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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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Madonna Uses Rocco To Zing Guy

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008


Madonna used their son Rocco to deliver a snide message to her soon-to-be-ex Guy Ritchie. Rocco was photographed at a play center in Chelsea Piers this week wearing a navy T-shirt bearing the logo of the New York Yankees. That’s the team of Madonna’s “secret” squeeze A-Rod. Ouch!

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Pick Your Madonna Rumor Du Jour

Monday, October 20th, 2008


The Madonna-Guy Richie rumors are flying faster than her overworked publicist can shoot them down. But after years of working for the always media-savvy star, she must be used to it by now. Today Liz Rosenberg denied stories that the couple had already worked out a settlement. But then, she’s lied to us before. Today’s juiciest tales revolve around Madonna’s alleged affair with the freshly-divorced Alex Rodriguez. Madonna is reputedly abandoning London to return to New York, where A-Rod plans to buy his own digs just a couple of blocks away. Cozy! There’s also talk that she hopes to have A-Rod’s baby. Yeah, we know she’s 50 but what difference does that make these days?

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Such Great Actors…

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

The divorce of superstars Madonna and Guy Ritchie have left many questions in the air. I feel like we’ve been hearing about it for so long yet, as is usual with most high-profile celebrities, they’ve denied it at every point. What we find out now is that a lot of what ignited the trouble was Guy’s refusal to accept his wife’s faith in Kabbalah. We’ve all known for a while now that she is a devoted believer whereas he just thinks its hogwash. Not to mention the fact that while her career is on top of the world, his is barely staying afloat. This, I’d imagine, would cause for some serious marital tension! Oh that and the fact that her net worth is estimated at about $500mil whereas Guy trails behind at $50mil. Definitely not chump change in the eyes of practically every American and Brit, but in the world of diamonds, champagne, and private jets, that leaves much room for mooching off the wifey. The Sun also reports of the couple’s attempt to deceive the public:

“She made a surprise appearance at the West End cinema, walking arm-in-arm with her husband and posing for photographs.

The appearance was seen as a move to end speculation that their marriage was in trouble.

Ritchie had tried to scotch the rumours of a split with a public show of support at his wife’s 50th birthday party in August. But it was all a sham.”

Sad it had to go down this way but I suppose when you have millions of dollars, various properties, and children at stake, things tend to get a bit dirty. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too heavy a toll on Madge because in the end we still want to hear her music and I’ll be damned if I can’t keep enjoying my Madonna!

Speaking of shams… check out the gallery of Guy attending Kabbalah services… ha!

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Rep: Madonna And Guy Are Over

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Reps for Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have confirmed that the couple are in deed divorcing.

After 8 years of marriage of marriage, their rep issued this statment: “Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after 7 l/2 years of marrige. They have both requested that the media maintain respect for their family at this difficult time. A final settlement has not been agreed upon yet.”

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