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Cameron Scores Some Swag

Monday, January 26th, 2009


Paris Hilton wasn’t the only one grabbing her share of loot at the Sundance Film Festival. Page Six reports that Cameron Diaz requested a bag of swag from the Rock band Lounge.

“She wasn’t at the festival, but she asked for a huge gift bag filled with Muscle Milk, Sanctuary clothing, Lia Sophia jewelry and Burt’s Bees.”

This wouldn’t be that outrageous if Diaz had shown up at the swag suite to be photographed with the merch, but instead she blew off the Festival to go skiing in Utah.

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Cameron Parties With Tom

Monday, January 12th, 2009


Cameron Diaz looked leggy and lovely arriving at CAA’s pre-Globes party honoring Tom Cruise at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica on Friday night. Cam was sporting a darker blonde ‘do that’s very flattering and her accessories were cool. Not crazy about those clunky white heels, though.


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Cameron Smokes Her Way Through Drew’s Party

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


Cameron Diaz joined Liv Tyler, the Olsen twins and Britney Spears at Drew Barrymore’s Halloween party last week, but she wasn’t very sociable. A source reported to Page Six that Diaz was “outside smoking the whole time” but refused to let other guests bum a cig. Did she dress up as a witch, too, or just act like one?

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What’s Up With Cam’s Left Face?

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Cameron Diaz was trying to hide the left side of her face from the paparazzi as she left her gym in West Hollywood yesterday. Cam pulled her hair down over the side of her face for some reason. We’re not sure what Cam was trying to hide and I’m not even going to start guessing because that could get ugly. Funny, but ugly.

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Diaz Tops List Of Highest Paid Actresses

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Forbes Magazine recently released a list of the top ten money-making actresses from June 2007 until June 2008, and Cameron Diaz topped the list. Cameron raked in over $50 million during the twelve month period thanks in part to her recurring role in the Dreamworks mega-moneymaking franchise, Shrek. She also starred with Ashton Kutcher in What Happens In Vegas and started filming the film adaptation of Jodi Picault’s novel, My Sister’s Keeper. A fourth installment of Shrek is also in the works for Cameron. Keira Knightley placed second on the list, earning $32 million (thanks in part to Pirates of the Caribbean). Other folks rounding out the list in order:

3. Jennifer Aniston ($27 mil)

4. (tied) Gwyneth Paltrow & Reese Whitherspoon ($25 mil/each)

6. Jodi Foster ($23 mil)

7. Sarah Jessica Parker ($18 mil)

8. Meryl Streep ($16 mil)

9. Amy Adams ($14.5 mil)

10. Angelina Jolie ($14 mil)

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