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Amy Smart’s Rated XX

Monday, April 28th, 2008


Update: Lionsgate has asked us (super nicely I might add) to remove the Amy Smart pictures. And to be honest, I was happy to do it. I was feeling kinda dirty about posting them to begin with!

I also have to make a few corrections from my previous post.

First, the first Crank movie did pretty well making $44 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, with a budget of only $12 million. I’ll let you do the math there. So it’s likely the movie has a much higher budget than I might have been led you to believe. Apologies.

Second, the first Crank movie was shot in the same manner as the second one is being shot, on video. Having said that, the camera that director Mark Neveldine is actually shooting with is the awesome Red One camera, which is much more awesome than mine. Apologies.

Lastly, I just rented the first Crank movie, which I’ll be watching later today to see what the hoopla is all about and see for myself the benefit of rollerblading videographers, which I’m told is how they got much of the cool shots in the first Crank movie done.

In conclusion, Amy Smart is hot. I know this. You know this. So I’m sure many of you will be upset to see we pulled the images. But like I always say, Never underestimate the power of a polite request. And I’m looking at you Paramount.

Image Removed at the request of Lionsgate

Get it? Rated XX. Pretty clever huh? Not so much? Well, it sounded clever to me but I may just be delusional after almost sweating to death sitting in my car all day to get these pictures for you, so be grateful! It was almost 100 degrees today! Anyway, Crank 2 has begun ‘filming’ today and I use the word ‘filming’ loosely considering they’re capturing this thing on hand held video cameras. I’m not sure what the budget is on this movie is but the camera man was actually rolling around on roller blades taping one of the stunt shots! No, I’m not kidding. I got some video of this stuff too so check back later. At one point, I almost felt like asking the crew if they wanted to borrow my video camera because my camera was probably a bit nicer than the one they were using. No, I’m not kidding. Enjoy more of our girl Amy below. I’ll have more stuff for you later but be warned, this might spoil the movie for you.

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