etc. have been severely limited. Custody of his kids was threatened. His music equipment was sold.

    This guy like Brit appears to be totally coherent. He is in his mid 40s. He knows exactly what is going on and can do nothing to stop. He has defiantly defied court orders to submit to a psych eval. as form of protest which has backfired. Not only does have to pay the attorney the for the conservatorship but his attorney as well.

    His attorney believes once all the money is gone the conservatorship will be over as well. He plans on appealing the court’s ruling but overall the whole case is quite horrifying.

    Fortunately for Brit, she can afford to pay all the fees as they won’t bankrupt her.

  597. MH Says:

    Vania Stuelp — a former TMZ producer who is now the deputy public information officer for the L.A. County court system

  598. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I see your point, QB and I stand down. On the other hand the statistics are pretty bad for abuse from family members over others (strangers, professionals).

    I couldn’t find in the handbook or anywhere else that a the court does a background check or anything on a family member. I mean did Sam Ingham communicate Britney’s wishes to Goetz? Did he communicate past history? Who tells or told Britney’s side?

    And what was with the dates her dad sent her on?

  599. Amethyst Mine Says:

    oh wow. Thanks, MH. There’s not a real lol in this but I could see why she hasn’t returned my call.

    Interesting that she left TMZ for …the courthouse. Seriously, could the money have been better or was it just higher purpose? Did she leave on good or bad terms? We’ve talked about TMZ before.

    That’s just odd.

    So many twists in this case. Steel, how is that Rubik’s cube?

  600. Queen B Says:

    I see your point as well. I think for financial matters it is a good idea to have a family/non-family member involved. I really like the way Brit set up her trust with Attorney Ivan and Brother Bryan as successor co-trustees. Ivan can give his professional opinion based his experience and education and Bryan’s opinion is based on knowing Brit all of his life.

    Problems arise when you have one person controlling all of the money because that can lead to corruption which is why I think having two conseravators over Brit’s estate is a good idea.
    Jamie and Wallet can check each other and they know what the other is doing because both of them have to give their approval on estate matters.

    We all know Adam Streisand tried to explain to Goetz why Brit did not want her father as her conservator but Goetz dismissed him because she found Brit lacked capacity to hire an attorney therefore Streisand could not speak on her behalf.

    I do not remember why Brit opposed Jamie but I guess it is because they were not close or were on bad terms which is not necessarily a reason why he should not be her conservator if the discord between he and Brit is based on the fact that he felt she had serious problems and needed help and she disagreed and cut him out of her life which is what she did to Lynne even though she and Lynne have always been close and have had a good relationship.

    Either way, I do not know how comfortable Brit would be having a stranger managing her personal affairs. Streisand suggested a bank/Grossman to handle her financial affairs but who would act as the conservator of the person.

  601. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Why does Ms. Stuelp’s name sound so familiar?

  602. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Queen B Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Streisand suggested a bank/Grossman to handle her financial affairs but who would act as the conservator of the person.


    I’m guessing Brit didn’t see a need for a conservator of the person in the first place. And she probably STILL doesn’t.

    Can’t say I blame her.

  603. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I guess Ms. Stuelp’s been at this for a while…

    Oct. 28, 2008:

    “The permanent conservatorship doesn’t have a set date to expire,” court public information spokeswoman Vania Stuelp tells E! News.

    “In order to make it go away, someone has to petition the court. It was supposed to expire on Dec. 31. It’s not anymore.”

  604. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. Vania’s name might be the more recently familiar because she has been my source at least twice at FNS.

    She’s the only one who can say what happened last Friday to the media and say it with authority. B/Goetz was her assignment.

  605. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It was Vania, who in being a public servant, prepped and ready as far as what as what is public information, more or less helped to destroy a recent report by TMZ through FNS.

    She was doing her job. There are no favors out here. No money.

    TMZ never made her a star before so what gives now … and how come the bailiff didn’t recognize her position? Odd.

    I just posted to TMZ that I don’t think she’s a mole as some are accusing. Wasn’t that what was implied indirectly?

    I don’t think she is a mole by any means. My impression was that she enjoyed her responsibilities in working with the commissioner.

    She works very closely with the commissioner(s) so they, the public affairs department, are prepared to talk to the public.

    Retaliation much? TMZ’s singling her out and revealing her past association with them is … odd.

    I don’t know. Maybe she was a mole but stopped.

    The bigger thing for me personally is who works at the courthouse. Why are they hired. How are they screened. Theme of the day: background.

  606. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I think she was targeted. TMZ is not random. Anyone?

  607. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    TMZ’s singling her out and revealing her past association with them is … odd.


    That was my first reaction.

  608. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. She’s the only person who can talk about Spears is my understanding. She’s not the only person who works with Goetz but she is the only person qualified to speak about last Friday.

    The only one.

    You can call and ask .. and get some general information or a person you reach might ask the judge but Stuelp is in position re Britney, often.

    The courthouse is not commenting in general on this story. It might be worth exploring and explaining the role of those who talk to the media and the fact the commish never does.

    It would be fair to put Stuelp’s position into context and ask about TMZ. But what’s with this bailiff and also video … a camera is a camera. Surely the judge or commissioner can see (and how cute — “The videotape was never confiscated. Those damn French.”)

    It’s reminiscent of TMZ’s coverage of the Mendoza case. I’m a little site but they rationalized Mendoza coming back later for a lawsuit saying “business is business”?

  609. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Anyway, why expose her work history? TMZ? A producer? Smarts of retaliation.

  610. Fantasy Says:

    I thought of this, Am.

    Fair News Spears 12/7/2009

    Well written, of course, but could someone (HL?) have taken offense to having a former producer basically confirm that what was being written at TMZ really isn’t what they make it seem? I am really reaching. I know. But truthfully, it doesn’t seem to make any sense as to why TMZ would put this story up other than to specifically call Vania out to the public and further humiliate her.

    Who was the french camera crew and who or what were they attempting to film in court? A celeb? And why did the bailiff react so harshly? It is just so unusual.

  611. MH Says:

    if they didn’t disclose their history with her and you later found out about it…you would have had a problem with that too. tmz will never win in your eyes.

  612. MH Says:

    you say expose, i say disclose.

    i’m not saying their is or isn’t something to what you’re saying…i’m just thinking it would have been a problem with you no matter what they did.

  613. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Yes, Fantasy. Through a source at the courthouse I created skepticism and a dink in the power of TMZ.

    Britney is not just anyone. She’s gold, always has been for TMZ ratings and profits. I think about how long this c-ship exclusive crap could go on and the ratings to be had as sole provider of info.

    FNS, as tiny as it is, creates doubt in TMZ’s reporting based on comments in the blogosphere and common sense. It’s never happened to them before that I know.

    It’s remarkable that hasn’t called bullshit on a single TMZ story (maybe it’s time for a call?). And they’ve got up to 80 stories stamped bullshit now?

    Is there a financial connection between Buzz Media and TMZ? Buzz Media runs Google it.

  614. Fantasy Says:

    MH @8:03pm-
    I understand what you are saying but I can’t help but think that this shiz is personal.

  615. MH Says:

    ps…my last comments for for you AM.

  616. MH Says:

    >>>MH @8:03pm-
    I understand what you are saying but I can’t help but think that this shiz is personal.

    could be, but i doubt it.

  617. MH Says:

    tmz is not alone in what they do, how they get info, how they write stories, being in bed with people…pretty much every outlet does it.

  618. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    The whole story is odd.

  619. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH. It seems to break your heart to see cracks in TMZ’s helmet and body gear.

    I haven’t heard of any other “news” organization being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, but I suppose you will defend Levin’s actions there too.

    “…the Los Angeles Times reported that Levin made eight calls to the home of Deputy James Mee, who arrested Gibson, and Mee made two calls to numbers belonging to Levin.”

    City News Service, Oct. 19, 2009.

    Yes. I suppose you do.

    Can you not talk about how odd this is otherwise? Vania does not deserve this. She’s not above any of us or below. She seems to take her job seriously yet there is something personal and damaging in TMZ’s report.

    I don’t understand your sense of rationale and/or enjoyment. I don’t understand your point of view or lack of interest or ability to discuss the oddity of their report. Instead your defense of TMZ comes across rather than what seems a wrong that was done against the only person who has the authority and experience and who is prepared, as a public servant, to answer to the public.

    You are also limited in what you SEEM to deem a 100% condemned point of view from me when it comes to TMZ.

    Tell me. Do you turn ill when stories by TMZ are proven untrue? Are you one of those who relish TMZ taking other people but can’t stomach when it’s TMZ that’s the one to stumble?

  620. Amethyst Mine Says:

    It would be really cool if you could agree that when they are wrong they are wrong.

    I already twittered that TMZ reported incorrectly that Vania is “the” deputy information officer.

    Don’t you see there is something odd about their story?

    Expose, disclose how about exposing them for what they’ve done. Lied to you and you defend them, cling or whatever. Two years at this and TMZ is what you press to your heart?

  621. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Now I have a mental picture of MH and Harvey spooning naked on a bed of rose petals.

    And picturing Harvey naked is something I never wanted to do. lol

  622. Steel_Magnolia Says:


  623. Amethyst Mine Says:

    To be fair, who knows what happened. I can’t don’t trust TMZ. Do you, MH?

    Maybe she was having one of those days. Maybe the bailiff was having one of those days but handcuffs?

    On a public servant? By the way, don’t the burglaries or crime case she was sitting on have to to with Lindsay and company? I think TMZ forgot their link.

  624. Amethyst Mine Says:,0,4570430.story

  625. Amethyst Mine Says:

    That’s uncool by the way. Who lifted whose information in the reporting, and/or, why is the language similar and inaccurate?

    Ah geez. Richard Winton.

  626. MH Says:

    >>>MH. It seems to break your heart to see cracks in TMZ’s helmet and body gear

    I don’t see the cracks, as you call them, in the same way that you do.

    I don’t think the story was that big of a deal.

    Are you gonna bash on the LA Times and call and twitter the world cause they used the word “the” too. It’s not that big of a deal.

    Your example of them being investigated is lame, loose at best. They all do it. It’s common place in the industry. I think you are going to be very disappointed if this type of thing is what you continue to focus on later in your career. Maybe it works for you and the passion will continue, great if it’s your thing. I think you are bigger than the whole media thing. I think you could be good at things that matter more.

    By the way…I think the bailiff is in charge of the courtroom and if he asks you to do something you should do it. She is below him, right? Court hadn’t started yet, she could have taken her concerns to the bailiff if she wasn’t getting the result she wanted.

    I don’t like everything TMZ does, but I do think they do a great job on a lot of fronts. They give me what 200 other sites don’t. I like the legal stuff a lot.

  627. MH Says:

    >>>Now I have a mental picture of MH and Harvey spooning naked on a bed of rose petals.
    And picturing Harvey naked is something I never wanted to do. lol

    oh man… that left an ugly imprint in my head. yuck. lol

  628. Fantasy Says:

    Britney & Kevin- $50,000 Up For Grabs

  629. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    MH Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 2:09 am

    oh man… that left an ugly imprint in my head. yuck. lol


    In mine it was more like a scene out of Wedding Crashers. I have no idea what you look like, so you’re now being played by Isla Fisher.

  630. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH @ 2:07 a.m.

    I don’t want another case like this.

  631. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Re Adnan.

    01/25/2010 Notice-Order to Show Cause (RE DISMISSAL ) Filed by Attorney-Plaintiff

  632. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. I think Sam Ingham IS the court-appointed investigator so it’s not like an independent party paid or pays Britney a visit(s).

  633. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I should have put a ? behind that even if I did say “I think” …

  634. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. That illustration of her is legit and your comments were on target.

    She might have just crossed her arms while she waited. The illustration was from before things began and the press including the illustrator got tossed out.

    oh dear on the hair

  635. Queen B Says:

    In the beginning Ingham was the court appointed probate investigator and he then became Brit’s court appointed attorney.

    I would assume that one of Ingham’s duties is to keep Brit informed about the legal aspects of her case and to report back to the court her opinion on matters such as Brit’s lack of objection to the accounting report or to the conservatorship becoming permanent.

    Ingham technically is not an independent third party because his ethical duty of loyalty is to her alone. He does represent her interests in court and he is the only one authorized to speak in court on her behalf because everyone else either represents the conservators or trustees.

    I remember that Ingham’s was allowed to charge Brit a flate fee of $10,000 per week to represent Brit. It seems like a lot but because he is paid a flat fee, Ingham does not have an incentive to bill excessive hours since his pay does not change regardless of how much work he does.

  636. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB, you are talkin’ so high fallutin’ these days — it’s wonderful. You have an admirable, clear and understandable voice. I am proud of you.

    For the record, I have heard from at least one source say that he has her best interests at heart. I try to keep that comment in my mind but some days or rather minutes are more challenging than others depending on events.

    Steel, do you or anyone think B might have intentionally looked bad? I begin to wonder. That could not possibly behoove her. I’d like to think it was deliberate but.. I am shaking my head.

    Is it really possible B made it into the courthouse with no pics? Her team is getting more savvy I guess.

  637. Queen B Says:

    I have always believed Brit had the ability to go to court without being photographed because she enteres the court via an underground parking structure in an SUV with tinted black windows.

    Once inside court, no one is allowed to take any photos or videos without prior court approval which is the rule that led to the scuffle between the public information officer and the deputy sheriff over the French film crew.

    I do not think the sketch makes Brit look bad. I think the media cares more about what she looks likes and wears than she does. Looking good is a part of Brit’s job but when she is not working, she favors a more laid back style.

  638. Amethyst Mine Says:

    QB. I was trying to say something to you all without saying it. It was first hand information.

    I didn’t want to write it out as I heard it because I didn’t want to risk anyone lifting the information from here and reprinting it.

    I can’t ask B’s side of it and the person who told me …didn’t want to seem mean so she agreed with my stance that I wasn’t going to put her comments verbatim into a story. I think she was just talking anyway. It might be a little more clear tomorrow. I have a story to get up.

    Meanwhile, I have different story up.


  639. MH Says:

    AM, thanks for the Adnan info.

    somethings off here…i’ll let you find it…see it?

    Earlier this year Ghalib plead no contest to criminal charges filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office against him early last year for hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident the incident. Two other felony charges against him were dismissed as part of a plea bargain. He served some time in jail on Los Angeles at the end of November and was released Dec. 3 as part of his sentence.

  640. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Steel, do you or anyone think B might have intentionally looked bad? I begin to wonder. That could not possibly behoove her. I’d like to think it was deliberate but.. I am shaking my head.


    I’ve been wondering about this for years now.

    It’s not like she doesn’t KNOW what looks good on her and what doesn’t. She’s been working with the top stylists and make-up artists for years.

    It makes me think she, a) purposely dresses bad to tick others off, because she’s stubborn, or b) there’s a diagnosis we don’t know about…or c) that she’s doing a) because of b). If that makes sense?

    Either way…I saw the hair in person at her concert, and MAN, it really made me wonder how they allowed her out on stage like that. It was really, really visibly bad. (And I’m not saying that to be mean…It’s just the truth.)

  641. MH Says:

    AM, I couldn’t care less about this story, but thought you might.

  642. MH Says:

    arrrg wrong link.,0,7758444.story

  643. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Grammy weekend.

  644. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH, saw your opening words and thought to respond without reading anything more.

    YEH. I sat in class for three hours and that’s what I thought about.

    I fixed it. Also got a short clarification from the attorney so that worked out well.

    I also added a little more information (stuff we know about but others may not.)

    Okay back to reading. Thank you! And you are welcome.

  645. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Still reading but finished reading your note. Thanks, MH.

    If it means anything my source said, “Go scoop it!” and we let each other off the phone.

    (inside head, go go go… ohmygosh, 4 o’clock… and ohmygosh school in …. ohmygosh, is there anything else due in class? ((besides the reading)) guess I am skipping a shower and makeup. Oh well.)

    And then I was leaving messages to let the atty know the story was up and if he saw anything that needed to be corrected.

    I felt it was important to get the story up (the media is just not covering it and I needed a time stamp) especially with the unexpected “scoop it.”

    I apologize to everyone. MH, I will often think about sentences after the process… it’s weird. I may not go back and read the full story but my brain will analyze sentences and ask questions. Did I report that right? Did I provide an attribution.

    I wish I could tell you, btw, how this particular little contrast you saw in the story happened. I heard it from another party that it was all the same, e.g., hit and run v. leaving the scene.

  646. MH Says:

    You’re not done yet AM. Couple of more to go lol. One is just a slight typo, but the other is just wrong.

    Earlier this year Ghalib plead no contest to a criminal charge filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office against him early last year for leaving the scene of an accident as a result of the incident. Two other felony charges against him were dismissed as part of a plea bargain. He served some of his sentence in jail on Los Angeles at the end of November and was released Dec. 3, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inmate information website, as part of his sentence. His sentence included 45 days of imprisonment as first reported by

  647. MH Says:


  648. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Got the typo. Ah geez. Cleaned up a few other items in the same paragraph but can not get what is just plain wrong.

    I’m not making excuses but today was the first day I ever thought to myself, that I was having trouble concentrating. I think part of that was working on multiple stories, not feeling like making calls but doing it and with some fruition and surprise.

  649. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH, I appreciate your help so line item by line item.

    I have confirmation from the prosecutor re the plea bargain but can not use it. Pled/plead is style choice?

    He pled no contest to leaving the scene of an accident.

    (I think it reads better in general by the way and the meaning it conveys now. I appreciate input.)

    The other felonies were dismissed. I added the source of that just now but I can’t publicly explain why I was hesitant. Call it politics that have to do with me and who I talk to.

    MH. I just can’t see it.

  650. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Um sorry for contradicting myself above. I found a way to use the source without adding something else he said.

    There wasn’t any agenda the first write up.. other than avoiding a complete torch of a bridge at the courthouse between sources.

  651. Amethyst Mine Says:

    So you know, there is protocol and manners, and then there is actual getting of the information.

    MH, I saw the LA Times article yesterday. Thank you. I vented on Twitter last night as you may know.

    It’s weird that the LA Times was in synch with TMZ as to “the” deputy public information officer. There are four.

    Coincidence or slip up? That is the second oddity by Winton that I have noticed since he began reporting on Spears. Harriet has been occupied nearby but otherwise elsewhere.

  652. MH Says:

    I think both revisions/clean-up made it a lot better. You could tell the original was written under the gun…school, make-up, shower, homework, scoop it). You’re gonna laugh at yourself when you find the mistake, it’s an easy under the gun oversight. it’s not a typo, it’s not spelling. It’s there, you’ll find it. LOL

    if anyone else sees it, don’t say it, let her find it.

  653. MH Says:

    a hint before i log out…

    it’s a contradiction.

    oh this is fun. lol

  654. MH Says:

    oh that hint might make it confusing, nevermind.

    sccop it! oh i love that!

  655. Amethyst Mine Says:

    shoot… I will look again tomorrow. I am sorry, MH.
    I am full of gratitude but empty for tonight.

    I also added a date as to conversation with prosecution. Should someone suddenly feel “up in arms” in L.A. she can check her notes and know she failed a media request.

    You made the story better, MH. ty.

    Supply and demand.

  656. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I got confused by a certain paragraph and had to re-read it a couple of times. The other typos have already been fixed.

  657. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I went the “old-fashioned” way this a.m., printed out a copy, made slight changes with a few words but otherwise…. I’m not finding anything, MH.

    Steel, thanks for having a look.

  658. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, I noticed when you first put it up but didn’t want to…micromanage (if that’s the right word). I’d pointed out a mistake one a different story, so I thought I’d let someone else do it this time. ;)

    Okay…I’ll tell you which paragraph confused me a bit (sorry, MH). Paragraph 3. (I don’t even know if that’s the one MH is referring to.)

  659. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And it’s not so much a contradiction, as it is using the same word two many times, which caused me…confusion…on the first read.

  660. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    LoL. Two many times? To many times? Too many times.

  661. Amethyst Mine Says:

    How about Gl versus Gh? MH?

    Anyway, it’s clean I think now.

    There is also a funny little quirk for me in Wordpress. Update. Preview and having too many tabs open to an “edit” page of the story.

    I know I fixed immate to inmate last night so was surprised to see it this morning. That has happened before so I can only think it must be from going to the wrong “edit” page and updating from there.

    I mean it’s a little embarrassing but I know a professional journalist with a blog and she makes the occasional err or miss.

    And for what it’s worth, yes MH. I did laugh at myself. gh gl ack.

  662. MH Says:

    first 2 vids…media.

  663. MH Says:

    AM, you don’t see anything wrong here?

    Earlier this year Ghalib pled no contest to one of three felony charges filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office against him early last year for leaving the scene of an accident as a result of the vehicular incident. The other felony charges against him were dismissed as part of a plea bargain, said the deputy district attorney in the case, Andrew Basis, on Dec. 8 to Fair News Spears.

  664. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Good vids. I’d always heard the National Enquirer had some of the best of the tabloid reporting. It’s nice to see how they do it, at the very least.

    I’m not seeing the mistake in AM’s paragraph above…But I’m not really familiar with some of the American terminology when it comes to legal stuff (e.g. District Attorney), so maybe that’s the problem??

  665. Fantasy Says:

    About the paragraph. This ” ” is missing from the last sentence. Quotation marks.

    “The other felony charges…” , said the deputy…

    TTYL :)

  666. MH Says:

    nope, that’s not it.

    it’s not grammer, it’s info. let her find it.

  667. MH Says:

    AM, if ya give up let me know and i’ll tell ya. but it’s a really simple error in info, you’ll find it.

  668. Amethyst Mine Says:

    oh god MH. aha! I thought it was something truly horrible but it was not. ty!

  669. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Fantasy, ty. I went round and round whether I wanted to quote that guy.

  670. Amethyst Mine Says:

    But that is exactly what he said in my notes save “the” for “a” which I changed so it’s accurate and then I can quote it.

    Meanwhile, I got to thinking about what I was penning the other day about appearance. I made merely called someone to ask their permission… and I wasn’t going to quote them other than to call back and do an interview … but I got to thinking about what she said and how she described things, and Steel’s observations ..

    Anyway, I left a message to clarify something that contradicts what we’ve been told. Those highlights for example. Maybe a woman is quicker to see … because a woman would know about hair. We’ve all had some bad cut or other mistake. Maybe it was a temporary dark job or maybe it was how it really was described.

    And Steel, I appreciated your post on the related subject. I thought you were pretty accurate or nearer the truth than some out there. I don’t mean here.

    Anyway, it would be an interesting to find beyond the contrast that I was already provided. What if it’s an all out contrast.

  671. Amethyst Mine Says:

    “had merely”

    ha! Here it is one thing. FNS is another thing.

    I need MT to come back.

  672. Amethyst Mine Says:

    MH, these videos are fascinating. R did say he thought National Enquirer was one of the best. That was back in the day when J introduced the chat thing and everything began to load very slow.

    Anyway, he and I were alone in chat briefly before others arrived and I got to ask him a few questions. I don’t recall how National Enquirer came up.

  673. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 29th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Maybe it was a temporary dark job or maybe it was how it really was described.


    My theory has always been that she does it (the dark hair, the boots, etc.) because she KNOWS that it’s not how Britney “The Brand” Spears is supposed to look. So it’s a bit of an independence thing…Doing it to assert her authority over her own person. She doesn’t have control over much, so maybe it’s the only thing she CAN control and still get away with? Just a guess.

  674. Amethyst Mine Says:

    (very quick. I should have said R thought National Enquirer was one of the best as far as cracking news amongst that world).

    Steel. That makes sense. ALOT of sense. I have a sense for both of those worlds. (but meanwhile I am not sure those were “highlights” but rather … blond showing through? Her hair looked pretty in some photographs a day or so later but wow, I’ve got to join the bad hair day folk for the pics to Miami.)

  675. Amethyst Mine Says:

    The word goth was used as conclusion.

  676. Amethyst Mine Says:

    So um. Combine bs story and even I can’t be as … well. In denial?

  677. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Perhaps the word was charitable.

  678. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I think what I mean is that .. not as in denial. Anybody can have a bad hair day but who helped her out that day? Sure B you look fine.

    Anyone notice how nice Brett has been looking? High heels to go flying?

    Just saying. Something without understanding what it means if anything.

  679. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    If this is the best they’ve got, I’d hate to see the out takes:

    That photo doesn’t scream “happy” to me…But maybe it’s just the “look” they’re going for?

  680. Amapola Says:

    Is it just me who soon will scream right out if any discussion about hair (in any way) will go on here?
    I mean, have people going ´banana´ here or what´s happening?

  681. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. It’s such a weird look for B compared to the last Candies series.

    Ama. My interest in hair may soon be revealed.

    Most of my comments from yesterday will be more … well you all hear some stuff I was considering.

    The media, Ama. Who told us what, why, … contrasting reports and possibly some incorrect information in some of those reports by those who are held to a higher standard level than TMZ.

  682. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, did you think there was anything funny about TMZ’s story and a tax refund?

    “The money is from an unclaimed interest fund earned from either a joint property the ex-couple sold back in Louisiana, or some shared income tax filed several years ago. The government’s just waiting for Brit and K-Fed to step forward and say it’s theirs.”

    Sounds like a bad “business manager” to me… someone who filed the taxes and how does a refund go unclaimed? Granted if you have millions but you pay someone to pay figure out and pay your taxes, right?

  683. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t know how all of you file your taxes but I am crystal clear as to where a refund is to be sent.

    And if I were a business manager I’d reinvest it or do something with it. If TMZ’s story is true what was it doing unclaimed? I never once saw a 1040 or other that didn’t have name, address etc. and/or that of name/address of preparer.

    A simple call about tax procedures might explain how unclaimed taxes occur.

  684. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Did they happen to share a business manager while they were married?

  685. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And don’t the comments always go deeper than just hair?

  686. Amapola Says:

    I do not believe/care about stupid media.

    I believe that Britney Spears may have what clothes she wants when she is not on the scene.
    Have people in total lost their mind? What have they to do with what she wears or how she looks when she is free from all work?

    One more example:

    A gossip site (TMZ? Do not know for sure.) asked how Johnny Depp could be married to a woman (Vanessa Paradis), who looked so old!!!. (they have several children). It is so rude that one rot together.
    What pompous jerks have the nerve to ask such a question?

  687. Amapola Says:
    Britney Spears is a scapegoat for shit values.
    (ONTD site)

  688. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama. She went to court in a bad outfit and with bad hair. Whyyyyy? Granted in L.A. people do come to court inappropriately dressed but …

    Most people understand that in court you don’t f around.

    Where was her dad or someone to say, honey? Your hair looks really bad. That skirt .. can you wear something else?

    Whatever happened to hats or a ponytail on a bad hair day?

  689. Amapola Says:


    Then you know more then me.
    Last I only read that she had a blue skirt and a black blouse. I can´ find anything wrong in either of that.

    I find it almost vulgar, this obsession with Britneys Spears looks when she not on scene. And also very boring!
    Are people so desperate to find something to make conspiration about

    “Britney Spears is a scapegoat for shit values.”

  690. Amapola Says:

    Are people so desperate to find something to make a conspiration about?

  691. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Amethyst Mine Says:
    January 31st, 2010 at 2:18 am

    She went to court in a bad outfit and with bad hair. Whyyyyy? Granted in L.A. people do come to court inappropriately dressed but …

    Most people understand that in court you don’t f around.


    I think what we’re talking about here may be “social norms.” Social norms are going to differ depending on where in the world you live.

    In North America, it’s a social norm to dress in a certain way when attending court. It reflects a respect for the court, and a respect for the process.

    To show up in court in a mini skirt and with unbrushed hair might be seen as being similar to being invited as a guest to a wedding, and then showing up at the wedding in a long white dress. To do so would show disrespect to the bride on her special day. (In North America, at least.)

    I’m not trying to be judgmental here, but just factual: Britney has shown disrespect to the court throughout the entire process, from the time of her divorce onwards. And she’s done this in a number of different ways (e.g. showing up late, not showing up at all, not speaking to the child care monitor, refusing to return the children at the specified time, not dressing appropriately, etc.) So when I see her still not showing respect to the court (e.g. not brushing her hair, or wearing inappropriate clothing) it makes me question the situation. It tells me that she either, a) still doesn’t understand that she’s disrespecting the court, or b) that she understands, but it trying to send a message to all involved.

    Again, this all comes down to “social norms” about what is appropriate in any given circumstance. It’s not about the hair or the clothing itself.

  692. Fantasy Says:

    Let’s hope that her skirt wasn’t this short:

    Britney’s been to court before and she dressed better. Like in May 2008 at a child custody hearing. She looked very good. She’s probably rebelling against the system. That’s my guess.

  693. MH Says:

  694. MH Says:

    it’s about time for pregnancies rumors after that pic lol

  695. MH Says:

    uh yeah i can spell

  696. Steel_Magnolia Says:


    And they’ve got her back in a recording studio.


    Gee…I wonder why she’d be rebelling??

  697. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel. That was a thoughtful post. I have only one thing to add and that was that the media told us a smiling Britney came to court. Some said she smiled when she came in.

    But when I heard a smiling Britney, wearing a black pencil skirt and a .. was it a gray jacket? I thought whew, okay, she looked nice. She looked professional. Good job.

    But when I talked to an expert eye witness, someone with an incredible and very credible background, …. well let’s just say that the photos that came in over the weekend speak to what she expert saw. I don’t know if I want to say expert but for now I’ll say the person is highly qualified and not inclined to have been mean or less than objective.

    So Ama. I am not being a bitch, but I am noticing something askew and wondering what it means. One is the media. There’s nothing new in that for me, but this other “symptom” is bizarre. She’s also wearing black eyeliner? It looks black anyway.

    Maybe that is the way she does her makeup when she doesn’t have to sit in a chair and allow someone else to do it.

    Oh and blond highlights? I fell for that too and I remember thinking she must look pretty and she got her hair done.

    Mind you, Britney has a hard time looking ugly even when she looks bad; she is still pretty but I am informed that those blond streaks weren’t highlights.

    Steel, I am not sure if rebellion is what it’s about. It could be but..

    Anyway, I hope to have the story up maybe tomorrow afternoon now after a meeting on campus.

    Then things in this post will be more clear.

    p.s. doesn’t X17 have a matching ankle problem photo from earlier this year, oops I mean last year?

  698. Linda Says:

    The JFX site will shut down tomorrow for a re-design. I don’t know when it will be back up. If you guys want to continue this conversation, you need to agree on a new place for it.

  699. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Truthful but tactful depiction by

    “The singer, 28, wore a gray jacket and black skirt with her hair dark brown and long with a few blonde streaks.”

    This part is hilarious. “Spears smiled at Ingham as she stood at the attorney table next to him. After Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz took the stand, Spears’s conservator lawyers requested to seal the courtroom because the hearing involved personal medical information.

    The judge granted the request and ordered reporters and other audience members to leave for most of the two-hour session.”,,20338903,00.html

    Well, we shall see. I just think it’s funny that that needed to be made public … it almost seems like the commissioner was unaware this part was to be a closed hearing.

    (QB, give me the benefit of the doubt here … I sent an email to confirm again what really happened. That means I already heard it different but unlike earlier this year … which was important because being correct is vital, it’s really important. The whole article right now is what we told versus fact or what or who we can believe in.

    To come. “…hearing was sealed and closed to the public because it dealt with the conservatorship of the person, therefore personal in nature.” But I need to cross-prove that the attys didn’t say something first.)

  700. Amethyst Mine Says:

    EEK. Linda for how long?

  701. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Oh you already said. You don’t know.

  702. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Guys we can talk at FNS. Get yourself some google or yahoo aliases. ‘k?

    I don’t know where else to go. The first time you post, it will be moderated but after a first acceptance I think it’s auto.

    If you know somewhere else to go, ok. I don’t know of anywhere.

  703. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Linda, thanks for the heads up.

  704. Amapola Says:

    I wish JFX staff the best and hope you will come back. Thank for those years.

  705. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Jason’s hair looks just as bad.

  706. Amethyst Mine Says:

    He looks like shit.

  707. Amapola Says:

    She’s back, and she’s beautiful even when she’s yawning.

  708. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Or we can just be silent for a few days. Linda. Are you thinking days or weeks?

  709. Amethyst Mine Says:

    There are couple of blogs at school. That might work out okay. Thoughts?

    Here’s one. She might let us post for a few days.

  710. Linda Says:

    Months. Indefinitely. When it comes back, it will be totally redone.

  711. Amethyst Mine Says:


  712. Amapola Says:

    I think they had enough. If so I fully understand them.
    The comments from the conspiration team have been so boring and going in circles for so long time.

    Why shall JFX have a place open for this cr*p who have going on for months now?

  713. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ??? I have asked for permission. But what do you guys think?

  714. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Ama. I fail to understand why you keep appearing here if that is your point of view.

  715. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ok. Here’s an idea. Should we lose each other then look maybe to my board somewhere as to where we went should we not feel comfortable there.

    I am not entirely comfortable there… It’s one thing to opine here, it’s another to be … I don’t know. I will miss my avatar.

    So I guess we all get up and try to meet here but … whatever. You guys know where the site is.

    Or follow my twitter. We’ll figure it out.

  716. Fantasy Says:

    Months? Indefinitely? Dang. :(

    Am, I’ll cruise on over to FNS with you. Hopefully others will come along too.

  717. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I was expecting a re-design about a year ago…No big shocker there. ;)

    Thanks for the warning, Linda.

  718. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Okay…So who’s going to get the last post in? I gotta say, I think the honour should go to AM. For obvious reasons. :)

    It’s a strange little world we’ve had here.

    …I’ve always thought it was just the strangest little world. But an enjoyable one. Despite what all my cussing may lead you to believe.

  719. MH Says:

    Later Girls.
    Later JFX.
    Later Adnan.

  720. Linda Says:

    When the last magazine I worked for redesigned our site, we spent months just having meetings to argue about it. ;-)

  721. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Later girls…

    And Doc. :)

  722. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    And Adnan and the rest of the boys, too.

  723. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Does this mean I’m actually going to have to go…


  724. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Brrrr. OUTSIDE? Like really outside? What’s that… (waits for Doc to tell her)

    I wonder that Doc should be the last.

  725. Amethyst Mine Says:

    FNS can never be JFX. Too much pride for some. Too much privacy for others. And what about me? On the watch. Am already but that was by professionals.

    Here it’s been what it has been. Later ladies.

  726. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Alright. That was poor on my part.

    Her dress was hideous! Was it a dress? wtf? (need controversy, plus bow to growing freedoms here as to beyond PG)

    She was holding hands! … (ibid)

    Remember those DOES? (bet this site is back up before tax day — terms and all that. C’mon Linda. It’s Wordpress.)

    Whyyeeee is Edan wearing pointy shoes?

    She didn’t say a word to anyone …

  727. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Her hair looked nice. lol

  728. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Damn it. It was fried and fizzled.

    And it makes me think. …

    Gotta go.

  729. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I actually DID like her hair. And I bet the dress didn’t photograph well, but looked better in person. Maybe?

    It was nice that she was nominated. She’s gotta feel good about that.

  730. small hands Says:

    Geez, didn’t daddy dress her? I thought he checked everything.
    AM let me know where you all decide to go, if you decide to go.
    I’ll miss you guys. Sorry I haven’t been talking more, but I have hit a wall with Britney and all her b.s. and the c-ship. But I still like reading all of points of view.
    Bye for now I guess.

  731. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    At least on her own she still had the “it.” I guess the “it” is the one thing they CAN’T control.

  732. Steel_Magnolia Says:;

    I’ve got a hunch that the same thing that happened at the VMA’s in ‘07 also happened last night. Might there have originally been more to this outfit? And at the last minute, it got left at home?

    I’m on a different coast than the rest of you…So I’ll just keep going until the JFX staff get out of bed and pull the plug…

  733. Amethyst Mine Says:

    You think some part of her contract is over or fulfilled or she’s just exercising how she feels?

    Black/blond hair.
    Circus outfit/”dress”

    And not saying a word.

  734. Queen B Says:

    Hello everyone-

    If this site closes down, I’ll be moving to Fairness.

    Today is the two year anniversary of the conservatorship. Feb 1, 2008 Brit was placed on a temporary conservatorship which has since been made permanent. So far, there have been no official moves to get to terminate any part of the conservatorship.

  735. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Tomorrow is Groundhog Day in the U.S., says the calendar.

  736. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    AM, You may be right about the contract thing. Perhaps they’re just putting the final touches on her album, and from here on in it’s more freedom for her (at least when it comes to her physical appearance). Perhaps it’s a gradual loosening of the reigns…And if she tanks her own career from here on in, she tanks it. Maybe they’ve done all they can do?

    I really wish they’d done it in the opposite order…Allow her to get better first, then concentrate on the career. But I guess they rode the wave while they knew she was still popular and the fans were still charitable. I don’t know if she’d be able to fill arenas now if she were to do it all again…

  737. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I hope by the third Groundhog Day she’s living the life that SHE wants. Not the life someone else is chosing for her.

    Isn’t that what we all want?

  738. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I don’t think she could fill the arenas. I think some of that was the rarity of her performances, sympathy, support … and the rest were giant fans.

    Fair could do for now at least as some place to get organized.

    This is from US re court. It’s beyond charitable. I trust my source and her own observations more than US and you all will too I think.

    “The pop singer showed up in style: wearing a gray business jacket, tight black skirt and stilletos; smiling, she sported brown hair with blond highlights.”

  739. Amethyst Mine Says:

    @12:50 yes.

  740. Amethyst Mine Says:

    JFX. Couldn’t you set up a temporary board just for us? It’d be easy to do on Wordpress. We trust you with our addys and IPs.

  741. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Or maybe if you guys see some kind of Lounge type name under favorites at Fair .. that might be a temporary workable solution rather than moving to Fair.

    What do you guys think?

  742. Amethyst Mine Says:

    I mean my site gets hit by some interesting people from L.A.

    So Linda … can you or will you consider opening up a temp Wordpress blog?

  743. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Doing that might defy the point of the site re-design…


  744. Fantasy Says:

    I saw something like this on Exhale. This is similar to what B wore last night. It’s D&G.

    I also saw a pic on a BH thread that shows that B’s dress had a tear in it. Not the fishnets, but the dress itself. And JM says she left the show early. All that rushing to get her back to L.A. and she wasn’t there for the entire show nor did the camera pan to her during the broadcast. If so I missed it and many others did too.

    I hope I am not the last one to post. Sorry.

  745. Fantasy Says:

    Could you spot the tear? It’s on her right thigh area kind of midway. About a quarter sized hole. Or on the left of the picture depending how you are looking at it. Maybe so much time went into getting her hair looking just right that no one inspected the dress before she put it on? idk

    Well at least her hair and make-up looked fab. :)

  746. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Thanks for that, Fantasy.

    So it IS likely D&G. I almost didn’t believe it because of the strangely placed dark rings on the top layer (e.g. the one on the shoulder near the seam). Maybe there were more, but they were obscured by the fishnets?

  747. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    I think it might be the fishnets that have a tear in them, because the dress itself looks to have a very fine mesh netting.

    I’m thinkin’ it was the fishnets that ruined the whole look. If she had’ve worn plain black stockings it would’ve shown off the rings/lace on the dress, and her spiky shoes would’ve stood out more.

    Man, what a bummer.

  748. Steel_Magnolia Says:

  749. Linda Says:

    No, I won’t be doing anything on WordPress unless I’m getting paid for it. I have other sites to write for and will be spending my time on them. Besides, I’m not interested in the same celebs you are.

  750. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Take care, Adnan!

  751. Amethyst Mine Says:

    OK. Thanks for the consideration. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  752. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Not to intrude on anyone’s privacy but by a twist, I happen to be sitting next to someone who grew up in Palm Springs.

    I hope the birthday party was good and that you had no worries in being with friends to celebrate the event. My classmate’s friend was also there.

    Ain’t that a twist? We sit right next to each other and we’re both writers for the student press. That is just plain quirky in a good way I hope.

  753. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Steel, I think you are right about the fishnets. The pic that Fantasy put up of the similar D&G outfit — well there the dress has a more fascinating play of the eye.

  754. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Where is R?

  755. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Where is Ronnie?

  756. Amethyst Mine Says:

    A solution?

    One of us but not me.

  757. Linda Says:

    Ronnie hasn’t been around much since October.

  758. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Thanks, Linda. Thanks for everything really.

  759. Amethyst Mine Says:

    ‘k guys. See you here, Fair or GottaGab.

    Your ranter explorer is headed out with ABC News all day tomorrow.

    QB. I know you understand.

  760. Amethyst Mine Says:

    Meaning, I know you know those little milestones. Tomorrow should be interesting. Every student in my class has to do it. I’m just first.

  761. doc1955 Says:

    So is now a good time for me to tell ya’ll who Twain is? lol

  762. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Let ‘er rip, Doc.

  763. Steel_Magnolia Says:

    Do we get bonus points if we can correctly guess who it is first?

    …Ah, why ruin the mystery now?

  764. MH Says:


    and doc ends us off with a laugh…as it should be.

  765. Steel_Magnolia Says:


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