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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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Bye-Bye, Betty

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Network television will be a little less stylish and a lot less funny next season, as ABC announced today that this would be the last season for “Ugly Betty,” which stars America Ferrera. The show’s executive producer Silvio Horta and ABC president Steve McPherson released this joint statement:

“We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.”

This is just another example of incompetent network execs ruining a great series by moving it around their schedule so that viewers can’t find it. Adios, Betty—we’ll miss you.

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America Plays Ball With Forest

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


America Ferrera, Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia stepped up to the plate at Beverly Hills Park for the film “Family Wedding,” now shooting on location in Beverly Hills, CA. Whitaker and Mencia play two fathers who must set aside their feud when the daughter of one becomes engaged to the son of the other.

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Will Betty Lose The Braces?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009


“Ugly Betty” has been on the air for three seasons now, and for that entire time, Betty Suarez, played by America Ferrera,  has sported a mouthful of shiny metal. Aren’t her teeth straight yet?

Series creator Silvio Horta spilled the beans to EW on what viewers can expect from upcoming eps of “Betty”—including the future of her smile. “Her braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.”

This certainly sounds like a step in the right direction. Given how long Betty’s been working for Mode, she must have developed some fashion sense by now.

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Henry’s Back For “Ugly Betty” Finale

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


The life of Betty Suarez is already complicated enough, with Meade Publishing broke, her dad falling in love with his nurse and her new BF Matt in therapy for sex addiction, but now things are going to get really interesting.

EW reveals that Betty’s old flame Henry Grubstick, played by Christopher Gorham, will be back in NYC for the two-hour season finale of “Ugly Betty” airing May 21. Betty (played by America Ferrera, pictured) runs into Henry and his new GF Chloe, and show eator Silvio Horta tells, “As Henry and Betty reconnect, it could potentially threaten her relationship with Matt.”

Will Gorham return in the fall? What about his role on the CBS thriller “Harper’s Island?” Since the whole cast is being killed off one by one, the actor could definitely have some time on his hands by then.

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Bringing “Ugly” Back!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009


Wake up, Betty! You’re coming back next season! Fans of the ABC TV series “Ugly Betty” starring America Ferrera were understandably upset over the net’s decision to bench the show for a Thursday night sitcom block.

But now good news comes from EW that ABC is very close to renewing “Ugly Betty” for another season. Also likely to get early pickups are  ”Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” and “The Bachelor.”

As a major “Betty” junkie, I’m hoping the hiatus doesn’t cause the show to lose momentum. I mean, hasn’t Christina been pregnant with Wilhelmina’s surrogate spawn for something like 18 months now? 

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