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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts on the set of “The Secret In Their Eyes”

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Tori Says She’s Not Anorexic

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


Tori Spelling has been looking unhealthily thin since the birth of her second child last year, but she insists she’s not starving herself.

The actress told People magazine, “Oh my God, I’m not anorexic. I acknowledge that I look thin in photos. I get it.”

Instead, Tori blames her busy schedule, which includes promoting her new book “Mommyhood,” filming both “90210″ and her reality show, plus her family. She and husband Dean McDermott are the parents of two-year-old Liam and Stella, 10 months.

“Obviously I don’t want to lose any more weight, but people haven’t seen me not pregnant in two and a half years. I’m eating healthy, I just have a crazy lifestyle.”

Will she slow down and try to eat something occasionally? ” She says she hopes to. “I want to be a positive role-model for my daughter. The last thing I want to put out there is that it’s acceptable to be too thin or have an eating disorder because you’re in Hollywood. I have two kids that I need to be healthy for because they need their mom.”

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Tori Gives The Skinny On Her Weight

Thursday, February 12th, 2009


Tori Spelling’s post-baby weight loss has raised questions—why is she so scary skinny lately? Tori told US Weekly she blames Hollywood’s pressure to be perfect. 

“They scrutinize you so much. You try to be the person who says, ‘Oh, I don’t care,’ but I feel the pressure. You’re out there; your picture is in every magazine. They’re looking at you from every angle, no matter what you do. You have to be careful getting out of cars now because they shoot up your skirt. Everything has to look good, and of course, there’s pressure to do so. I definitely feel it.”

Fortunately, the mom of two found the baby weight easier to drop the second time around. 

“I think the first time I was so stressed and knew I had to lose it. This time I did it with my family. I didn’t do a super diet fad or a workout routine. I literally did everything with my kids and my husband. Before I knew it, [the weight] came off.”

Lately she’s looking like a little too much came off but by Hollywood standards, she’s pretty normal.

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Tori Shops American

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


Tori Spelling looked very lean and blonde as she shopped at American Apparel in Studio City, CA, yesterday. Her coat is flattering to her figure and looks perfect for the cool weather we’ve been having this week.

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Tori Goes To “Mommywood”

Friday, February 6th, 2009


Tori Spelling’s been a mom for, oh, a  year or so now, so of course she’s an expert and gets to write a book about it. Her second tome, “Mommywood,” will be published by Simon and Shuster on April 14.

I hope Tori isn’t going to try to give us dumb advice about having and raising kids. The only way this book could be halfway interesting is if she dishes the dirt about Hollywood moms, like who really followed their C-section with a tummy tuck.

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Jennie And Tori – Together Again

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling were reunited on the set of the new “90210″  in Beverly Hills. They’re reprising their old characters, all grown up now. I have this horrible vision of “90210 – The 50th Anniversary,” where the alums of West Beverly meet in nursing home, being rolled around in wheelchairs.

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