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Paparazzi 101 Part 2

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Sorry for being late on this one today. It’s been a hectic couple days as you can imagine but here we are with Part 2 of our 3 part series we call Paparazzi 101. If you recall in our last episode, our heroes were ready to do battle with an evil Korean woman who left to get her camera. Will she come back to burn our protagonists and reveal their location to security? Press play to find out!

{vidavee id=”4685″ w=”400″ }

Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of Paparazzi 101 where Ulises befriends a couple of Latina hotties who wind up breaking his heart when they say the the three letters that can break any pap’s heart.

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Exclusive: WGA 1, Jim Carrey 0

Friday, November 30th, 2007

WGA 1, Jim Carrey 0

The WGA took to the streets of Silver Lake to interrupt the Jim Carrey set of Yes Man and were successful in shutting production down for the day. The WGA has been invading movie and television sets throughout Southern California since the beginning of the strike shutting down several sets ranging from hours to days. I’ve hung out with the WGA on various sets and I’ve got to tell you, they are keeping their writing wits about them coming up with clever chants and sharing other humorous anecdotes to pass the time. Be sure to check out the ending of the video below to hear from a well heeled WGA supporter.

{vidavee id=”3872″ w=”320″ }

WGA 1, Jim Carrey 0 WGA 1, Jim Carrey 0 Jim Carrey vs. WGA WGA 1, Jim Carrey 0

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Shia And Michelle On The Run

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye

We spotted a beat up looking Shia LaBeouf and his Eagle Eye co-star Michelle Monaghan on the Los Angeles set of Eagle Eye yesterday. Thankfully, Shia’s only made up to look beat down but it sure does help age him up a bit. He actually looks legal now doesn’t he? So all you mature females who have their secret Shia fantasies can now stop feeling guilty about them now that Shia’s finally starting to look legal! The scene is taking place at an airport with Michelle and Shia boarding a transport bus. Michelle was looking pretty hot herself despite wearing the St. Louis cap! No offense to those in St. Louis, but it’s all about Torre and the Dodgers!

Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye Shia on the LAX set of Eagle Eye

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Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye

We were there when filming began today on Shia LaBeouf’s latest movie, Eagle Eye, which started production in Los Angeles and we’ve got the pictures and video to prove it! Eagle Eye tells the story of a young slacker and a single mom who become entangled in some larger than life plot to destroy the world, or something like that. The movie is being directed by D.J. Caruso, who Shia worked with once before on the excellent Disturbia, so we should expect great things again from the duo. One of the scenes being filmed involves Shia returning to his parents after some time away home. I must say this, the production crew was by far the nicest crew and set that I’ve ever worked on. They were courteous and not a single security goon tried to intimidate us, so my hat off to them. So having said that, we’ll try not to post any pictures that spoil the plot or give up shooting locations as we continue covering the production.

Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye Shia Showing Us The Eagle Eye

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On Set: Jim Carrey Can’t Say No

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Jim Carrey on the Los Angeles set of Yes Man

We caught Jim Carrey filming scenes for his movie Yes Man at a gas station in Los Angeles California. In the movie, Jim plays a man who has decided to say Yes to everything for an entire year. What do you think of that? Sounds a bit like Liar, Liar, where Jim played a lawyer who couldn’t tell a lie for one day. Check out our video from the set below, and click more below to see additional photos from the set.

{vidavee id=”3228″ w=”275″ }

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